Don Carey

Don Carey (born 1947) is an official in the National Football League, who wears uniform number 126. He entered the NFL’s officiating staff in 1995 as a field judge until 1998, where he became a back judge due to the NFL swapping position titles that season, and has been at that position ever since. He officiated one Super Bowl game, which was Super Bowl XXXVII at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

He was a referee for the 2009 season, but has moved to Back Judge for 2010 with the promotion of Clete Blakeman to referee.

He is the older brother of referee Mike Carey, who made Super Bowl history as the game’s first African American referee; it happened during Super Bowl XLII at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Outside of his NFL officiating duties, Don Carey is a contract manager.



  1. I just got done watching the Denver vs Pittsburg game. The Broncos were bad, but the refereeing was even worse. I have not seen a game called this badly, well since last years Super Bowl. I am starting to believe my wife who is telling me that the games are fixed. She heard it or read it (and she isn’t even a huge football fan. Likes it, but no big deal to her) and after watching last years Super Bowl, and a number of games this year, I can see how she can think it. These guys are bad, blind and probably dumb. They need to be investigated.

  2. Why do they delete from this site any comment that is negative about the reffs? Could it be that these people have huge egos, and can’t handle being called on their rampant failure to do their job right? If they were in the private sector, they’d have been fired already.

  3. Look around the site — I leave plenty of negative comments. I delete comments that:

    — Are written in all caps or involve a ton of bad grammar and tons of exclamation points.
    — Make no valid point about a particular play/game. Simply saying “the refs suck!” is a useless post and is removed. Saying WHY you don’t agree with a call is fine with me.
    — Make threats of physical harm to the refs and or league officials.

    “These people” that you refer to consist of me. I’m not affiliated with the league in any way, so you can toss that argument out. Act civilized, and your posts will stay up (like the one you wrote earlier today).

  4. hahaha. I thought last nights game was decently reffed. I few iffy calls, but what game doesn’t have them. I don’t think that games are fixed either, there is a LOT that refs have to look for, and yes, while some refs are not good (walt coleman) they are the best 17 in the nation.

  5. amazing his crew can can an illegal block in the back, but can’t call a face guard in 2d qtr of mn/az game

    • except Don Carey isn’t reffing minn/ariz…

      • Where is face guarding in the NFL rule book. I think I could not find it because it does not exist. Amazing some can watch a game and not understand the rules.

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