Denise Rue –

The refs for the Steelers game missed 2 big calls against the chargers which resulted I in 2 td’s. They need fired!!!!!!!! I want their names so I can ho further up the chain of command to file an official complaint. If I need to start a petition, o will. Please advise


Larry Hahn –

There were two key penalties missed in the Pittsburgh LAC that resulted in 12 points for LAC.
False Start and block in back on the run back. One in first quarter and second in fourth quarter. Why dont you just give the the win.

adam malfitano –

I am watching the NFL Pit vs Chargers game and that ref who blew the call on the false start that led to a touchdown for the chargers should be fired. That is the most pathetic collusion I have ever seen. WHAT HE IS LOOKING AT>? IT IS HIS JOB TO LOOK FOR THIS… SO SAD.. YOU SHOULDN’T EMPLOY OLD PEOPLE WHO HAVE BAD EYES. HE SHOULDN’T HAVE A JOB.

Brent mcfadden –

Who the hell is the blind ass, blow hard that clearly can’t fuckin see the false start on the chargers game tonight vs Steelers , I hope this idiot gets fired or demoted , I mean what fucking idiot can’t see that blatant false start!!!!!??????? Get the fuck with the program , week in week out there is always a dumb ass referee

Ethan Glaid –

That was complete crap. In the Sunday night game against the Steelers the Chargers had a clear false start that resulted in a game shifting touchdown. That can not happen in the NFL and makes viewers no longer want to watch due to so many missed calls.

Jeff Hinshaw –

The officiating in the Steelers Ravens game is atrocious. Is this the best product you can put on the field because its utter garbage.

Steeler receiver being held as he comes out of his break, no flag. Flaco hits Steeler defensive player in helmet with pass and the idiot call PI. You guys suck beyond all reason. Horrible, horrible crew today. These players that work their butts off all year deserve so much better than this garbage by these terrible refs.

There must be an investigation into the refereeing crew in the Steelers Ravens game. When a Raven’s defensive back gets to ask a ref to throw a flag well after the play has been completed, there is clearly a inappropriate relationship there. This crew is obviously corrupt.

Glenn Gibson –

I officially have to stop watching football. Steelers go over the line of scrimmage by a half a yard and touchdown stands after replay. Nfl will be out of business soon with the ratings and stuff like this.

Debbie Vactor –

Steeler.. Cleveland. Game… A penalty every play… please get your Refs together.. this crew was the worst….Please … Please….. Let them play … these were the worst Ref Crew …. 1st Game… They need help…Must we call things we’ve never even heard of🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄Leveraging!!!!!!


I understand Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh started off sorry in the first quarter and that’s their fault but the officiating for the rest of the game for example after Big Ben threw the ball and not one official through the flag and then another example how Antonio Brown was held all the way down the sideline and still caught the ball for a touchdown and again not a flag thrown an official standing around on both occasions this is the worst year of Fish dating I’ve ever seen in my life unless you’re a Patriots fan if that would happen Tom Brady there have been Flags coming out of the sky to go through a whole season to try to win a Superbowl and get turnt over by bad officiating is a sorry thing I’ve ever seen in my life the NFL’s lost another fan

Cynthia M. Williams –

During the Steelers and Jaguar game on Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018, Brown made a touchdown that brought the score 35 -28 he was held by the collar while running his route for the play. There was no call made. Thus preventing the Steelers from starting at their required yardage from the penalty. Please address my concern ASAP.