jeff brodie –

You guys are really fucking this game. Shawn smith has no right being a ref in this league. That no call on that fuckin goof clowney shows that u don’t care about the players. Give fuckin head a shake cause that poor fuckin excuse for not throwing the flag is complete and utter bullshit.

David Shaw –

Why no punishment for Clowney hit on Wentz, I realize no flag was thrown and refs are human but in retrospect you had chance to at least address it and didn’t

Terry Cooper –

way to screw up the football weekend on that Clowney torpedo. Only blind, dumb or stupid refs are capable of rendering that assault a non foul. Morons. That should have been a personal unsportsmanlike foul which would’ve changed Clowney’s haphazard approach the rest of the game (2 fouls and your out). Idiots! Every commentator on the planet the last two days is calling it what it was. straight up dirty with intent to injure. But the refs didn’t think so. What a disastrous crew. Ruining the game, certainly ruined that game.

Judy Battle –

In the Eagle/Seahawks game Sunday 1/5 why was no call make when Clowny hit Wentz helmet to helmet? No roughing the passer nothing. I thought the rules were to protect the players not throw the game. Bad call. Changed the game. Something should be done to rectify the call because it encourages other players to do the same next time. Hit quarterback on the head take him out we got the game.

Douglas Hobin –

I am not even an Eagles fan however when a quarterback has a helmet to helmet contact resulting in a concussion and removal of that quarterback from the game and no penalty call is made that is a problem regarding fairness. It seems to me that this incident resulted in a probable win for the Seahawks. Therefore I believe there should be some kind of consequence for the team responsible. Possibly a game suspension for the player responsible for the injury. At a time when the NFL is working so hard to protect the quarterback it is unfortunate that this serious infraction was missed by the referees. It became obvious when the quarterback was removed from the game that this infraction was made. Then why not look at the replay and then make the call and issue the proper penalty. This resulted in the Eagles loosing their starting quarterback and effected the outcome of the game.

Katherine Bollay –

Referee Mr. Shawn Smith and his officiating crew and upstairs play reviewers shouldn’t be officiating nfl games. The play involving Clowney’s late targeted helmet to helmet tackle on quarterback Wenz was textbook clear. There is no excuse for the non call which was a deciding factor in the wildcard game. No review from upstairs, and no regard for the players and fans. The last two years of nfl games were the poorest officiated I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Fred Eskridge –

The hit on Carson Wentz was punishable by ejection yet a flag was never thrown. I’m baffled by this. You should be fined.

Colin Ffrench –

In both real time and slow motion, it is clear that Clowney’s hit on Wentz that took him out of the game was not legal. The press continues to discuss his play in a positive light and ignore the fact that his biggest play of the game was gettin away with an illegal hit. Given the stakes of this game and the lack of consequences in game, a fine is not enough as Clowney is making more in one contact than his average fan makes in a lifetime. If the NFL wishes to be consistent on the issue of concussions and CTE, Clowney must be suspended for the rest of the playoffs.

Thomas Mcgonagle –

How the devil was that hit on Carson not called helmet to helmet and what are you going to fine him for that. Ridiculous! Carson was on the way down and He clearly dropped his shoulder out of the way to lead with his helmet. I’m disgusted

Ronald Cortes –

Here I am in Cowboy country watching the Eagles v Seahawks game, and wanting the Seahawks to win BUT how can an official miss the obvious helmet to helmet Javon did to the Eagles QB. If not a obvious flag I don’t know what is and I thought for sure he would be given Targeting but no penalty. WOW!!! Thanks. I guess that play is not reviewable for Eagles or I would imagine they definitely would have.