Week 11

Miami at Carolina – Walt Anderson

Washington at Dallas – Alberto Riveron
Cleveland at Detroit – Terry McAulay
San Francisco at Green Bay – Scott Green
Pittsburgh at Kansas City – Carl Cheffers
Atlanta at NY Giants – Gene Steratore
New Orleans at Tampa Bay – Walt Coleman
Buffalo at Jacksonville – Mike Carey
Indianapolis at Baltimore – John Parry
Seattle at Minnesota – Ed Hochuli
Arizona at St. Louis – Bill Leavy
NY Jets at New England – Jeff Triplette
Cincinnati at Oakland – Don Carey
San Diego at Denver – Ron Winter
Philadelphia at Chicago – Tony Corrente

Tennessee at Houston – Jerome Boger


  1. Jerome Boger will be the referee for the Monday nighter between the Titans and Texans.

  2. Updated, thanks KMG.

  3. KMG – You are always on top of things! haha…

    I look every week and can never find things…maybe I look in the wrong places.

  4. This site is awesome.. Will use it before I make my picks this week. I guess I want to ask how many people believe certain refs impact games? And who is using it before wagering? I am about a 58% picker over the past 2 seasons and am new to the spread game. Just want to learn.

    (Sorry i poseted this on last weeks board but i figure no one will be there anymore)

  5. will mn and farve play anybody this week ???? don.t touch farve 5,ooo fine what a back stabber

  6. mr. bamboozaul says

    who will be the officials for the deadskins-cowboys game? i hope it not jeff triplett’s crew (smile).

    • Scott Green / Jerome Boger / Ed Hochucli / Mike Carey / Tony Corrente / Bill Leavy and Pete Morelli are ineligible to work the Skins / Cowboys game. This leaves ten Ref’s available:

      Coleman – uuuggghhh (he’s so sorry)
      Don Carey

      • 1st of all spell Hochuli’s name correct & No betting on Officials.

        • Jake. .are you some sort of #85 jock? You knew who I was talking about. Stop lobbying for “Big Ed” He’s doin just fine without you kissing up.

          • Alan,

            Wake UP! As an Official I respect the people when they post & get the names correct…. meaning spelling. It does not hurt if you are not sure of the SPELLING is to open another window & just type an NFL Officials name. It brings up the name & the correct spelling. So in the future please type their names correctly.

            Thank you

          • J,

            I guess you’ve never misspelled anything in your life. Did yout take the time to look it (spelling) up or was it an honest mistake, as in this case. In addition, please do not discredit yourself and your integrity by not telling the truth.

  7. You have to wait 5 weeks before a crew can work the same team so Triplette and Coleman are not going to be in Dallas.

  8. Alan

    it’s Riveron. not Rivera.
    it’s also McAulay, Triplette and Hochuli.

  9. Washington @ Dallas Alberto Riveron is working the game.

  10. Updated, Thanks Sam.

  11. Ron Winter in Denver.

  12. John — Added Ron, thanks.

  13. Did you know that Ref Cheffers gave the Cleveland Browns a 4th timeout in the 2nd half and no one caught it.

  14. I for got to leave the website to check it out. It is http://www.footballzebras.com .

  15. Sometimes there is not 5 weeks before a crew works a team.

    • Jake, that has never been the case.

      • Russ,

        I have to go back to my records, but think there was a crew in 2007 or 2008 where there was only a 4 week gap and a crew worked the same team.

        • Jake, how late in the NFL season did crew in question in 2007 or 2008 work a four week gap between games? If it was the end of the season and the official worked the same game during the play-offs, that is okay. I have seen referee crews work a certain team at the end of the season and go ahead and officiate that same team in the play-offs. I have also seen an official work a team during the play-off and workthe same team druring the Super Bowl.

  16. watch out in denver we got mr. winters working out there. he is about as bad as the ed hochuli. hopefully we dont get another hochuli call like last year in denver .

    • That was atrocious last year. I was happy to see that Hochuli did make a public statement saying that he did screw up.
      The other thing to remember is that it is not all on the Referee, there are 6 other officials out there and each one can make mistakes. You hope they don’t but we can’t all be perfect.

  17. Where is ED Hochuli referee this week

  18. Which game is his crew doing this week

  19. Tyler all I can tell you is that Hochuli IS working a game this week.

  20. This is not Ed Hochuli’s second bye week, I live in the city he is working and was told he was the referee by a trusted friend, I will post this information on Friday(friend asked me to wait until then).

  21. Thank you Mr Pereira for the clarification on the Pats 4th and 2 play you don’t know anything except Tom Stabile made the right call on the bobble and the ball should have been marked where Faulk got control of the ball which was over the 30 yard line Glad your retiring with explanations like that

  22. I thought I heard somewhere that Don Carey was going to officiate the Giants/Falcons game this week. I could be wrong please someone verify!

  23. Ed hasn’t done a Carolina game yet this year. Don’t know who will be here tonight, but probably not him. Any news?

  24. Cheffers in KC week 11

  25. #85 will be in either Jac / Minn or STL for Week 11

  26. ChuckNorrisJockStrap says

    Wyh is evrybdy so wrked up aboot spellling on thes messege bored? You awl no who tha poasters meen, so wha’s the big deele? Chillax spaz monkies.

    • Chuck,

      It is a big deal in spelling. If you cannot spell the Officials names than relay it to Mickey & he will post it for you.

      Thank you

      • ChuckNorrisJockStrap says

        Forgive me J, but I found this amusing. I think you meant to say “then relay it to Mickey & he will post it for you.” At least I hope that’s what you meant. Not that I care, but people complaining about stupid stuff should be a little more vigilant about their own posts IMO.

        That is all. Good day.

        • ChuckNorrisJockStrap says

          By the way. I really enjoy this site and will not post anymore. I just find complaints about stuff that don’t even matter annoying. Like I said, we all know who they meant. What is the point of slamming them for accidentally messing a name up? It’s just e-bullying.

          Anyway, great work on the site. Keep it up.

  27. Mr. Walt Anderson will be doing the Miami/Carolina game tonight

  28. Updated, thanks.

    • ya 95% sure thats the case. My buddy knows Butch Hannah and heard thats where he was going to be and makes sense as Walt Anderson crew hasn’t done a Miami or Carolina game all year and he was off 4 weeks ago

  29. There is another site dedicated to Officials that is alot better than this site. I think I will stick around over there.

  30. John Parry most likely will be doing the colts/ravens game in baltimore

  31. Eric Berger Butch Hannah is Scott Green’s Umpire this year,Scott Dawson is Walt Anderson’s umpire.

  32. hey ryan get your facts straight:

    Referee: 66 – Walt Anderson
    Umpire: 40 – Butch Hannah
    Head Linesman: 110 – Phil McKinnely
    Line Judge: 18 – Byron Boston
    Field Judge: 43 – Terry Brown
    Side Judge: 15 – Rick Patterson
    Back Judge: 2 – Billy Smith

  33. Shame on the NFL for assigning Ron Winter a game that’ll determine 1st place in the AFC West. He’s the worst the league has to offer, and that’s really saying something.

  34. Tony Corrente has the Bears Eagles Sunday Night

  35. Updated, thanks Chris.

  36. Bud,
    What makes you say Ron Winter is the worst in the league? Please give us some details to back up your statement.

  37. I used to post regularly on this site, but I was able to find another site where the posters actually discuss officiating and don’t bash certain referees. Farewell football-refs.com!

    • Zach,

      Just make sure when you are on the other site you behave there. Show respect to the posters on that site. Do not bash & make sure you spell the Officials names correctly.

  38. guy’s i bet the nfl and know most of the ref crews reputations but how do you base your bets on who the ref/crews are? do you do it for over unders?

  39. according to my sources mr. john parry will be doing the indi/balt. game

  40. Hochuli is in Minnesota.

  41. Eric, I bet on patterns look below OVER, Under and Line bets, Over Bets: Gene, Mike, John Parry.
    Under : Bill leavy
    Underdogs: Hochuli, Scott, Alberto
    Favorites : Gene, John Parry
    Ex Over, under, Winner means Fav won, Loser means Underdog won
    Gene Steratore
    1 Baltimore 38, Kansas City 24 O Winner
    2 Arizona 31, Jacksonville 17 O Loser
    3 Cincinnati 23, Pittsburgh 20 O Loser
    4 Minnesota 30, Green Bay 23 O Winner
    6 New England 59, Tennessee 0 O Winner
    7 NY Jets 38, Oakland 0 O Winner
    8 Houston 31, Buffalo 10 U Winner

    Mike Carey
    1 New Orleans 45, Detroit 27 O
    2 NY Giants 33, Dallas 31 O
    3 NY Jets 24, Tennessee 17 O
    4 Indianapolis 34, Seattle 17 O
    6 Minnesota 33, Baltimore 31 O
    7 Houston 24, San Francisco 21 O
    8 Carolina 34, Arizona 21 O

    Last week I won 10 out of 14 games

  42. Yup I do the same B.J. knowing the ref. tendencies

  43. hawnking808, here what I have so far. Let me know if you have the same . I also track teaser -6, +6 and -13, +13, very high % winnings.

    Under: Dall vs Wash
    Over and take Hou : Hou vs Tenn
    Over and Indy: Indy vs Balt
    Take Sea: Min vs Seat
    Over: SF vS GB

  44. But what I want to know from everyone. How do you track the refs doing the games? ESPN, Internet, paper word of mouth I want to help. What is the most common.

    • Bj check out Fox Sports on MSN- NFL Scores. Or go to MSN’s Homepage click on any game that is over and it will direct you to the games that week. Furthermore, you can click onNFL week 11 and it can take you to the the NFL Scoreboard and to the prior weeks.

  45. BJ bruddah funny I got the same plays with this crews on each game

  46. just like that thurs. game nailed Miami and the under

  47. I got the under in the seattle/minny game

  48. Here is Ed stats: Ed not a sure thing for under. Good luck

    Games Over Under Line winner
    1 NY Jets 24, Houston 7 U Loser
    2 Cincinnati 31, Green Bay 24 O Loser
    3 Denver 23, Oakland 3 U Loser
    4 Washington 16, Tampa Bay 13 U Loser
    5 Pittsburgh 28, Detroit 20 O Winner
    6 New Orleans 48, NY Giants 27 O Winner
    8 Indianapolis 18, San Francisco 14 U Loser
    9 Arizona 41, Chicago 21 O Loser
    10 Jacksonville 24, NY Jets 22 O Loser

  49. RP,

    Did you see the way Winter let Tom Brady punk him? He barely got touched and turned back to Winter and started his usual drama. Finally, after a couple seconds, Winter nodded his head in agreement and threw a flag. Brady was the beneficiary of several questionable calls that day. Flacco was hit twice with more vigor that any of the Brady hits. No call. Then, after this Pats game with the Ravens, Winter is seen walking off the field laughing and joking with Brady.

    Fast forward a couple weeks. Minnesota, the least penalized team in the league, gets flagged 11 times for 78 yards. This includes a bogus tripping call that nullified a touchdown. Two plays later, Farve is intercepted for a pick 6. We would get into all the holding on that run back. Ditto for the other long run back for the Steelers that day. Winter and his crew only threw 3 flags for 15 yards against the Steelers that day.

    • this is so right they really tried to help defeat steelers Mn plays nobody so far but the steelers and green bay G,B had near 100 yards penalties near as much no calls {holding} on mn protect farve at all cost a season ticket holder The Green Bay Packers

  50. for Buff/Jax, it’ll be one of the Carey brothers. Not sure which one though…

    and for cincy/oak, its either Don Carey or Triplette

    and finally, steratore should in either Detriot, or the Meadowlands

  51. does anyone think the giants cover 7? i like them because comming off a bye week and have lost 4 in a row. Little concerned Antonio Pierce is out though. ANy thought?

  52. Gang:

    FYI, here are those who haven’t worked the Ravens yet, including preseason:

    Hochuli, Leavy, D. Carey, Morelli…

    Triplette has done two Ravens games, the third preseason week and Week Five.

    Great site. Keep up the good work!

    – Joe Platania, PressBox, Baltimore
    Ravens beat writer

  53. Steratore is in New York.

  54. whose the ref at new england? has to be either triplette, morelli, or mcaulay. i hope its triplette

  55. cmon my brothers. Anyone know where Triplette is hiding

  56. Updated, thanks Ryan

  57. Eric,

    Taking the Giants looks is good bet and the Over. Gene is money!

  58. Eric,

    Ops sorry, writing two conversations.

    Yes take the Giants and Over.

  59. Terry McAulay in Detroit

  60. Update, thanks Vince

  61. M Carey in Jacksonville

  62. Fellows,

    Just in case you don’t have the NFL package. You can watch every game for free. I mean every game including UCF, Pay per view etc.

    I have two games going on my laptop.



  63. Updated, thanks jc

    Just 3 games to go, ARI/STL, NYJ/NE, CIN/OAK

  64. Leavy, D. Carey, and Triplette have the last three games by elimination and Morelli is off (since the other 3 have allready had there two off weeks…

  65. OR
    My guess- OAK Triplette; Carey in STL and Leavy in NE…

  66. Triplette is in New England.

  67. Don Carey in Oakland Bill Leavy in St Louis.

  68. with tony corrente the ref tonight whats the call the over or under?

  69. Gary Cavaletto is 60 on Tony Corrente’s crew

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