Week 13

NY Jets at Buffalo – Scott Green

Philadelphia at Atlanta – Ed Hochuli
St. Louis at Chicago – Pete Morelli
Detroit at Cincinnati – Tony Corrente
Tennessee at Indianapolis – Ron Winter
Denver at Kansas City – Jeff Triplette
New Orleans at Washington – Carl Cheffers
Tampa Bay at Carolina – Don Carey
Houston at Jacksonville – Terry McAulay
Oakland at Pittsburgh – Jerome Boger
San Diego at Cleveland – Walt Coleman
San Francisco at Seattle – Al Riveron
Dallas at NY Giants – Bill Leavy
Minnesota at Arizona – John Parry
New England at Miami – Gene Steratore

Baltimore at Green Bay – Walt Anderson


  1. Ron Winter for Titans/Colts.

  2. mr. bamboozaul says

    who will be officiating the cowboys-giants game, i hoping it’s hochuli’s crew?

  3. My guess is either Anderson, Winter or Mike Carey will do the monday night game. Though I give Winter a lesser chance because he did the sunday night Chicago-GB game opening week. Neither Carey nor Anderson has worked a monday night game yet.
    Hochuli worked the Giants-NO game but that was almost seven weeks ago. I would like to see Leavy do it because from my research he has never worked a Giants home game and Leavy has not worked any Giants or Dallas games yet this year

  4. Leavy hasn’t done a Ravens game yet, either…

  5. eric berger says

    Walt Anderson has the MNF game Balt. vs GB

  6. These are good guess’s;

    NYJ V Bills – Scott Green
    PHI V ATL – Alberto Riveron
    TB V CAR – Gene Steratore
    StL V CHI – Mike Carey
    TEN V IND – Bill Leavy
    DEN V KC – John Parry
    NO V WASH – Terry McAulaly
    OAK v PIT- Pete Morelli
    HOU V JAX – Don Carey
    NE V MIA – Ed Hochuli
    DET V CIN – Tony Corrente
    SD V CLEV – Walt Coleman
    DAL V NYG – Ron Winter
    SF V ARZ – Jeff Triplette
    MIN V ARZ – Jerome Boger
    BAL V GB – Walt Anderson

    OFF Carl Cheffers

  7. Winter and Anderson updated, thanks guys.

  8. Mike Carey, Walt Coleman, Ed Hochuli, Carl Cheffers, and Jerome Boger have yet to have their 2nd week off. Scott Green has also only had one week off, but he is already assigned.

  9. Ryan, Which NFL city is Hochuli in?

  10. i have ED H. slated for rams-bears game in week 13. Glad to see Anderson on big Monday Night game. His crew is one of the best in the league.

    • eric berger says

      Hochuli can’t be in chicago this weekend he was just there 4 weeks ago doing the Arizona/Bears game. Not a 100% certain but I believe Hochuli will be in Atlanta this weekend

  11. Ed Has not worked a Cowboys game during the regular season.


  13. Mike Carey can only have one of 4 games I believe. Phi/Atl, Stl/Chi, NO/Was, SF/Sea. He already did Dal/NYG in Week 2 and NE/Mia in Week 9. The only team he’s even had of this 4 games is New Orleans. He also could have the week off since he’s only had one in Week 5.

  14. I am thinking Hochuli will draw up TB@CAR

    If it is true he is in an NFC team, that means he has:
    Philly Atlanta
    New Orl Washington – he has already reffed in Washington this year, so that may eliminate him…
    Tampa Carol

    For TB@CAR – there are 9 NOT eligible refs…

    this is of course all my speculation, haha…

    plus, Hochuli hasn’t had CAR this year, and only had TB back in like week 5

  15. how do you guys get this info? I am so curious as I just have started to dabble into seeking out ref assignments early in the week. Philly fan.

    • I use process of elimination. I can neverfind the actual assignments, but ref cannot work the same team with 5 weeks of previously working one of the 2 team in the match-up, which generally can eliminate 7-10 of the referees for each game later in the season. Also, each referee gets 2 bye weeks (except 1, who will only get 1 bye week) so later in the season those who haven’t had their bye week will also be more likely to have off …

      i.e. this week SHOULD be Cheffers, who hasn’t had a week off since wk 3.

      You also have to take in to account that some officials (due to health) will have more weeks off…I believe last year it was Leavy out for a few extra weeks, so a ref with a designated bye week will take the crew of the unhealthy ref and officiate the game…same works for any other position…A few weeks back, Winters crew worked with McAulay’s HL…

      anyhow…its always fun to surf google and such to try and find the assignments… =)

      hope this helps and gives you a brief summary…

    • Some cities post it in the newspaper, other teams will put the “flip card” up on their site which list the crew. Some people know officials and get the information that way.

  16. Only for the record. The NFL gave, previous the last two seasons, the all season assignments to all Officials, but now they only know their next four weeks games.

    • Joe,

      Last season the Officials only got their schedule 2 weeks ahead of time. Remember the NBA Official. So in 2008 only 2 weeks ahead of time. This year(2009) I heard it is sometimes 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

      • They also don’t give the assigments out early because they base some of the placements on how the ref’s crew gets graded for their performance in previous games. I heard the full list is posted in the NY Times but I am not sure what day that comes out…might just be Sunday morning.

        • Lisa,

          You are totally wrong about Officials assignments. Where did you hear this? The Officials assignments are done by a computer & are done ahead of time & not based on previous assignments. Whom ever gave you this info is wrong.

  17. Terry McAulay for Texans/Jaguars.

  18. Updated, thanks KMG.

  19. thanks for all that info guys

  20. How I think the remainders will go

    PHI @ ATL – Pete Morelli
    TB @ CAR – Ed Hochuli
    STL@ CHI – Mike Carey
    DET @ CIN – Walt Coleman
    DEN @ KC – John Parry
    NE @ MIA – Gene Steratore
    OAK @ PIT – Alberto Riveron
    NO @ WSH – Don Carey
    SD @ CLE – Jeff Triplette
    DAL @ NYG – Bill Leavy
    SF @ SEA – Tony Corrente
    MIN @ AZ – Jerome Boger

    OFF – Carl Cheffers

  21. If Boger is in Arizona this will be his first ever Sunday Night Football game as a referee.

  22. Cowboys @ Giants the Referee is Bill Leavy.

  23. Gene Steratore for Patriots/Dolphins.

  24. Updated, thanks guys

  25. Pete Morelli crew for St. Louis Rams @ Chicago bears

  26. Jeff Triplette for Broncos/Chiefs.

  27. Updated, thanks KMG, thanks Joe

  28. Some things have been narrowed down with these new additions:

    Boger: Det/Cin, NO/Was, Oak/Pit, Min/Ari
    Was in Cin week 1, Wash week 2,
    Cheffers: Det/Cin, NO/Was, Oak/Pit, Min/Ari
    Coleman: Det/Cin, Oak/Pit, SD/Cle
    M Carey: Phi/Atl, NO/Was, SF/Sea
    Hochuli: Phi/Atl, NO/Was, TB/Car
    Was in Wash week 4

    TB/Car: Cheffers, Riveron, Hochuli, D Carey
    SD/Cle: Coleman, Corrente, Paray
    Paray was in Cle week 1
    SF/Sea: Riveron, M Carey, Corrente, D Carey
    D Carey was in Sea week 3

    • Actually if there is no return trip to a venue for any crew, here’s what possibilities remain for each game.

      PHI @ ATL – M. Carey, Hochuli, Parry, Riveron
      TB @ CAR – D. Carey, Cheffers, Hochuli, Riveron
      DET @ CIN – Cheffers, Coleman, Corrente
      OAK @ PIT – Boger, Coleman, Corrente, Parry, Riveron
      NO @ WSH – D. Carey, M. Carey, Cheffers
      SD @ CLE – Coleman, Corrente
      SF @ SEA – Corrente, Riveron
      MIN @ AZ – Boger, D. Carey, Cheffers, Parry

      OFF – Boger, M. Carey, Cheffers, Coleman

  29. Hochuli is in Atlanta.

  30. Pretty sure Don Carey’s crew is at Charlotte this week and I KNOW he has Eagles game soon – I think it’s week 15 at the Linc not away vs Giants week 14. I’ll let you know if I can confirm……95% sure on this week though.

  31. Updating the possibilities

    TB @ CAR – D. Carey, Cheffers, Riveron
    DET @ CIN – Cheffers, Coleman, Corrente
    OAK @ PIT – Boger, Coleman, Corrente, Parry, Riveron
    NO @ WSH – D. Carey, M. Carey, Cheffers
    SD @ CLE – Coleman, Corrente
    SF @ SEA – Corrente, Riveron
    MIN @ AZ – Boger, D. Carey, Cheffers, Parry

    OFF – Boger, M. Carey, Cheffers, Coleman

  32. Matt Rafferty says

    Don Carey is in Carolina this weekend

  33. i’m assuming most of you like to put some wagers on nfl games. i started off the year so hot and the last 3 weeks have got destroyed still cant believe that texans game last week. i wanted to see what some of your locks were for the weekend.

  34. Updated, thanks Matt.

    This means Mike Carey is either in Washington, Seattle, or Off

  35. Mike Carey has MNF next week Arizona at San Fran.

  36. eric, If you knew Hochuli was in Atlanta, why didn’t you or Ryan say? instead of waiting until after the fact?

  37. updated, thanks eric

  38. Carl Cheffers for Saints/Redskins.

    • If true, then Coleman and Corrente will each get a game in Ohio.

      • If this is true, that would also put Riveron in Seattle.

        • Here’s what I believe is left. Doesn’t look to me like anything is narrowed down completely yet.

          Det/Cin: Coleman, Corrente
          Oak/Pit: Boger, Riveron, Parry
          SD/Cle: Coleman, Corrente
          SF/Sea: Riveron, M Carey
          Min/Ari: Boger, Riveron, Parry
          Off: Boger, M Carey

          Coleman would be eligible for Oak/Pit and Corrente would be eligible for Oak/Pit and SF/Sea, but they are the only two eligible for the Cin and Cle games.

  39. Who has Chargers-Browns? Anyone.

  40. Updated KMG thanks.

  41. so its either Boger or Coleman off…

    Cheffers and Crew gotta be tired, haha

  42. If Mike Carey has next week’s Monday Night Game with San Fran, then he’s off this week as the only game that’s left that he’s eligible for is the Sea/SF game.

    This would put Riveron in Seattle as the only eligible official.

  43. Forgive me, I got it all wrong, here’s what I have left and why out

    DET @ CIN
    Boger – OUT – Worked IN Cincinnati – Week 1
    M. Carey – OUT – Worked IN Cincinnati – Week 11
    Coleman – CHANCE
    Corrente – CHANCE
    Parry – OUT – Worked Detroit – Week 9
    Riveron – OUT – Worked IN Cincinnati – Week 10

    OAK @ PIT
    Boger – CHANCE
    M. Carey – OUT – Worked Oakland – Week 10
    Coleman – CHANCE
    Corrente – CHANCE
    Parry – CHANCE
    Riveron – CHANCE

    SD @ CLE
    Boger – OUT – Worked San Diego – Week 10
    M. Carey – OUT – Worked Cleveland – Week 12
    Coleman – CHANCE
    Corrente – CHANCE
    Parry – OUT – Worked IN Cleveland – Week 1
    Riveron – CHANCE

    SF @ SEA
    Boger – CHANCE
    M. Carey – CHANCE
    Coleman – CHANCE
    Corrente – CHANCE
    Parry – OUT – Worked IN Seattle – Week 9
    Riveron – CHANCE

    MIN @ AZ
    Boger – CHANCE
    M. Carey – OUT – Worked SNF Week 2
    Coleman – OUT – Worked SNF Week 9
    Corrente – OUT – Worked SNF Week 11
    Parry – CHANCE
    Riveron – OUT – Worked SNF Week 7

    One of: Boger, M. Carey, Coleman as they have 1 bye. Corrente, Parry and Riveron already have 2 byes.

  44. Thanks Mike.

  45. Walt Coleman has San Diego @ Cleveland.

  46. Corrente in CIN
    Parry in ARI
    Coleman in CLE
    Boger in PIT

    Done for week 13…

  47. If two people are reporting that Coleman had Cle-SD, then Boger must be on the bye, meaning:

    that Riveron has Oak@Pitt
    that Mike Carey has SF@Sea

  48. No, M. Carey is OFF and Riveron is in SEA

  49. D on Carey has had two byes, Mike Carey only one until this week…

    Got your Carey’s confused

  50. Who’s doin the Vikes and Cards today?

  51. Detroit at Cincinnati – Tony Corrente

  52. Been following the Panthers game and it seems the two calls the refs reviewed (TB causght on the sidelines and were questionable catches) were NOT complete but the refs gave it to them. Is Don Carey and his crew trying to decide the game in TB’s favor??? If I were the coach, I would definately send those two plays to be reviewed!

  53. Boger’s first game ever in Pittsburgh

  54. eric berger says

    i was at the pats/miami game today and i was always a fan of steratores crew. wow am i very disappointed with them. what a phantom offensive passing interference call against new england and a couple of awful holding calls.

  55. all updated, thanks guys

  56. How is it NOT intentional grounding when Kurt W. is in the grasp, switches the ball to his left hand, chucks it 5 feet? 12 min. mark – 2nd qtr. INside the tackle box, no reciever within 10 yrds, ball does not get to the line of scimmage.

  57. I saw part of the Dallas/Ny game. Leavy’s crew missed an interfernce call and NY was clearly holding.

  58. Matt Rafferty says

    Triplette’s crew did an exceptional job today in Kansas City

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