NFL: Week 11 referee assignments

We’ve got 3 for the week already, Al Riveron in Dallas, Scott Green in Green Bay, and Jerome Boger on Monday Night.

Here’s the full list in progress.

What else can you find?



  1. Walt Coleman has New Orleans/Tampa Bay.

  2. Updated, thanks Eric.

  3. Walt Anderson for tonight’s Dolphins/Panthers game.

  4. I feel like the young man needs to step back from referring, he lost any kind of veracity…who am I talking about Jerome Boger . He failed to postively keep control of game OR to properly use his flag…in fact I think he left it in lockerroom….along with anything involving a RULEBOOK.

    That was the kind of officiating you expect to see in a wrestling match, Vince gets a little shove…PERSONAL FOUL. Texans WR gets taken down and thrown down on white stripe no flag..whatsoever.

    HOLDING do any of you know rules on holding, I have yet to see much in way of holding call BUT in this game Mario had been held by facemask without Mr Bogar even bothering to assess a foul on Titans…did he have the Titans and points in the referee pool