2014 preseason rolling along

Happy new season!

Assignments are up for preseason week 2.   Check ’em out, and use this post to leave your thoughts on the games.  Enjoy!

Referee assignments for week 2

Week 2 of the NFL kicks off tonight in New England with Carl Cheffers, and we have most of the rest of the assignments figured out.

Check them out for yourself, and leave a comment on the post with the missing details if you know about any of the others.

Enjoy the games!

The 2011 Preseason is underway

Week 1 is behind us, and week 2 starts tonight.  So far we haven’t been able to confirm any assignments for the games this week, so leave a comment if you know of any.

The full week 2 list is here, and we’ll be updating it as we get information about which ref will be at each game.

We’re still missing a lot of week 2 assignments

Things are moving slow this week.  As of right now, we only know four of the assignments for the games tomorrow.  If you know any others, please leave a comment to this post and let us know.  Here’s what we’ve got so far for week 2.


Preseason Week 2 – Assignments and Discussion

Let’s figure out which refs are at each game for week 2 of the preseason.  Here’s the list so far.  If you know more, please comment below.