Neal Cooper –

I just recently started watching NFL games since the players started using my life long t.v. sports platform
as a political agenda.
Last nights Monday night football and I only watched the last 8-9 minutes of the game I watched the referee’s win the game
for the packers with two extremely poor calls both being on one player. Neither was a correct call and neither was even
close to being what was called. Hands to the face ( hometown ref) gave the yards and ball back to the packers after a legit sack!

No I did not need to watch instant replay slowmo to make a correct call. The last call I saw the referee watch the same thing I saw
leaving no doubt this was a home town referee call. The packers should have lost just like the Saints should have won over the Rams
and gone to the Super Bowl last winter!

Referees should be fined or dismissed just like any other employee when this type of activity is seen. These are NOT the only poor
game changing calls I have seen this year. Referees have taken over and determined too many games and this is NOT an opinion.
I have eyes the same as them and in most cases when I can see the referee in the shot looking up close and personal just like me
and they intentionally make a bad call that gives the game to one at the expense of another and then the NFL fines someone for
telling the truth about a poor call there is something very wrong going on.

Vegas odds and betting destroyed a very good baseball players hall of fame status legitimately decades ago!

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