Colton Sparvero –

So let’s see, week 16 Pittsburgh vs New Orleans, final call was unnecessary roughness AFTER THE PLAY however the unnecessary roughness is what caused the game losing fumble. So since it was called after the play, that means the fumble happened AFTER THE PLAY therefore it should have remained pit ball.Today Cincinnati CLEARLY flase start yet you let the play go on and award them a touch down. How do you expect players to follow the rules and for fans to have faith in you as an organization when you make such blatantly wrong and missed calls you should all be fired for incompetence and fined for handing teams victories


Jeremy Hinton –

Do you guys just hate the Pittsburgh Steelers? This is now the second game will you guys have totscrewed them over on bullshit calls. Is it because Tomlin tells you when you’re wrong? It’s on unacceptable. You guys should not have jobs anymore. Also stop hoping the patriots cheat!It’s getting real fucking old

Craig West –

I can’t believe the calls from the Steelers game, just because you want the Saints to win doesn’t mean need to screw the Steelers. The refs that called that game are the worse in the league and can’t believe three of the calls were made which pretty much gave the game to the Saints. The Steelers tried hard to overcome your cheating but even a great team can be screwed by people that are poor at their job. I’d suggest adding review to poor ref calls. I’m disgusted by how it played out.

Brett Telford –

As a fan of the Steelers I know I am biased, but I think anyone watching the “phantom pass interference” on Joe Haden in the 1st quarter is just scratching their head. The ball was uncatchable. Haden never touched Kamara. Only Kamara’s inablity to jump 15 feet in the air kept him from catching the ball. In the end that call…and a few others I will not mention cost the Steelers the game…and probably a shot at the playoffs. In addition, I am sure all the NFC teams are just giddy with the advantage the Saints gained by winning home field. At the end of the season when coaches and players are released I hope someone reviews the tape of this game and does the same with this officiating crew. They are an embarassment.

sharon pfeifer –

]I am downright sick that the refs screwed the Steelers in the Steelers vs Saints game. The officiating was horrible and this year several calls against the Steelers have influenced the outcome of the games, with Steelers coming up on the short end of the calls (or lack thereof).

GRRR…something has to give here. An apology just doesnt cut it. I know Tomlin or the team can’t complain without getting fined by we fans surely can. That phantom PI call of Joe Haden in the Saints game gave the Saints a free TD was just plaing TERRIBLE officiating and that crew should be fired! I am tired of watching my Steelers get ripped off time and time again by bad calls and or NO calls against the opposing team.

For instance….

2018 Game against the Chargers…a Chargers obvious false start that everyone saw but the refs resulted in a TD for the Chargers. Also a block in the back against the Chargers that went uncalled the refs resulting in a TD for the Chargers!. This changes the momentum of the game.

Makes me NOT want to watch the game I used to LOVE! Shame on YOUR refs (WROLSTAD crew) for ruining the game and taking the fun out of Americas favorite pastime!

Mark Fischer –

I do not know what these officials are paid, but it is probably too much. When is the head of the officials going to get rid of the inept or should I say corrupt officials. In the past Steelers games there have been blatant missed calls against the Steelers that have cost at least 3 games. WHY??? If any team plays in New England or New Orleans they are being subject to HOMER officials. When will the heads of the officials get their collective heads out of their BUTTS.

Jerry Rihel –

new orleans & pittsburgh game 12/23/18
The pass interference call against joe haden in the first half was a joke. This bad call cost pittsburgh the game. You handed a touchdown to the saints. Last year it was new england with a bad call. I’m really tired of poor officiating costing the steelers their season. Your officiating crew needs help. They are a joke!!

Joey Rogers –

The officiating tonight for the Steelers game was beyond pathetic. Missed call after missed call cost the Steelers the game tonight. Refs should be fined heavily for every wrong call that they make when evaluated after games. It’s unexcusable the missed calls tonight, I’m sure the Steelers will get a letter apologizing for the missed calls but that doesn’t change the outcome of the game.

Donya Ghaffarian –

They need to stop being biased to the Steelers and do your job look over thing and stop call flags that did not even happen and call the the stuff that needs to be called

We do not want referees Who are biased and will not called the right cost to just that they can go home fix this or you will be hearing more from other Steelers fans

John Martin –

The refRees of the chargers and steelers game are no good reason for this because they cheated for the chargers especially in the first half San Diego was offsides didn’t called it they San Diego charges the game