C B –

How can officiating be so one sided! A touchdown call 5 feet from the end zone!? 2 seperate games where Clay Mathews is penalized for a sack!!? Aaron Rodgers picked up and thrown to the ground and no penalty called?! And so much more, everyone is watching. An investigation needs to be done on all nfl refs. $ is being paid to change these games. Bunch of crooks. I wish the entire defensive line would land on Smith and McCarthy would have punched the ref, then there would be penalties to call.


Keith Luebke –

How do you define officiating by the crew at Green Bay last week. The entire game substandard in my opinion. I’m 75 years old and wonder if I should give up football. I would like how your crews feel after they blow calls?

Paco Bozo –

That was just an absolute horrible/mistake call on Clay Matthews by the NFL Referees during Minnesota vs. Green Bay game. Even with new rules, that was a textbook tackle on Cousins. No late hit, no low hit, no high hit, no helmet to helmet. How the hell is a defensive player supposed to tackle a QB?

That type of Roughing the Passer call has ruined the NFL. I can’t even watch the game anymore.
I understand protecting the QB, but that was just ludicrous.

Get your act together NFL refs.

Leo B –

Just letting you know that the call on the clay Matthews play was terrible. Should think about finding some new refs or planing some better training. Red probably had money on the game, what bullshit.

Noel Ortiz –

I’ve been a football fan for over twenty years.. The roughing the passer call on Clay Matthews at the end of the Packers Vikings game was terrible, and the fact that the NFL is standing by it and saying that he “lifted” Cousins of the ground is almost enough to make me want to stop watching the game.. When terrible calls start deciding games and the league basically says, “that’s how it it”, it’s time to move on.. Shame on the N

Jennifer Meyer –

Perhaps you should get a comprehensive eyes exam.. ASAP!; .Clay Matthews DIDN’T raise the QB off the ground. .Your crew deserves to be fired RIGHT NOW!!

Salvatore Pasquale –

Referee Tony Corrente …. Are NFL officials able to bet on football games, because everybody I know is scratching their head wondering why referee Tony Corrente called a roughing the passer penalty on Green Bay Packer LB Clay Mathews yesterday. That call has to be one of the worst call i have ever seen in my 50 years of watching NFL games. Tony must of had money on the Viking to win the game, or he need to have his eyes checked.

Chris Johnson –

As as a sesson ticket holder and stock holder of the GreenBay Packers I am disgusted with the awful calls in the game! That referee team is absolutely clueles or biased, one of the two! It was the worst refereeing I have ever seen! What are the consequences for them when they call a game as poorly as the Packer Viking game? As fans, we pay a lot of money on tickets, concessions etc.. and deserve to see a properly called game!! That ref team should be ashamed and probably fired, fined, or disciplined for being completely inept!!

william zezza –

Dear Tony Corrente and or the head of the Referees in the NFL. If you would have any dignity in your ability
to make correct decisions on games. You should set a new standard in dignity and do something that has never
been done before and change the ruling on the Clay Matthews play. It would be easy because the game would
have been over at that point a couple of kneel downs and the game would be done. It was obviously incorrect the whole world could see it. Or how about a huddle and a review on the field to maybe check to see if other refs might have some input to the call. If you want to make a real statement about how you guys are concerned about getting things right now is the chance. do something that has never been done before.
Thanks for your concerns William Zezza

Timmy J –

That call on clay Matthews was horrid. Game changing call that will ruin the sport. Get it together