Connie Anderson –

The referees in vikes/saints game Again ,,,
Have called two bad calls against vikes in first quarter!!’n come on !!!!!!!! The announcers even say the referees missed call!!!
Every game ,, I charge you guys as getting paid off, blind, and Saints lovers,,, and this goes as far back as the bad calling with Bret F.
When personal calls should have been called, more then once, then they find out Saints are getting paid for going after Vikes,, and what penalties did Saints get????? 👀 👀👀👀

Dallas Jones –

Vikings vs Seattle refs were horseshit, NFL pay this game off ??? No holding? Missed pass interference calls game was rigged!! Won’t watch another game after that display!!

David Knutson –

I am calling out the head ref at the Bronco/Vikings game. He is calling 5 yard penalties on Broncos that are 10 yard penalties & 10 yard penalties on the Vikings, Illegal penalty (hands on) over verbal abuse on Broncos. There was a Bronco that gave helmet to helmet & the Vikings got called on illegal formation when other ref was looking right at it $ told the head ref, the head ref shook is head no in the first half. he is favoring the Broncos which pushes me to believe he is working for a bookie.

Barry Grat –

Again the refs were paid off, the chiefs would not have won that game if the refs had not been paid off to help them win. This is the reason I quit watching the nfl, only watched 3 games this season. Gave up my nfl package for the same reason. Obvious you won’t due anything about it, still happening. Good thing I’m not the head of the nfl ref association. I would them heavy then fire there ass.

Jeff Mcchesney –

How did you have such horrible one sided referees in the packers vikings game. If you employ people like like to officiate games you might as well kiss your job goodbye because it was clearly one sided and didn’t involve the fairness that the sport is supposed to involve. You can contact me and I will review the next plays with you.

Connie Anderson –

I’m watching the vikes/Green Bay game and the officiating on this game continues to call the most unfavorable calls against the vikes! Unbelievable ,,, I truly believe you guys are either paid off, as in basketball, or you guys get together and pick your favor teams. When the announcer even states about referees calls your getting exposed. The referees calling on the vikes / saints game when Brett Favre got murdered because they would not call personal fouls and we find out later saint players where getting paid to takeout the vikes, something is wrong. I think we need to investigate your association, they call little dinky fouls but let the big stuff go. Your teams are the patriots, Green Bay, saints, and now rams. The fans are not gonna be silent anymore,,, the future of football is on a thin line now, this is my opinion, but listen to the announcer today!!!! You guys make or break a game, just be fair …… sincerely, connie anderson