Erin Stauffer –

Why can’t you make a decent call! Two in a row wrong. Don’t you train for this? This has been the worst season of officiating in the NFL I have ever seen!!


Loren McDaniel –

During the Jaguars vs Titans game you guys literallys sucked ass. How much were you paid???

John Hand –

I have been watching nfl football for 40 years and by far the referees in the nfl market today are beyond poor its just plan ridiculous i mean its costing teams wins or loses but they are just not somewhat skeptical calls but just blatant horrible calls need a new system or better officials

Louis Cathcart –

That’s what I’m talking about I’m watching the Thursday night game and the officials Our Calling holding calls that weren’t holding calls I’ve watched them on the replays and they’re not calling facemask calls on that 99-yard run it was a face mask that it was a straight-on but he grabbed the face mask and twisted it out of his way that was a missed call again I’m sick of it I’m getting ready to not to watch football anymore because you people don’t know what you’re doing your officials are not trained I was official for junior high and High School I didn’t miss calls like that don’t tell me it’s different in the NFL I know it is but means your officials should be more vigilant

Douglas Kunkle –

You’re a bunch of crooked employees of Vegas betting. Fuck you and Fuck the NFL. You’re just a bunch of rich cheaters getting richer!

Cile Meck –

You are a bunch of obviously biased, blind, physically inept pieces of shit.

James Carlson –

The non call of the pass interference from Jackson on Thielen was complete B.S. The call in the Giants vs Bears was somehow pass interference when the defender was actually playing the ball. Jackson never, ever looked for the ball and basically tackled Thielen and didn’t get called for interference. Let’s get some consistency from the refs.

Ronnie Hamilton –

Y’all blind as hell Julio Jones Put his helmet on Ravens cornerback

Y’all referee Belongs with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Lanny Covey –

Have you guys been drinking before the game between N. O. & Dallas? Your officiating was piss poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Maxwell –

you guys need glasses- that was helmet to helmet for the saints game