bob colozzi –

I find it close to impossible to understand how Bill Vinovich’s crew is in the Super Bowl. This crew will always be remembered as the crew that made the worst non call in pro football history. And to this day that bum still says he never saw the play so he cant comment on it. I did not watch the super bowl that year and I wont watch it this year either. This is simply the nfl saying that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. That crew should not even be allowed to officiate high school games. Get a new commissioner as well because he stinks too!!!!!!!

Mark Heaslip –

BOYCOTT NFL. Referees are purposely influencing these games. There so bad it’s obvious n predictable. Sad you guys get away with it. Let these guys play

Kyle young –

Fuck you twats

Jonathan Olson –

Please tell me what a fumble is because I’m watching gb vs sea and I don’t understand how you can overturn that. You guys are ruining the game.

David Brady –

You guys need to stop deciding who wins the game I don’t like the chiefs or the Texans but that was the worst officiating I’ve ever seen so I’m going to stop watching football

Mister Derrick –

So you’re not going to call a horse collar tackle on our one and only quarter back? But the roughing a passer makes sense???

Daneena Hoban –

Just when I think officiating cant get worse, it DOES!!!

I dont understand why you dont leave the same teams together during playoffs…putting all new officials together makes them worse … BAD!

Then the NY reviews? What do you review…obviously not the play. I didnt have a favorite in any of the wildcard games but the touchdown that made the saints lose, where was the review. Eagles and seattle.. pass interference more than once.

You need to start over and train your officials better, and leave them as the team for playoffs.

If they were coaches or players…they’d be traded, benched, or fired. Unless of course they played for that nut jerry Jones.

Get it together guys!!

Billy Stolin –

I am so sick of the officiating in the NFL, this year has been the crappiest. There has been so many bad calls and no calls that it’s become a dam shame, especially when they have instant review when it’s obvious and they don’t over turn it. When it has a effect on the game, the NFL has to do something about it. The NFL and New York who as the decision to look at plays with a obvious penalty and don’t do the proper thing and call it, when you have millions of people watching who see it, the fans in the stands who see it on the jumbo tron and yell about it. All I’m saying is the officiating SUCKED this whole year !!!!!!!!

milan stearly –

on the Vikings versus Saints game in the playoffs what are the refs pull the flag for “illegal helmet use” this is not true i’m an uncertainly mad no helmets were touched only a hand was touched on the back of the other player there’s been actual “illegal Helmet use before and this is not it I demand the NFL to take away the flag. Thank You

marc dawson –

I was wondering if Bill Lemonnier still stands by his idiotic commits during the OH ST. game Saturday night?
Regarding the fumble by Clemson returned by OSU for a TD. The officials on the field correctly called this a fumble. The only way it can be overturned is if no one if the world can dispute it! Most current officials in the NFL and college are saying it’s indisputable that this was a clear fumble, as well as millions around the world. I think it’s time for Mr. Lemonnier to hang it up and retire to a nursing home!