Karen Urrutia – kurrutia@hotmail.com

You can fine Tomlin and think it’s great you did it but as a football fan you can’t fine me so I will criticize you horrid and very bias play calling. Don’t touch Tom? Really. All of you need to be fired!

Robin Peckham – robinpeckham@live.com


Don’t be stupid…Garrett deserves 10 games over ANY Steeler protecting a guy who was hit in the head with a helmet. If anything, Pouncey should be suspended for not ripping Garrett’s helmet off ane kicking the ever living crap out of him.


Bob Hitchings – rwhitchings@gmail.com

We are sick and tired of these poor officiating costing the Steeler Nation players and games!! They constantly miss calls, they don’t know rules, and they look the other way when Steelers get severely injured! I think it time The Steelers Nation march to NFL headquarters and demand for an investigations. When officials look the other way when crimes are happening – officials should prosecuted!!!!

Nathaniel Robinson – nrobinson1998@yahoo.com

Yeah, I have an issue with the BS “roughing the passer” and “player safety” rules. The NFL is so inconsistent with these calls. First, that BS roughing the passer call against the Steelers. My point is, you cannot tackle, touch, or breathe on the QB or else it is roughing the passer. Lamar Jackson gets cleanly tackled; RTP is called right away. Mason Rudolph is knocked out cold; No RTP is called until moments later. I could continue and make more cases about the BS in the NFL, but I will not. If the NFL does not get there stupid “player safety” rules under control and make them consistent and reasonable, I will never watch the NFL again.

Steve Stewart – swstewart49@yahoo.com

Tired of watching officials deciding games with bad calls. There was no roughing the passer in Steelers. Raven game, there was no pass interference in Steelers, Saints game last year, that was no fumble Steelers, Patriot game. there was pass interference in Ram, Saint playoff game, that was a outbound drop Patriot, Texan game . Tired of watching many games especially Patriots that always go in there favor, it’s like officials are paid off for Patriot games, even during championship game last season against Chiefs. You’ve lost another among many that I know due to extremely bad calls. I really believe games are now fixed and you all should be ashamed, especially Goddell and Kraft. You change rules a lot of years after Patriots cheat and calls go in their favor, GOOD RIDDINGS NFL

rich maramaldi – rickmara3@yahoo.com

Are you kidding me…1st…the hit on Steelers QB Rudolph was so flagrant, so against the rules…and just a 15 yard penalty???. Let’s be real if that was against Brady the NFL would have flown the NFL flag at half mast and the offender would have been sent to his room forever and a new rule would have been made. 2nd…the hit ruled against the Steelers in the game were the defender made a solid text book hit on Jackson at the waist/mid thigh and slid down…roughness penalty??? WTF?? No wonder no one likes football anymore…total crap. How much did the blind ref have on that game…don’t get me started on how old they look.

Joe Resick – jwresick@gmail.com

They really screwed up this week. It was a text book play on a tackle in Pittsburgh that advanced the Baltimore team to kick a field goal to send it to overtime. Joke guys and all they will get is I’m sorry I messed up. It happen last year 3times and that’s all they got. Not indirectly but directly responsible for losses. No team can win when they are out manned is. 11 against 13 meaning refs.

scott moll – Fire12432@gmail.com

Do the refs even know the rules? the offensive pass interference call against the steelers this evening in the bengals game was ridiculous and clearly within the context of the rulebook. was challenged and still not overturned??????? they showed three angles and clearly was within the rules. Looks like its the rfl not the NFL

Allan Kerr – allanrkerr@gmail.com

I am not a fan of either team, Bengals or Steelers on Monday night football but I’m appalled at the offensive pass interference call then confirmation of it from wherever?? pretty much confirms my lack of trust in your having a clue.. been watching & playing for around 65 or so years but that’s not football & makes the game about the refs, not the game.. get over yourselves!!