2014 preseason rolling along

Happy new season!

Assignments are up for preseason week 2.   Check ’em out, and use this post to leave your thoughts on the games.  Enjoy!


  1. Why did the officials not call helmet to helmet or unsportsmanlike against Detroit for that obvious hit on Scott Simonson?

  2. Referee Jerome Boger is absolutely the worst referee I have ever seen on any football field ever. I am sure The Bengals handed him a paycheck for his lopsided calling of the game on 10-05-2014 Bengals/Patriots. I have not seen a worse official in all my time watching football. I pray this clown will never ever officiate a Super Bowl. Watch the game yourself and see just how lopsided his officiating was, I turned the game off. He is an absolute clown, and does not belon on any football field. Maybe as part of the clean-up crew but certainly not as a referee. A multi-million dollar game and this is the best idiot you can get to officiate. What a pity.