Week 07

Chicago at Cincinnati – Walt Anderson
Green Bay at Cleveland – Don Carey
San Diego at Kansas City – Pete Morelli
San Francisco at Houston – Mike Carey
Indianapolis at St. Louis – Carl Cheffers
Minnesota at Pittsburgh – Ron Winter
New England at Tampa Bay (in London) – Jerome Boger
Buffalo at Carolina – Terry McAulay
NY Jets at Oakland – Gene Steratore
Atlanta at Dallas – Scott Green
New Orleans at Miami – John Parry
Arizona at NY Giants – Al Riveron

Philadelphia at Washington – Bill Leavy



  1. Via another poster on BTFS, Pete Morelli has Chargers-Chiefs.

  2. Who is doing the Colts game at 1:00? Also, which game is Ed Hochuli working?

  3. OK – Based on what’s in so far, and an 81% and 88% accuracy on UNDER/OVER respectively, here’s the list. Good luck.

    Best UNDERS in order of strength
    1. Philadelphia -7 At Washington 37.5
    3. New England -15.5 Tampa Bay 44.5
    4. At Cincinnati PK Chicago 42.5
    5. San Diego -5.5 At Kansas City 44

    Best OVERS in order of strength
    1. At Houston -3 San Francisco 44
    4. New Orleans -6.5 At Miami 47.5

  4. Marc Phillips says

    Minnesota at Pittsburgh Ref Assignment
    Ron Winter

  5. I like your picks John Good luck. Just following the refs I have a 75% accuracy, over/under, the line and -6 point Teasers. Here are my picks for the afternoon games.

    Scott Green At Dallas -5 Atlanta 47——Take Atlanta
    John Parry New Orleans -6 At Miami 47—-Take NO and Over
    Bill Leavy Philadelphia -7 At Washington 37—-Take Under

    Don Carey Green Bay -8.5 At Cleveland 42—Take Green Bay
    Mike Carey At Houston -3 San Francisco 44—Take Houston & O
    Ron Winter At Pittsburgh -4 Minnesota 45—Take O
    Jerome Boger New England -14.5 Tampa Bay 45 –Take Under

  6. somebody please take away ron winters job as a ref he f****** sucks balls

  7. hawnking808 says

    any word on who is doing the arizona/nygiants game?

  8. Dave Delaney says

    The officials are assigned as needed…there is no home team bias. Most of the officials only see the cities the work in during the football season. Some crews call plays closer to the book than others as it may seem and others have a great flow. Terry McAulay always runs a game with a good flow and they seem to move faster. I worked as high school official in Arizona for 28 years and we are taught to look as each play as advantage/disadvantage when ruling on a call. Please people don’t ever think any official is a homer. You will like some and hate most but they are doing their job just like the athletes playing the game.

  9. Dave, I fully agree with McAulay. Him and Steratore are the best in the league. I believe that refs who live in a city with a team are not allowed to referee that team at home. If I remember, Hochuli, who lives near Glendale, has said before that he is not allowed to ref Cards games.

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