Jim Bobin –

I’m a huge Dallas cowboy fan and obviously from Seattle I really don’t understand the calls in the playoff game today you guys really need to research why you didn’t call the face mask early on the game on Russell Wilson but now you’re calling phantom pi calls please discuss this with the refereeing crew.


Craig Finkle –

Boy, I watched the Seahawks at San Fransisco yesterday and what a complete joke. There were penalties called against Seattle that weren’t even penalties and some that had NOTHING to do with the play. I mean sure, blocking a guy in the back or pushing him in the back is a penalty but when it’s 20 yards away from the play and has ZERO impact on the play, why throw a damn flag? And how in the HELL are defensive backs supposed to even play anymore? Use harsh language? There was a PI call on Griffin that was simply horrendous and it gave SF a field goal. I mean come on, you people are so focused on keeping the QB safe because he’s worth so much but what about opportunities and playoffs for teams? I mean that was a HUGE game for Seattle and the officiating was simply sub par. I rarely complain about officiating. I’m a WSU Cougar, I have seen my fair share of one-sided officiating games (See WSU at Tennessee when the sacred Peyton Manning was QB). Yesterday was FUCKING PATHETIC. I’m sorry but it was so frustrating. TEN FUCKING PENALTIES called in the second half on ONE team. Fuck that shit.

Charles Viars –

Yesterday Seattle -San Fran game down by Pete Merlin was horrible. We pay a ton of money for Refs to decide the outcome of games. He and his crew should be fired. The pi call at the end of the game and the phantom holding calls were a disgust to there profession. They are making football to difficult to watch. Look at your ratings drop. It is because of them.

Earl Robicheaux –

I have seen a lot of bad referring in my days but todays Seattle Seahawks/San Francisco 49’s was just about the worst. Perhaps the worst was the first time the Seattle Seahawks played in the Super Bowl. But today, virtually every play there was a penalty called, particularly towards the end. In watching some of the Pro games, there was some amazingly bad calls. Earlier in this game, a 49er player obviously was practicing unsportsmanlike conduct but the refs didn’t do anything until the Seahawk player defended himself. One could tell that he had seen everything but just stood around….

There are a lot of reasons why viewership of NFL games is going down. Why watched when the win/loss is decided by a bunch of zebras.

Tom Mattocks –

Do referees not see the agregious holding done by the GB Packers offensive line? There is talk that some coach with their organization teaches the players how to hold. I’m watching the Seattle game and this is just ridiculous! One guy grabbed #93 around his chest from behind and then grabbed his jersey and they totally missed it. Or is it because of the horrible game that Tony Corrente’s team officiates each week?

Kisseih Bonsu –

It seems like the LA Rams calls arent being called at all. It’s almost like the script is to make these games close or favor one team or another, can someone review these calls?

Ps. A loyal NFL fan

AJ Cruce –

The Seahawk game is another case of very poor calling of a game once again. If I worked as bad as these referees call this game I would be fired. If the NFL refuses to fix this problem you will loose me as a fan, and I am sure others. The NFL has already lost many fans these last few yrs. How many more do you want to loose?

Guy Beland –

Hi i realy enjoy the game , don’t have a prefer team but hate the patriots with passion
I just want to let know that the refering suck in a big way this year ei the qb sack is a joke then îm wawaching seahhswjs game the call for contact on on the punter ????? Have a good look on the play the punter just lost is balance on is own
Please have a meeting and adjust the call’s it’s confusing

Mr Holloway –

Today’s crew at the Hawks Seahawks game blew the game. First if you look at the game field Seahawks coach was trying to appeal a fumble call. He was talking to the side guy and clearly threw the red flag before the snap. That is wrong and was a big play because it was a fumble. 2nd the TD in the 4th quarter I don’t even know haw to address how bad your crew handled that. How did they change the call ? It looked bad very bad. Once again we enter another season and once again your crews are impacting the out come of games. I have been a ref for 20 years and I would have been embarrassed to be part of the crew today. NFL ref are suppose to be the best today in Denver you clearly were not.

Lance Larson –

Apparently your refs totally lost lost control of Seahawks game, but what do you expect when they don’t call the obvious. What a joke, they don’t even review what matters, so then you end up with players out of control because of the lack of officiating. Your refs are the one’s at fault..