Linda Cahill –

Watching Dallas Washington game and sincerely believe you are bein paid by Dallas. Not being emotional. I am serious and even a Dallas fan wondered about your bias. Dallas was holding and you di’d NOT CALL IT. I have ZERO respect for you. Only asking you to be fair and it’s obviously impossible for you. You can write me off as as emotional but I am only going by what you neglected (convenient) to call.


Carol Tucker –

Thank you! I’m a huge Bengals fan, and even I have to admit you must have been paid off to stop the Redskins from beating us in London!!! Thank you so much!!!

mark Salvadori –

You fucking suck the game for the Bengals and Redskins game in London I watch game after game and everyone of you suck what is going on? I’m about done with football

Kevin Barbery –

Are you intentionally out to officiate against the Redskins? It has become obvious. Maybe you should disguise your commands, from whomever, a bit better. There were SO many call against the Bengals, especially the non-called calls, that decided the eventual outcome of the game today. Why are the rules different for the Redskins? Please make me understand. They can basically rip a (Redskins-not a Bengals, trust me) players head off by the face-mask, but a touch to theirs, a slight touch, is a penalty? You call offensive pass interference, for nothing, against us because….well I don’t know. You should really hide your agenda better. It has become rather obvious. You are the worst referees in the history of organized sports. Seriously, do you even realize how pathetic you are. We all see it. This is a major reason ratings are down. They will continue to decline. The only thing in your favor is you will continue to take care of you r precious Cowboys. MONEY. I see clearly now. Your performance in the Bengals/Redskins game was one of the most egregious performance in recent history. Why the hell does the NFL even favor the friggin Bengals anyway? A black coach perhaps? Just a dirty team that you reward, yet again. This is the reason you are losing fans, Enough. You are pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.