Ron Flores –

If the folks you trotted out there for the Packer game are the best you have to offer, you are in trouble. We are supposed to believe that refs aren’t supposed to determine the outcome of games???? Shame on you folks. Seattle has no business still being in the playoffs. Thanks boys. You blew it AGAIN.

Michael RITCHIE –

Extra video footage was considered my Ass!! Gimmy Graham absolutely did not make that first down. Your video review personal are little Girls!! For not getting it right after obvious conclusive evidence of ground contact before the 36 yard line. Good thing your impartial Right!! F U pussys.

I’m a foot ball fan. And the results were tarnished because of a bad call. Put a god damb chip in the poits of the foot ball and track it then if you don’t have the BALLS to make the call on the field right

It was a Easy call.

Lukas Davidson –

Your refs are awful. The clear fumble recover rule is completely stupid and you are allowed to block in the back behind the line of scrimmage so fix it

Mike O’Grady –

NFL is big business. Think about the money that the call in the 49ers/Seahawks game cost certain parties. One man was in charge of that play being handled correctly. The rules are crystal clear as of last year. The defender was not playing the ball, his head was looking at the receiver, his back was to the play, and he put a hand and arm on the receiver, and impeded his ability to make a play on a catchable pass. This all happened while the ball was in the air and had not reached the defender or receiver. A 7 year old could have called it. The replay official in New York should be fired and banned from the NFL for life. He cost millions of dollars to many people, and is a disgrace to football. NFL you should be ashamed of yourself, and offer personal apologies to every individual in the city of Seattle and New Orleans. It is a disgrace.

Mitchell Simon –

During the 49ers and Seahawks game why didn’t you review the play that cost the Seahawks the game because there clearly was a pass interference in the end zone during the final minutes of the game

Jake Walker –

There should have been a call at the end of the Seahawks vs 49ers that would have gotten the Seahawks a win at the goal line. There should have been a pass interference. Watch over the game with 15 seconds left and you will see there was a pass interference on the 49ers.

Mark Heaslip –

You guys are making pathetic calls against the Seahawks which non Seahawks fans are even saying. So obvious the league is corrupt against the Hawks. It’s not flag football girls. Call against Tyler locket block on pass to Metcalf in eagles game is done all over league. Quit apologising n fix the corrupt reffing. Pathetic. Your purposely swaying the outcome of games.

Lance Larson –

Are you kidding calling Russel play dead , a bunch of idiots.

Dick Riddle –

The most tilted, biased referring I’ve seen in the last five years?

You should be ashamed. How much did the SF millionaires pay you???

Reverend Ira L Lewis –

a bad decision in San Francisco defensive back stripping ball from Seattle receiver 14 Metcalf… #1 Metcalf left foot out of bound at 9 yard line… #2 Metcalf still had hand grip of ball because when 49er defensive back took ball away in end zone, Metcalf body was drug visibly in the take away… proving that He still had hand grip of ball… Reverend Ira L Lewis – Austin, TX