Your refs just helped the eagles score, home town refs, you should be proud


Tom Thomas –

Refs in Dallas redskins game should just buy Dallas jerseys . Not even talking about helmet to helmet. What about face mask on Colt in 1st half??????? Ball wasn’t even out of his hands yet. How can ref not be looking at QB?? Refs stole the game from Skins. Fuck America’s team. Can’t win without help. Several pass interference called honored😐😐😐😐

Wayne Nelson –

I guess Jerry Jones paid you mother fuckers.The fucking cowboys held redskins all game and nothing.You guys call holding on our safey on Fabian monroe and fucking dallas grabs a jersey on receiver and nothing.Plus helmet to helmet on Jordan Reid and nothing.You mother fuckers talk about safety you mother fuckers anit shit.Last week you guys called Josh norman holding on third down when it wasn’t shit which put the Texans in field goal range and a new set of downs..You mother fuckers are causing teams to lose fucking games.Be fair through out the games not one way you piece of fucking shits.You mother fuckers are fucking up the game of football.You fucking shit bags.

Gary Lefebvre –

After watching the Fiasco you called an NFL game on Thanksgiving between the Cowboys and the Redskins it is rather obvious that the officials or on the take no doubt having bet money on the game there’s no way they could make the calls they made in good conscience I don’t have a dog in the fight I don’t like either team but it’s a shame what the officials did to the Redskins and they should all be fired immediately as they are totally incompetent and probably cost the Redskins game so they can get paid off by their bookie disgraceful

Brian Sanders –

Absolutely terrible officiating for the redskins vs Houston game. Go back and watch the tape and it will speak for itself. Disgusted! Clearly you can tell who the officials wanted to win the game. 🖕🏻T referees


I have a complaint about the referees of the 2018 season. They do not do there job right and do not know how to call right flags and calls and cheated the redskins out of a game. The referees where being biased and it is not the first time the referees gave the falcons the game last time without calling a lot of flags that the Falcons where supposed to have, and gave the game to the Falcons. I truly believe that the current referees do need to be fired and replaced with other referees that are not biased and do what they are supposed to do.

Ron Holloway –

So…Calvin Ridley can grab and hold, and you missed that!
But don’t let a Redskins player do anything, and you are a over it.
This game is rigged. and you guy’s are behind it.

Madison Wutzke –

Okay, so I have a theory that referees are prejudice against the Washington Redskins. Actually it’s not a theory anymore, it is true. It is hard for us to do well and make good plays when the officials do not make good calls. I am not just complaining about Washington, however I have noticed it most with my own team. Please consider this, thankyou.

Robert Swindell –

Reference: Redskins vs Eagles 9/10/17, 2nd to last Redskins drive, fumble and recovery for a touchdown by Eagles.

Complaint: Replay confirmed a forward pass by Kirk Cousins. Refs in NY made a bad decision. Ruined an otherwise great game. Eliminate replay review if it’s not going to be used properly.

Will Reynolds –

Dear NFL Referees that reffed the Eagles-Redskins game today,

I would like to express a formal complaint about the fumble at the end of the game. Anybody with a working set of eyes could see that the ball was moving forwards for at least three feet before it hit the Eagles defenders hand and got swatted down. Did you guys not watch the video? What were you doing instead of watching the clear-as-day replay of a PASS BEING SWATTED DOWN? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Will Reynolds
(203) 640-2834