Joe Gsmbino –

Y’all should be ashamed of
Yourself after the pass interference miss on the saints game. I’m done with the NFL. After the kneeling bullshit. Then this horrible call to end their season. I’m done.


John Circello –

I believe the refs in saints rams game should be fired and fined. They shouldn’t be able to ref a high school game. I hope they all become homeless because of this. Superbowl should be canceled because its tainted.

Betty Olson –

In the New Orleans-ram game two clear wrong plays were called; people can talk about overtime; but to my mind these two calls changed the outcome of the game; additionally I have never seen the ground being allowed to be a catch, but it was for the patriots. I will not watch the Super Bowl; you made sure you have two biggest centers are in the Super Bowl; heaven help college football with bettingNEED ABILITY TO REPLAY BAD CALLS!!!!!!!

Joel Goudy –

I’m done with nfl
Referees allowed the games to be changed
So inconsistent
It’s like WWF all scripted out come

Rich Barber –

You people in New York should be ashamed of the quality of the officials you hire.

daniel kelley –

nfl refs are so aweful they ruin about half of the games.

Gary Jones –

I am not a fan of either the Saints, the Rams pr NFL football; nevertheless, after watching the NFC playoff game I have to say you guys are the most inept, incompetent group I have seen. These refs shouldn’t be paid for the awful referring. The ref, or refs, that miss that the PI near the end of regulation should be fined or fired. You have some real issues with the quality of the refs in the NFL. I only watch a few games a year, but I must say you guys a bush league at best. How ever is heading up the referees does deserve the job. He or she should be fired. Get better. You are destroying The NFL.

John Hart –

I only watched a few NFL games this season because I felt the game had become a joke because of player antics and poor officiating. However, for the past several weeks I have been watching the playoffs.

Sorry I did, not because the games weren’t well played, but because the officiating was some of the poorest I have ever seen. Which calls do I feel we’re poor? Entirely too many for the space and time allowed. Let’s just suffice it to say that the calls, which are never supposed to affect the outcome of games, did, in fact, affect the outcomes of both games. Plainly speaking, the men in striped uniforms drew much more attention the those in football uniforms. And there is the shame of it. And, it’s your shame. I am done with pro football.

Rolly Ensign –

I watch both Sunday 1/20/19 games I am very disappointed and feel sorry for the teams I believe that the officials are becoming more inconsistent on a regular basis I believe the we need to add more replays and challenges for more things because the referee have become so inconsistent

Brady King –

The officials involved in the Saints/Rams NFC game this year should all be fired. I’m not a fan of either team. But, the blatant missed pass interference call was just the absolute worst call I have personally ever seen.