Urlacher fined $20,000 for verbal abuse of an official

Brian Urlacher, linebacker for the Chicago Bears, has been fined $20K by the league for “abusive conduct toward a game official”.

The words came following a bizarre play last week in which the Falcons fumbled the ball, the Bears recovered it, then they fumbled, and the Falcons got the ball back.  The result of that was a first down for the Falcons, because the ball had changed possession.  It was a confusing play, but it certainly seemed that Al Riveron and his crew took their time and made sure to get it right.

I guess Urlacher was just frustrated with the play, because the refs certainly got it right.

Other players were recently fined for similar incidents, including Miami’s Joey Porter, Denver’s Dre Bly and the Rams Richie Incognito.


  1. Urlacher was wrong about the play, but they league is weak, if the can not take criticism, they need to man-up. All the mistakes officials made this year, where are their fines. If they are going to fine the players, they need to fine the officials. With instant replay there is no excuse for human error. It is sad how every week the biggest discussion is how bad the official screwed-up.