Jim Haslett fined $20K for cussing out the refs

St. Louis Rams interim coach Jim Haslett has been fined $20,000 by the NFL for “going onto the field and directing profanities at a game official” during a game a few weeks ago against the San Francisco 49ers.  It’s not clear what he was upset about, and the Rams had just completed a 29-year pass.

It’s also not clear who the official was that he was yelling at, though we know that Alberto Riveron was the referee for that game.

Is it just me, or is the number of fines for things related to the officials (complaining, mostly) much higher this year than in years past?


  1. Hi Mickey,

    Yes the fines seem to be on the rise.


  2. It’s funny just how close referees are to politicians. They only follow the rules when it suits them (or their favorite team, or the spread they bet on that week) and nothing ever happens to them when they screw up. There should be a fine schedule for refs that make horrible calls…not just keeping them from calling a playoff game, but take their money just like the rest of them. At the bare minimum, the fans should have more access to the refs to exact some barbaric justice…maybe if they get their asses kicked after screwing a team over on a bad call enough, they will start to make the right calls. Personally, i think they should find some new ones or develop a computer program to make the calls because their judgment sucks.