Week 12

Green Bay at Detroit – Bill Leavy
Oakland at Dallas – Carl Cheffers
NY Giants at Denver – Tony Corrente

Tampa Bay at Atlanta – Walt Anderson
Miami at Buffalo – Jeff Triplette
Cleveland at Cincinnati – Mike Carey
Arizona at Tennessee – Terry McAulay
Seattle at St. Louis – Scott Green
Chicago at Minnesota – Walt Coleman
Carolina at NY Jets – Jerome Boger
Washington at Philadelphia – Gene Steratore
Indianapolis at Houston – Al Riveron
Kansas City at San Diego – Don Carey
Jacksonville at San Francisco – John Parry
Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Ed Hochuli

New England at New Orleans – Pete Morelli


  1. Cheffers in Dallas

  2. Cheffers is getting worked to death. Hasn’t he only had week 3 off?

  3. Morelli in Detroit

  4. 9er fan, every referee gets two bye weeks he will have another bye week and that info about Cheffers was posted by the Dallas Cowboys beat writer earlier today(at least that is where I saw it).

  5. I will go out on a limb(I have no inside information) and say that Chefferes will be off after the Thanksgiving game so they get the extra rest.

    This year D.Carey’s two bye weeks were 6 & 10, Corrente were 7&9, Leavy’s were 5&8, Parry’s were 4&8, Riveron’s were 6&10, and Steratore’s were 5&9.

  6. I meant Cheffers not Chefferes

  7. Thanksgiving Games:
    Packers@Lions-Bill Leavy
    Giants@Broncos-Tony Corrente

  8. coleman or hochuli should have the bye. i looks like neither of them have had off at all yet…

  9. was at the pats game yesterday and was chatting with an official on jeff triplette’s crew and he thought they were doing the dolphins/bills game this week. dont know why he wasnt 100% sure but makes sense as Triplette hasnt done a Miami or Buffalo game all year.

  10. 9 er fan It’s possible that the refs request about having a designated week off. (of course that would pertain to the entire crew getting the week off as well) Maybe that is why there is” inconsistency” such as Cheffer’s byes being so far apart. Maybe seniority plays a role in it as well

    • requests are possible, but i don’t think seniority would take effect. Cheffers is new, but he isn’t the newest. (Don Carey is the rookie this year)

      and sometimes the whole crew doesn’t get off…i remember a few weeks ago when McAulay had off, his HL was with Winter’s crew

  11. Riveron is in Houston.

  12. I may be wrong about this but I think I saw somewhere that the officals for each game are decided by a computer. The refs are told what games they are working about a month in advance so they can make flight plans. The NFL doesn’t release the information that far out because of the Tim Donaghy(?SP) situation.

  13. Pete Morelli has MNF next week NE at Saints

  14. Updated, thanks eric

  15. NFL just moved the Vikings at Cardinals game in 2 weeks to sunday night football.

  16. Don Carey’s team is in San Diego this Sunday (week 12)

  17. McAulay is in Tennessee.

  18. Spoke with Walt Coleman this week. He’s got Chicago @ Minnesota.

  19. Regarding bye weeks for officials:

    If there are no substitutions, there will be one crew each year that gets only one bye week. This is because there are 256 games, and 17 crews working 15 weeks only covers 255 games.

  20. In 2008, Ron Winters’ crew had only one bye week. Ed Hochuli as an individual covered for Walt Anderson one week, while Al Riveron and Bill Carollo each covered for Mike Carey, but their crews had two bye weeks.

  21. In 2007, Ed Hochuli’s crew had only one bye week. Gerald Austin, Bill Carollo, Terry McAuley, and Gene Steratore all filled in on Bill Leavy’s crew when he was out.

  22. Terry McAuley’s crew had the extra game in 2006, and Scott Green’s in 2005.

  23. Does anyone know why Bill Vinovich has to retire at such a young age? He was also a PAC 10 college basketball referee. Such a shame as Bill was a great official in both sports and had a great personality.

    • had to retire i meant

      • eric,
        The only thing I’ve ever seen on this is that he had to leave the field due to undisclosed health reasons. He did serve as Hochuli’s replay official in 2007, although he is not this year.

    • I know what happened to Bill Vinovich…. He had back pain in 2006/2007, but when he went in to get his health checked out they found out he had a heart condition.

      So this kept him from the NFL Field & like Mike mentioned he became Hochuli’s Replay guy in 2007. From that date on I do not know what happened to him.

      • Bill Vinovich is the Western Regional Supervisor of Officials for the National Football League. After six years on the field in the NFL, three as Side Judge and three as Referee, he was forced to retire due to cardiovascular health issues. After working as a Replay Official for the 2007 season, he joined the office as a Supervisor for the 2008 season

  24. Mike Carey in Atlanta

  25. Updated, thanks broncos

  26. Winter is only eligible to ref
    Browns-Bengals or Panthers-Jets

  27. Winter should draw the unimportant Panthers-Jets then. The Bengals are in first place and can’t have an incompetent idiot like Winter imagining penalties.

  28. Did anyone see that as MNF was ending it appeared that Referee Boger gave Vince Young a “HIGH 5”. True to their way of covering their backsides. The NFL (NoFunLeague) made a statement the Referee Boger was making the proper administrative signal that the play a kneel down by Vince Young was over. However, before Referee Boger could lower his hand Vince Young completed the “HIGH5”.

  29. It will either be Hochuli or Steratore for Sunday night. .steeler / raven game.

  30. Is Boger OFF this week?

  31. Matt Rafferty says

    Cheffers crew did excellent today

  32. It makes sense that Walt Coleman is in Minnesota this week as he is the keynote speaker at an Agriculture conference in South Dakota next Tuesday. Look forward to hearing him speak.

  33. It’s confirmed: Hochuli in Baltimore.

  34. Gang:

    The Hochuli assigmment means that D. Carey, Leavy and Morelli have not worked a Ravens game this year.

  35. Updated, thanks Joe

  36. Ron Winter has the Carolina at NY Jets game

  37. also if Boger is off this week like everyone believes it will be either Steratore or Parry doing the Cleveland/Cincinnati game

  38. My guess as to which ref is doing which of the remaining four games:Clv-Cinn, Car-NyJ, Wash-Phil, Jacks-SF and the remaining referees : Parry, Winter, Anderson, Steratore and Boger. Either Boger or Winter will probably be off based on the other refs already had two byes. My guess is that either Winter or Boger would draw the bye of course and either one would draw the Carolina-Jets game besides neither has done one of those teams games. Anderson would do Jacks-SF, Parry would do Clv-Cinn and Steratore would do Wash-Phil. I based this upon researching the games they all have worked so far. There is a chance though that Parry could work Jack-SF and Anderson can do Wash-Phil AND Steratore can do Clv-Cinn. We shall see

  39. Updated, thanks Eric.

  40. Here’s some upcoming info for Scott Green crew:

    Thurs, Dec 3 in Toronto (Jets vs. Buffalo)
    Sun Dec 13 in Minnesota (vs. Cincinatti)
    Sun, Dec 20 in Tennesee (vs. Miami)

  41. Mr. Hochuli is not off next week either.

  42. Shane Spencer says

    These are my predictions on who will ref the following games:

    CLE @ CIN – John Parry
    WAS @ PHI – Gene Steratore
    JAC @ SF – Walt Anderson

  43. You stole those predictions from me Shane LOL

  44. Kudos to the NFL for giving Ed Hochuli the Ravens-Steelers game. In doing so, I am certain poor officiating won’t mar this rivalry for once. Ed Hochuli is the best the league has to offer.

  45. Matt Rafferty says

    I think Hochuli has the best presence of any official on the field….but is he the best? That is debatable. 9er fan points out McAulay who is good. I like the new guy Cheffers too though

  46. As quiet as it’s kept, Gene Steratore, Carl Cheffers and John Parry call a very good game. I can tolerate almost all of the head refs except:

    Walt Coleman. . he has been shaky in my book since the “infamous tuck rule”.

  47. Triplette refd the Jets Ne game last week and the Dal -GB game the week before both shown here in the NY area and both games had timeout and challenge controversies

  48. I saw on another site that Carey is in Cincy & Anderson is in ATL.
    Jax @ SF- John Parry
    Wash @ Philly- Gene Steratore

  49. does anyone like the over in the wash/phili game?

  50. Boger is in New York not Ron Winter.

  51. Hochuli dodged a bullet, if that Baltimore FG had been good he would have been in trouble. In the final 2:00 of the second or fourth quarters you cannot advance a fumble unless you recover it. The ball should have been spotted at around the 42 yard line where Flacco revocerd it. I understand that with no Balt timeouts and running their FG unit on but someone on the crew should have realized it or the replay official should have buzzed down and had Hochuli change the spot.

  52. But Pittsburgh would have been mad if the officials stopped play to allow Baltimore more time to get their FG team on the field. It seems like refs get blamed for everything these days. Everyone needs an excuse if they lose a game. Sure the officials make a mistake here and there but overall they do a very good job. I wish the posters on here would quit bashing the officials so much.

  53. I was not bashing the officials. If the officials did stop it and get the call right I think Baltimore would have gone for it and not tried a 60 yard FG.

  54. Ryan is right. I cover this team on a regular basis and I don’t think they would have trusted Cundiff with a 59- or 60-yard field goal. I’m not bashing here, but I did point out their mistake in my game story: http://www.pressboxonline.com “Ravens Report” link…
    Keep up the healthy dialogue, gang:
    Joe Platania
    PressBox, Baltimore

  55. Hochuli’s crew usually calls a tight game, and I’m surprised the fumble rule got by them.

    I have a report on what the last 15 seconds of regulation were for the officials, and, yes, I agree that an official’s timeout to spot the ball *could* have given the kicker the ability to kick it 7 yards further.


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