Playoffs/Super Bowl

Wild Card Weekend

BAL @ MIA – Ed Hochuli
IND @ SD – Ron Winter
PHI @ MIN – Tony Corrente
ATL @ ARI – John Parry

Divisional Playoffs

ARI @ CAR – Gene Steratore
PHI @ NYG – Mike Carey
BAL @ TEN – Terry McAulay
SD @ PIT – Bill Leavy

Conference Championships

BAL @ PIT – Bill Carollo
PHI @ ARI – Walt Anderson

Super Bowl

BAL/PIT vs PHI/ARI – Terry McAulay

Pro Bowl

AFC vs NFC – Scott Green


  1. robert ray gonzales says

    how do you go about applying as a referee and how would you get the referee exam study guide and rules for the league

  2. robert ray gonzales says

    i’m really interested in becoming a ref.. lately i’ve seen a few bad call in ncaa. i know the job is challenging with alot ot of stuff going on in the sidelines and in the booth. i really think i can handle it.

  3. When will we know who the crew members will be? It seems that these aren’t always the regular crew members in the playoffs. It certainly wasn’t for the first weekend.

  4. Tonight I watch one of the worst refered games for the NFC championship series in my Life and I’ve been a active women football Fan in 50 years and I can’t believe they make a game. I will not say anymore just watch the replays… Home Field or 911 or Hurrican Katrina it sucks.

  5. I totally agree with you Julie! It’s pretty bad if it takes one football game, bad refs, using Hurrican Katrina as an excuse and FIVE YEARS to bring the New Orleans community together! That’s really sad!

  6. Been busy guys and gals. McAulay does have a Sunday assignment for NFC or AFC championship game. Superbowl op too soon.

  7. You’ve hit the ball out the park! Icnrideble!

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