Week 17

Indianapolis at Buffalo – Don Carey
Jacksonville at Cleveland – Pete Morelli
Philadelphia at Dallas – Ron Winter
Chicago at Detroit – Jerome Boger
Atlanta at Tampa Bay – Gene Steratore
New Orleans at Carolina – Al Riveron
New England at Houston – John Parry
San Francisco at St. Louis – Mike Carey
Pittsburgh at Miami – Bill Leavy
NY Giants at Minnesota – Terry McAulay
Cincinnati at NY Jets – Walt Anderson
Green Bay at Arizona – Carl Cheffers
Washington at San Diego – Jeff Triplette
Tennessee at Seattle – Ed Hochuli
Baltimore at Oakland – Tony Corrente
Kansas City at Denver – Scott Green



  1. Shane Spencer says

    Gene Steratore never did an NFL game this season involving either the Chicago Bears or the Detroit Lions…I hope he gets the chance to officiate the Bears-Lions game at Ford Field.

  2. Matt Rafferty says

    As people start pouring into look at WEEK 17 assignments I just want everybody to take the time and click on Mike Carey’s profile to see all the comments Mike Carey received from his trash job this Sunday in Philadelphia….

  3. This time around, let’s provide documented proof for what crew works what game so we don’t go through the hassles we’ve gone through.

  4. Shane , I have a feeling Steratore might be doing the Cinn-Jets game.

  5. John 2, I agree with you about the hassles we have gone through, but at the same time guessing is the fun part of this website.
    Hope to see R

    • Frank –

      Guessing is fine.

      It’s saying that so and so is working this game. For example,

      Washington at San Diego – Mike Carey

      That’s without a link to back it up.

      That’s what causes all the hassles.

  6. John 2, I agree with you about the hassles we have gone through, but at the same time guessing is the fun part of this website.
    Hope to see Ron Winter do the Phil Dallas game because he has never officiated a regular season game in Dallas.
    Also, across the state, I would like to see Walt Anderson do the NE-Houston game because he has never done a Houston home game regardless if he resides in Houston or not

  7. Yesterday was Mike Carey’s first game in Philly since 2000. I think he may have done a playoff game there a few years ago. I gotta research that

  8. Morelli is in Cleveland.

  9. Matt Rafferty says

    I know that Carey has been regarded as a very good official. But in watching this year I feel like he has begun to lapse. His crew yesterday changed that game, but there have been a couple other occasions this year where he missed IMPORTANT calls. Overall I think he is a good ref and controls good, but he tends to miss those big and important game changing calls.

  10. I have not seen Ed Hochuli at any Dallas Cowboy game this year. Why is this??

  11. A member of his crew.

  12. I confirm: Pete Morelli’s Crew in Jaguars @ Browns game. Similar

  13. Russ thank you for the information

  14. Hi all –
    If you are interested, the only games that Boger is good for, following the 5-week rule, and no returns to the same home venue, are: Chicago-detriot and Kansas City-Denver.

    Don carey can only be in buffalo, miami or minnesota
    Corrente is only eligible for Baltimore-Oakland unless I made a mistake somewhere

    • It’s SIX, NOT FIVE. Week 11 or before and teams not worked twice. If also not 2 home games, here’s what I have eligible. This is based on what’s listed and Corrente having Baltimore-Oakland (I tabulated as that being the case.)

      Walt Anderson – NE @ HOU, PIT @ MIA, PHI @ DAL, CIN @ NYJ

      Jerome Boger – CHI @ DET, KC @ DEN

      Don Carey – IND @ BUF, PIT @ MIA, NYG @ MIN

      Mike Carey – IND @ BUF, NO @ CAR, PIT @ MIA, SF @ STL,WSH @ SD

      Carl Cheffers – IND @ BUF, NE @ HOU, NYG @ MIN, GB @ AZ

      Walt Coleman – IND @ BUF, NE @ HOU, KC @ DEN, BYE

      Scott Green – ATL @ TB, GB @ AZ, KC @ DEN, BYE

      Bill Leavy – NE @ HOU, PIT @ MIA, CIN @ NYJ

      Terry McAulay – NYG @ MIN, SF @ STL, ATL @ TB, KC @ DEN

      John Parry – IND @ BUF, NO @ CAR, CHI @ DET, NE @ HOU, KC @ DEN

      Alberto Riveron – NO @ CAR, CHI @ DET, NYG @ MIN, WSH @ SD, CIN, NYJ

      Gene Steratore – NO @ CAR, ATL @ TB, GB @ AZ, CIN @ NYJ

      Jeff Triplette – NE @ HOU, NYG @ MIN, PHI @ DAL, WSH @ SD, CIN @ NYJ

      Ron Winter – NO @ CAR, NYG @ MIN, SF @ STL, GB @ AZ, PHI @ DAL, WSH @ SD

  15. Anyone know who got the Giants/Vikings game??

  16. What happened to the rule that every crew gets 1 Monday Night game? Gene Steratore officiated both Vikings Monday Night games this year.

  17. Off the subject a little for what I believe is the fourth year in a row, both FOX and CBS will televise two games each into every market this sunday regardless if the local team is home or not.

  18. just to add to the last post, that of course only pertains to the last regular season sunday of the year for the fourth year in a row

  19. In the New York area of course we will get Giants-Minn and probably Pitts-Mia at 1:00 I am guessing at 4:oo it will be Phil-Dallas and Balt-Oak

  20. Corrente is in Oakland

  21. As a Raiders fan please don’t send either of the Walts (Walt Anderson or Walt Colman) to referee the final game of the season against the Baltimore Ravens.

  22. I don’t think Coleman has worked a Raider game since the tuck game. I don’t see why he should not be assigned to a Raider game now. Nobody goes to Raider games anyway

  23. Great Plains says

    Is Mike Caray ref for Packers/Cardinals?

  24. mr. bamboozaul says

    Per the dallas cowboys blog on the dallas morning news web site, Ron Winter’s crew will be officiating the iggels-cowboys game at cowboys stadium this sunday.

  25. Rich Kalahiki says

    Did u guys know that Terry McAulay is the Big East ref. coordinator

  26. Jerome Boger is in the motor city

  27. Gene Steratore will be in Tampa Bay for Falcons/Buccaneers.

    He refereed a college basketball game tonight between Canisius and St. Bonaventure, and I asked him where he’d be. He told me Tampa Bay.

  28. Who is doing Cin@NYJ?

  29. Jeff Madigan says

    bill –

    I asked Gene to come to my buddy’s New Year’s Eve party, but he declined because he was flying out out of Buffalo to head to Tampa Bay last night.

    He told me to have two beers for him, though, and I fully intend to do so. We may also do a shot for him.

    There’s the proof that he was at the game last night that I mentioned.

  30. Jeff Madigan says

    Don Carey and staff in Buffalo for Colts/Bills.

  31. Ron Winter is in Dallas. Was in the Dallas Morning news

  32. Yes Eric, I read that as well. Ron Winter’s first ever regular season game in Dallas

  33. No big surprise here, but it was confirmed to me personally by Ravens head coach John Harbaugh… Corrente in Oakland.

  34. QC Rams Fan says

    any word on post season officials yet?

  35. With the information gathered, we’re down to 4 unknown assignments (with Green in Denver; Coleman draws the bye.)

    Here’s what left by game

    NO @ CAR – M. Carey, Riveron

    NYG @ MIN – McAulay, Riveron, Triplette

    SF @ STL – M. Carey, McAulay

    WSH @ SD – M. Carey, Riveron, Triplette

  36. QC Rams Fan says

    Not sure if it matters or not, but McCauley had Giants-Vikings in week 17 last year.

  37. i don’t see any confirmation for Cheffers or Anderson (however process of elim gives him Cincy-Jets)?
    Riveron: in Carolina or in Minnessota
    Cheffers: in Arizona or in Minnessota
    Anderson: Process of Elimination – in New York Jets
    MCarey: in Carolina, in St. Louis, or in San Diego
    Triplette: in San Diego or in Minnessota
    McAulay: in St. Louis or in Minnessota

  38. Walt Anderson has the Cincinnati @ NY Jets game

    Per BTFS board

  39. Rich Kalahiki says

    Hochuli in Seattle
    Pete Morelli in Cleveland
    Anderson in NY jets
    Leavy in Miami
    Don Carey in buffalo
    Corrente in Oakland
    Steratore in Tampa Bay
    Boger in Detroit
    R Winters in Dallas

    Is all this games confirmed

  40. Bill, relax okay. This is a ref site not grammar school. My goodness to get upset like that isn’t healthy for you.

  41. Rich Kalahiki says

    Really Bill stop trying to be the Ref Blog policeman and take a chill pill.

  42. I think I’ve got all the confirmed updates, thansk guys!

  43. Bill needs to get laid

  44. mcaulay in minnestoa

  45. M Carey in STL

  46. IND @ BUF- D Carey
    NO @ CAR – Riveron
    JAC @ CLE- Morelli
    CHI @ DET – Boger
    PHI @ DAL- Winter
    NE @ HOU- Parry
    PIT @ MIA- Leavy
    NYG @ MIN – McAulay
    CIN @ NYJ- Anderson
    SF @ STL – M Carey
    GB @ ARI – Cheffers
    BAL @ OAK- Corrente
    WAS @ SD – Triplette
    TEN @ SEA- Hochuli
    KC @ DEN- Green
    ATL @ TB- Steratore

    OFF- Coleman

    Done for this week…

  47. I believe John Parry was the only referee to work two home games for a team this year. He did the Oakland-Giants game and the Philadelphia-Giants game.

  48. Mike,

    Are you going to create a thread where we can post playoff assignments? That would be much appreciated.

  49. Russ,
    Just did it, there’s a page in the menu under 2009 crews and also a post on the homepage.

  50. I think the date for this week is wrong. Should be Sun, Jan 2nd not 3rd

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