Dean Eisel –

Ur nfl refs shouldn’t be allowed to coach a peewee football game 3 missed pass interference calls in seahawks jags game u guys suck


Jack tornga –

The referees that reffed the monday night football game falcons and seahawks. Were so bad that they made the falcons look so good. Seemed they were paid off by someone. Prob betting on the falcons to win. Bottom line you guys need to get refs that are not favoring one team mire then the other. Make it to if refs are calling bad calls or caught favoring orher teams to get fined for there bogus calls.


If your going to be nfl referees they need to be held accountable for bad calls or point shaving. Start fineing these crooked referees.

Patricia Garris –

I would like to make a comment or two about the reffing done at the nfl game on 11/9/2017. Please go back and review the tapes of the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks. There were numerous calls that were highly questionable and I would even say they were one sided towards the cardinals. Seattle gets and deserves many of the calls they receive, because of sloppy play or various other reasons. Their interpretation of the games are by far and large NOT according to the nfl rules and interpreted wrong. Please reeducate your referees and/or discipline them for their inadequacies.

Cordially, Patricia Garris

Mike Ogrady –

You guys are so prejudice of small markets. Seattle give us a break. There are penalties on every play you, choose to only call the Seahawks. Figure it out or I will my life’s task will to be to prove your complicity to discrimination. You accept co complaints… What is your website good for?? If you you want self worth, fight for equality!!!!

Fight for the right – not the rich – – give me a phone # If you ain’t got the balls !!! I D0 !!!! I just saw another SHIT CALL !!! Give ArIzona a win… The men in the STRIPES will make sure …

Evan Mitchell –

Dear NFL referees….
Your call (Perry) to eject Jeremy lane might be the worst call I’ve ever seen. Please stop fucking sucking and blowing games for teams. Maybe the NFL should hire younger referees because their eye are better. Why the fuck does the NFL have referees that are 60 + years old. For one they can’t keep up with plays and run. Two, they clearly have 5/20 eye sight, and three their decision making skills are clearly either one sided towards home teams, or they have dimensia. I plead that the NFL stops sucking dick (goodel). Thanks

Susan Manning –

I am writing because I am really angry about the prejudice in calls during the Seahawk-Packers game on 9/9. I’ve never seen such biased calling, between the calls that were erroneously made (Lane’s non-existent punch after his face mask was grabbed—which wasn’t called), the pass interference on Graham when he was going for a catchable ball in the end zone, along with numerous holdings and pass interferences that went in-called, while Seahawks were constantly called for fouls, some dubious ones.

It is a fact that the officials pretty much have that game to the Packers…you should be incredibly ashamed at the biased refereeing in that game. It brings down the whole season…fans no longer trust the refs. Makes me doubt your integrity…did money change hands?

Stuart Woods –

I lived in Wisconsin and am upset by the poor officiating done during the Green Bay, Seahawks game. It was extremely obvious to all and the announcers and other officials that Green Bay got the benefit of a view calls, resulting in the final score and win of the game. The officials making the poor calls and those that were to review them should be fined or dismissed!

Alex Bodine –

Seahawks in Green Bay game with bull crap Seahawks should have run that game your officials was paid off by Green Bay Packers we do that game again one angry NFL fan

Dick Riddle –

I am 71 years old so I’ve seen a boatload of NFL games over the years and I must say I’ve NEVER SEEN ONE SO POORLY OFFICIATED AS THE SEAHAWK GREEN BAY game on 9/10.

Missed calls, bad calls and bogus/invented calls. Is every ref on that “team” from Wisconsin?

Review it yourself. The calls were mostly HORRIBLE and wrong.

Most of those bozos ought to be fired.

Karen Walther –

I am sure I do not have to tell you how completely awful the officiating was during the Seahawk vs Packers game was. Even if you didn’t watch it I’m sure between Pete Carrol and all the replays you are aware that your refs made at a minimum is 2 extremely bad and completely wrong calls. Jeremy Lane did not start that altercation after the interception nor did he throw a punch which they used to eject him from the game. Jimmy Graham could (due to his ht.) absolutely caught that ball in the in the end zone if he hadn’t had 2 Packers all over him. Your ref was right there and no flag nor did he make the sign for an un-catchable ball. Your refs directly cost the Seahawks 2 TD’s which is game changing. Your officials should not be so absolutely blatant when obviously helping a team win. It’s one thing to loss to another team it is quite a different matter to loss to the refs. This team of refs should be ban from working the rest of this season. It is very telling when the announcers can’t even figure out why your refs are or are not making calls. I fully expect a public explanation from you regarding the negligent officiating of today’s game.