Week 7 discussion

The week 7 assignment sheet is all filled out, and games are underway.

See any controversial calls yet? I’m guessing we’ll hear more about the Pittsburgh-Miami play, where they officials “couldn’t determine” who recovered the fumble in the endzone.

Any others?


Week 6 listings getting filled out

We haven’t posted an entry in a few weeks, but we’ve still been working hard to get the assignments filled out each week.  Be sure to check the crew listings in the sidebar for the latest assignments as they trickle out.

We’re in the midst of working on the week 6 assignments.  We’ve got about half of them so far, so leave a comment on that page if you know of any others.


Week 3 discussion

The full list of refs for week 3 is filled out, so leave a comment if you see a noteworthy call.

Lions vs. Bears: Calvin Johnson didn’t catch it?

We’ve already had a tons of posts and emails about this, but people are steamed about the Calvin Johnson’s catch at the end of the Bears/Lions game being overruled.

It sure looked to me like a catch. Here’s a video of the play, so leave your comments below.

Week 1 is upon us!

The NFL regular season is finally here — only three days away!

We’re working on figuring out which ref will be at each game, but as always we need your help.  Check out the list for week 1, and let us know when you find others. Be sure to let us know your source of information (press release, etc).


2010 Preseason Referee Assignments

The 2010 season is fast approaching, and preseason games start in just a few days!  If you find any of the assignments for the preseason, leave a comment on this post and let us know and we’ll update this post with the latest info.  Thanks!

Preseason Week 1
Preseason Week 2
Preseason Week 3
Preseason Week 4

Bill Leavy apologizes for mistakes in 2006 Super Bowl

A few years too late, Bill Leavy has apologized for mistakes he made in the 2006 Super Bowl though he hasn’t said exactly which calls he is referring to.

There are a handful of calls that are in dispute, but none that were outlandishly bad as we’ve seen in a variety of games in recent years.  Here’s a good clip that covers most of them from Super Bowl XL:

What do you think?  Which calls is he referring to?

NFL Playoffs: Referee Assignments

There’s only four games this week for the wild card weekend, let us know who you find out is officiating this weekend.

The full playoff/pro bowl/super bowl listing will be posted as we find them out. View here.

NFL Week 17: Referee Assignments

We’ve got Pete Morelli in Cleveland, Bill Leavy in Miami, and Ed Hochuli in Seattle. What else can you find? Please try and post the link to where you found out or that you know someone on the crew that you got the info from so we can be accurate this week.

Happy New Year! Have a Safe, Fun, and Healthy Holiday!

NFL Week 16: Referee Assignments

So far we’ve got Tony Corrente for the Santa Claus Special Friday Night, Ed Hochuli in Cincinnatti, Pete Morelli in Pittsburgh.

Please post anything you find in the comments below.

I’m also trying to find some footage of the Jacobs/Haynesworth fight from last night for a post later today, but I’m not having any luck yet. If anyone finds a link, please email it to me at Thanks!