Susan Delgado –

RE: Inaccurate, dishonest officiating against Seahawks in season opener at Green Bay that 1. Unfairly ejected Jeremy Lane who not only didn’t throw a punch but was face masked by GB opponent which wasn’t called. Penalty against Cliff Avril as well negating a Seahawks Touchdown by Nazir Jones. No point in numbering these as there were several. Jimmy Graham pass intereferencevagainst him costing Seahawks another TD. Refs never called PI. Several other questionable calls make me discouraged as games are not fairly officiated in this very tight game. It literally appears that your ref team was being paid off to side with Packers on every call possible. No wonder your NFL TV ratings are down. With officiating this biased, how can any fan enjoy the game? I want someone from your office to call me back. I’m absolutely devasted by this. All I can do is tell you this is an example of what is wrecking your ratings. You should discipline John Per ry for the call to eject Jeremy Lane and also review with your team for this game how they “threw” the game for Green Bay. In fact I strongly recommend: you look into whether indeed some of your officials were paid big to ” throw this game”.my phone number is: (206) 601-6088. I’m aware of large groups of people boycotting NFL games this season for other reasons. I’m considering doing the same for this shameful and careless officiating today 9-10-2017. Thank you for taking this seriously.
Susan M Delgado


Lance Larson –

Apperntly your refs have a chip on shoulder for Seattle. What a joke. Maybe they should try opening eyes. What a game changer, very poor officiating. What a joke

Your refs have the ability to review, what is wrong with this option, if they would have done this they clearly would have seen that they are blind.

Bob Lindquist –

Seattle vs Green Bay 9/11/17 – do you discipline your referees for poor calls and badly called games? Perhaps you should eject the entire crew from their next game without pay. Their awful, phantom calls, ejections and missed egregious penalties. Apparently they are still in pre-season form

Steve Hintyesz –

I wish brain cancer on every god damn nfl official after watching you’re pathetic calls against the Seahawks, you are the worst example of homers ever, Show much did Green Bay pay you assholes off? No way would I ever contribute to a find for everyone of you assholes, hmmmn, let me take that back you have no brains to get Brain cancer, so go to fricking hell. You handed the game to Green Bay, fuck you all.

Costing the Seahawks the game, fuck you NFL officials, you screw the Seahawks over and over, no dollars from me to help any of you asswipes rebuild your homes in Houston or Florida, go to hell

Kyle Kelsey –

Your refs are working with Green Bay. They are screwing the Hawks. Everyone can see it. Straight crap!!

Melissa Hughes –

Are you kidding me? Jeremy Lane kicked out of thr Seahawks/Packers game? What the neck are the refs looking at while making some of these calls? There needs to be a way to challenge penalty calls. That call could cost the Hawks this game. Get better refs or fine the refs for terrible calls like that.

Don Peach –

The call against Lane in the Packers vs Seahawks was the biggest wrong the NFL referees have done. It cost the Seahawks a touchdown and kick a first string player out of the game. Big wrong Fire that referee. That was terrible and should costs all referees respect. Boo the referees.

Throw shit on the referees for that call. It was wrong, wrong, wrong for the call against the Seattle Seahawks vs the Green Bay Packers. That was a very one side call and cost Seattle Seahawks the game and lose of respect for referees. Screw referees for the one side paid off referees.

Who is paying off these one side crooked referees. This game is crooked and they are paid off. It can’t be the NFL because this game is so crooked. It should be 7 to 0 right now in favor of the Seattle Seahawks favor. who is paying these referees!!!!!!!!!

You cheaters, cheaters, cheaters.

Crooked referees and organization. Correct this or you will get shit thrown on you. Terrible game. Green Bay is paying you. Too Bad. No respect for you guys now!!!!!!!

Even the announcers had to call it a bad call. It cost the Seattle Seahawks 7 points for sure and kick one of our star players out of the game. How could you NFL referees, you have some cheaters in your staff. Cheaters. Cheaters. You should be ashamed of your selves. Ashamed!!! Not a fair and honest game. Not a fair and honest game. Referees are being paid off. Never have I complained before but that was a game changing call. Cheating referees!!!!!!

What game are those referees watching. Not he game they are refereeing. Where was they interference in the end zone on our tight end!!! One mistake after another. Crooked referees!!!!!!! I hope those referees get fired. Crooked referees. Even the ex-head of the referees was even amazed about what the referees are watching. Crooked referees!!!!! I have never had a big complaint this bad or even emailed you but what game is this bad!!!!!! Crooked referees!!!!!!!!

Isaac Hegamin –


Medrina Benge –

You need to watch the game of Dallas and Seattle on the 12th of october and look at how many calls against Dallas for holding went unnoticed one-sided much let’s fix this where tired of it!!!!!!! The 12th man!!!

Phil Thompson –

On the 1st and 15 play in Seattle at 4:24pm cst, the QB was clearly past the line of scrimmage when he made a forward pass. I’m not venting. I’m just pointing out an error that even the announcers missed.