Week 15

Indianapolis at Jacksonville – Walt Anderson

Dallas at New Orleans – Terry McAulay

New England at Buffalo – Tony Corrente
Arizona at Detroit – Jeff Triplette
Miami at Tennessee – Scott Green
Cleveland at Kansas City – Gene Steratore
Houston at St. Louis – Ed Hochuli
Atlanta at NY Jets – Ron Winter
San Francisco at Philadelphia – Don Carey
Green Bay at Pittsburgh – John Parry
Chicago at Baltimore – Bill Leavy
Cincinnati at San Diego – Carl Cheffers
Oakland at Denver – Al Riveron
Tampa Bay at Seattle – Mike Carey
Minnesota at Carolina – Pete Morelli

NY Giants at Washington – Walt Coleman



  1. Matt Rafferty says

    Looking @ previous scheduled and scheduled for nationally televised game my best guess for Thursday nights game is Don Carey….what do you all think??

  2. Hey Matt,
    I was thinking the same thing,
    Parry, Green, Hochuli, Riveron, MCarey, McAulay, Winter, Coleman and Leavy have worked Colts or Jags in the past 5 weeks. Corrente worked the first match up earlier in the year, making them all ineligible, plus, if you include that no ref can work the same home venue twice, that removes Steratore and Triplette.

    With that said, that leaves 5 refs: Morelli, DCarey, Anderson, Cheffers and Boger. Cheffers and Anderson have both had Thursday games already. (Thanksgiving and Wk 11, respectively)

    There are also 5 refs left due for a bye-week. Morelli, Cheffers, Boger, Winter and Green. 3 of these are 3 of the 5 eligble for the Indy-Jax game.

    Also, Don Carey has not reffed Indy or Jax this season, including the Preseason

    With that being said, I think its safe to say that Don carey should get the game, but hey, Winter has had 2 Thursday’s in 5 weeks, so who knows…

  3. After doing some research I came up with the fact that Tony Corrente has not worked a game at Giants stadium since 2005. He has never worked a Jets home game. He wont be eligible for the Atlanta-Jets game assuming that he is working today’s NO-Atl game. He won’t be eligible for the Cinn-Jets game either because he just worked Cinn. He worked the Giants-Denver game.
    Carl Cheffers who is of course one of the newer refs has yet to do a game at Giants stadium. He is suppose do today’s Jets Tampa game. Cheffers can still work the Carolina Giants game in two weeks.

  4. walt anderson or john parry should have the texans/rams game in st louis next week

    hochuli could also have it to but prob should be anderson or parry

  5. 6 refs eligable for the pats/bills game

    4 of them would be making cross country trips from the west coast (leavy,hochuli,don carey,corrente) coleman and anderson could also do it


    • Hi Charles,

      I have Boger’s hat from Oct 2009. I think this was the 1st yr that the White Hats wore Pink stripes & Pink Ribbon on their white hats. I have one the he wore in OCT 2009 & he signed it with his Ref #23.

  7. Don Carey had never worked a Ravens game until yesterday (Sunday) vs. Detroit.
    Unbelievable day the crew had! Carey had to re-adjust the clock at least four times and the down marker twice. He had to wave off a penalty because the chain clip fell off.
    Plus — and this was because of the damp, rainy weather — he would sometimes leave his radio on, exposing young fans to the sometimes, uh, off-color language on the field (Tom White used to do that a lot). When he did try to address the crowd about penalties, the audio cut in and out.
    All of this is no reflection on his crew’s performance, just a bad logistical day, that’s all.
    If he gets the national TV game you all are talking about, I hope he has a better day.

  8. Don Carey and crew at Philly.

  9. Mike Carey can only do Arizona at Detroit, Houston at St. Louis, Tampa Bay at Seattle, or NY Giants at Washington where I think he will probably be to do the MNF game

    Jeff Triplette can only do Arizona at Detroit, Cinci at San Diego, Tampa Bay at Seattle, or NY Giants at Washington

    Al Riveron can only do Arizona at Detroit, Green Bay at Pittsburgh, Oakland at Denver, or Minnesota at Carolina

  10. trying to go through these refs 1 by 1. As for Bill Leavy the only 2 games I feel he can do are Tampa Bay at Seattle and New England at Buffalo. I am 99% confident he will have the Tampa Bay at Seattle game with him being from the Bay area out west.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks that John Parry is quietly becoming a very good referee? I think he and his crew have been generally consistent, and he is clear and articulate on the mic when explaining penalties, challenge results, etc. I know he’s only been a referee for a few years, but I like his style.

  12. In fact, based on the patterns of this year, IT’S SEVEN, NOT FIVE WEEKS, 9ER FAN, plus, with the exception of Parry in N.Y.G., no return trips to the same venue (same team’s home games), here’s who’s eligible for what.

    Anderson – IND @ JAX, DAL @ NO, HOU @ STL

    Boger – IND @ JAX, DAL @ NO, CHI @ BAL, TB @ SEA, BYE

    M. Carey – eric berger has it right, though we’ll see what he gets. I’m not sure he’ll get MNF as I think he’ll get SD-TEN Xmas night.

    Cheffers – IND @ JAX, NE @ BUF, CIN @ SD, MIN @ CAR, BYE (long-awaited)

    Coleman – NE @ BUF, OAK @ DEN, GB @ PIT, NYG @ WSH, BYE

    Corrente – NE @ BUF, CLE @ KC, HOU @ STL, GB @ PIT

    Hochuli – NE @ BUF, CLE @ KC, HOU @ STL, CIN @ SD

    Leavy – CHI @ BAL, NE @ BUF, TB @ SEA

    McAulay – DAL @ NO, ATL @ NYJ, OAK @ DEN, TB @ SEA

    Morelli – IND @ JAX, AZ @ DET, ATL @ NYJ, CIN @ SD (though someone suggested he could have SNF despite him already having one.)

    Parry – DAL @ NO, CLE @ KC, HOU @ STL, OAK @ DEN, CIN @ SD, GB @ PIT

    Riveron – AZ @ DET, ATL @ NYJ, HOU @ STL, OAK @ DEN, GB @ PIT (eric berger missed ATL @ NYJ)

    Steratore – AZ @ DET, CLE @ KC, OAK @ DEN, GB @ PIT, TB @ SEA, MIN @ CAR? (originally was to have NE-MIA as SNF, wonder if that counts vs. him.)

    Triplette – eric berger has this down.

    Winter – DAL @ NO, HOU @ STL, TB @ SEA

  13. Eric I would like to see Leavy do Tampa-Seattle or New England at Buffalo because he has not worked at Seattle since 2003 and Buffalo is the only place he has never done a game at according to my stats

  14. This is Boger’s first ever game in San Francisco. The only two cities he has not done a game at are Chicago and St Louis

  15. I think it is going to be Walt Coleman on MNF this week, not Mike Carey. Carey has already done one national TV game for the Giants and I belive a ref can only do a team nationally once unless the game is flexed.

  16. I’m thinking Walt Anderson in Philly…

    he hasn’t has SF or Philly this season.
    Only Leavy, Triplette, Morelli, Anderson and the Careys are eligible.
    Leavy, Triplette, Morelli and DCarey have worked one of these teams. Mike Carey, as listed above is slated for something else, leaving Anderson

  17. Saw a post on a wagering website that Terry McAulay has the Saturday night game Dallas at New Orleans. I tried to go back to attach link but now pages comes blank.

  18. Thursday night the only 3 refs that can do the game are cheffers, boger, and anderson. I doubt it will be Boger who worked Monday night, dont see his crew only getting 3 days of rest and have to travel cross country. Im assuming Cheffers has to be off this week so it must be Walt Anderson with the Colts/Jags game

  19. Matt Rafferty says

    Quick question here guys….looking at referee performance all year long….any early guesses on a Super Bowl Ref??

    • I haven’t seen/heard anything really about Leavy or Triplette this season, but Cheffers has been good and consistent. I’d say he is a bit to new to get the Bowl, but I’d love to see him pull at least one assignment…

      Let’s see though:
      Riveron – too new?
      Leavy – had XL, and quite an uproar
      DCarey – Rookie
      MCarey – had XLII
      Cheffers – too new?
      Coleman – several career mishaps, but maybe?
      Anderson – maybe? usually pretty decent ref
      McAulay – had XLIII, XXXIX
      Corrente – has XLI
      Hochuli – won’t get it, but he will get postseason
      Boger – will get postseason
      Parry – no
      Triplette – eh….
      Green – no
      Morelli – 2nd behind Morelli, opinion and quality
      Winter – a few “mishaps” during the season should eliminate him
      Steratore – SHOULD get it in my opinion

    • I would love to see Jeff Triplette get it. He is a great guy and hes become such a great referee after a tough start when he was first promoted.

      If I had to guess though I would have to say Mike Carey, Ed Hochuli, or Bill Leavy. Three veterens who have great control of games. They all have detailed explanations of plays after reviews which I love. McAualay had it last year.

  20. Steratore wont get it. He hasnt even been a referee for 5 years. He was just promoted 4 years ago I believe. And it doesnt matter if you had the superbowl a few years back. In the past Bernie Kukar, Jerry Markbreit and Bob McElwee would pretty much rotate it every 3 years. Also McAulay had it last year and had it the 4 years ago before that. I would say Hochuli gets it for the 3rd time in his career.

    • I had forgotten Steratore just become a WH. He’ll get a SuperBowl soon though, he is one of the best.

      Hochuli or Triplette are most likely. Even though it doesn’t matter for the refs about doing the SuperBowl in any pattern, I don’t see Mike Carey getting in 2 of 3 years…

      I thought it was cool how Mike got NYG@NE in week 17 2008, then he ended up the WH for the SuperBowl with the same teams a few weeks later

      • Matt Rafferty says

        If I had to put my money on somebody it would be Walt Anderson. He has been solid for quite a while….Triplette just won’t get it he is not good enough. Morelli even though is nobodys favorite gets the job done so it will be interesting

  21. McCauly is the Big Easy here is the link from the DMN to rpove it.

  22. Just remember it is

    Terry McAulay

  23. Make a note again that spelling is important if you are going to post Officials names. Right Eric?

    You can look to the right and the spelling is there for you. Mikey has the names there for you to help you along.

  24. Update after the identifying the assignments of Cheffers, Leavy and McAulay.

    Anderson – IND @ JAX, HOU @ STL

    Boger – IND @ JAX, TB @ SEA, BYE

    M. Carey – AZ @ DET, HOU @ STL, TB @ SEA, NYG @ WSH

    Coleman – NE @ BUF, OAK @ DEN, GB @ PIT, NYG @ WSH, BYE

    Corrente – NE @ BUF, CLE @ KC, HOU @ STL, GB @ PIT

    Hochuli – NE @ BUF, CLE @ KC, HOU @ STL

    Morelli – IND @ JAX, AZ @ DET, ATL @ NYJ, MIN @ CAR? (though someone suggested he could have SNF despite him already having one.)

    Parry – CLE @ KC, HOU @ STL, OAK @ DEN, GB @ PIT

    Riveron – AZ @ DET, ATL @ NYJ, HOU @ STL, OAK @ DEN, GB @ PIT (eric berger missed ATL @ NYJ)

    Steratore – AZ @ DET, CLE @ KC, OAK @ DEN, GB @ PIT, TB @ SEA, MIN @ CAR? (originally was to have NE-MIA as SNF, wonder if that counts vs. him.)

    Triplette – AZ @ DET, TB @ SEA, NYG @ WSH

    Winter – HOU @ STL, TB @ SEA

  25. I completely disagree with disgusted in Cleveland. Walt Anderson is one of the best officials in the league. Many coaches and players will tell you that. I tend to believe them more than disgusted in Cleveland.

    • Hey Joel, I agree Walt is usually great but his crew was awful in Green Bay on monday night football. I really hope they donated there paychecks to charity because they didnt deserve them that night.

  26. who is referee in Jacksonville tomorrow night? it is supposed to be rainy.

  27. Al Riveron has the Raiders/Broncos game

  28. Pete Morelli Atlanta at NY Jets

    • Eric, this is incorrect. No offense, but you have been very inacurate on your game confirmations the last 2 weeks. A guess is different from a confirmation so perhaps tell us whether it is a guess or a confirmation.


  29. Don, would Walt get another Thursday Night game? He had Dolphins-Panthers on a Thursday.

  30. *John

  31. Don –

    Ron Winter got 2, so why not?

  32. So the NFL limits the amount of Sunday/Monday night games for crews but not Thursday night? why is that?
    Any confirmation on Hochuli’s crew for this week? I heard rumors he would be at Arrowhead but no proof.

  33. Tony Corrente or Ron Winter are also possibilities to officiate the Super Bowl. They both are having terrific seasons. Jerome Boger is also a possibility. He is very underrated in my opinion.

  34. Rich Kalahiki says

    No word on todays game…………That dude bigman normally knocks down the whole list, great job guys.

  35. Walt Anderson is the Ref for the TNF.

  36. Walt Anderson in Jacksonville.

  37. Let me tell all you. Pete Morelli’s crew will be in Min@Car Sunday Night Game.

  38. Please correct the Atl@NYjets game. Morelli’s crew not for thet game. Thanks.

  39. didn’t you tell us this last week, I do not know why we didn’t belived you.

  40. Joe, Morelli is the only ref that can do the JETS game.

    Of the refs left this week:
    Corrente-had atlanta last week
    Hochuli-had atlanta 2 weeks ago
    Steratore-had atlanta 4 weeks ago
    Winter-had atlanta 5 weeks ago
    Triplette-had the jets 4 weeks ago and atlanta 7 weeks ago
    Boger-had the jets 3 weeks ago
    Coleman-has already done a Jets home game
    Mike Carey-has already done a Jets home game
    Parry-has already done a Jets home game.

    According to the rules Morelli is the only one who can have that game.

  41. Anderson is updated for tonight.

    I have removed Morelli.

    Joe83 – Is it possoble for you to let me know how you know that Morelli will be in Carolina for Sunday night? I don’t need an exact answer, or if you would rather send me an email,, I’ll keep it confidential.

    Guys, thanks for all the help with the updates and finding out who’s where. Let’s try to make sure we have verified information if at all possible.


  42. JOE83 was right about Morelli last week… I’m inclined to believe him

  43. Walt Anderson and his crew were outstanding last night as usual. I think clevelands rude comments about him should be deleted. His crew is outstanding and call a great game. I also disagree with Eric Berger. Andersons crew was very good on Ravens at Packers. Is it their fault that the teams commit penalties? They just called the illegal plays that the 2 teams committed. What should they do Eric Berger? Ignore the penalties and allow illegal plays?

    Walt Andersons crew does an excellent job and there is nothing cleveland or Eric Berger can say to diminish the great work they do. He also does great work with the Big 12. These whiny fans need to quit crying.

  44. I think Anderson has had a good enough season to be the super bowl ref this year. He is due for one.

  45. These are my guesses for the rest:

    NE /BUF- Coleman
    ARI/DET- Parry
    CLE/KC- Steratore
    HOU/STL- Hochuli
    ATL/NYJ- Winter
    MIN/CAR- Morelli
    NYG/WAS- M. Carey
    GB/PIT- Corrente
    TB/SEA- Triplette

  46. How I think the rest play out…

    NE @ BUF – Tony Corrente
    AZ @ DET – Gene Steratore
    CLE @ KC – John Parry
    ATL @ NYJ – Mike Carey (it would be his 2nd Jets home game, but I was stuck.)
    GB @ PIT – Walt Coleman
    TB @ SEA – Ron Winter
    MIN @ CAR – Pete Morelli
    NYG @ WSH- Jeff Triplettte

    OFF – Jerome Boger

  47. Who is the referee for the Steelers game?

  48. Rich Kalahiki says

    Too bad we don’t have the full listing for the 1st set of games

  49. Tony Corrente is in Buffalo

  50. Winter is in NYJ….Oh Russ….What is that about a seven week rule????

    • There had been a 7 week rule. Either it has been 6 weeks this year and this is the first time that happened, or traveling issues caused ref assignments to be switched.

      • I have a feeling Mike Carey was supposed to be in New York, but him living in San Diego made it harder for him to get to New Jersey and Seattle is a much easier trip, especially on short notice. With Winter living in Michigan, that might have been an easier trip.

  51. Parry in PIT- with a Mixed crew…

  52. Rich Kalahiki says

    Hey Bigman I think there might be an exception when the weather is bad. Maybe the ref that was actually scheduled wasn’t able to make it.

  53. Steratore in KC
    Triplette in DET
    Corrente in BUF
    Winter in NYJ

  54. That leaves us with TB SEA and NYG WAS to guess
    my predictions are
    TB SEA Boger
    NYG WAS Mike Carey

  55. ron winter is in new york

  56. Shane Spencer says

    Mike Carey is refereeing the TB @ SEA game, while John Parry is refereeing the GB @ PIT game.

  57. Parry is in PIT alright. No one’s gonna forget THAT blown call…

    Right up there with Tom Lady’s tuck rule play in boneheaded-ness, just with much less riding on it.

  58. Rich Kalahiki says

    With Morelli calling the SNF game who do u guys like? Under looks good

  59. Rich Kalahiki says

    O.K. who got MNF?

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