Week 10

Chicago at San Francisco – Ron Winter

Buffalo at Tennessee – John Parry
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – Terry McAulay
New Orleans at St. Louis – Gene Steratore
Tampa Bay at Miami – Tony Corrente
Detroit at Minnesota – Walt Anderson
Jacksonville at NY Jets – Ed Hochuli
Denver at Washington – Pete Morelli
Atlanta at Carolina – Bill Leavy
Kansas City at Oakland – Mike Carey
Seattle at Arizona – Walt Coleman
Dallas at Green Bay – Jeff Triplette
Philadelphia at San Diego – Jerome Boger
New England at Indianapolis – Scott Green

Baltimore at Cleveland – Carl Cheffers



  1. http://mr.%20bamboozaul says

    who will be officiating the cowboys-packers game on sunday?

  2. http://warren%20thacker says

    Indy will go down this week

  3. http://warren%20thacker says

    Green in Indy,Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. http://JOE83 says

    Pete Morelli crew is in Denver @ Washington game.

  5. With Green in Indy this week. He has a great crew… He has Umpire Butch Hannah & Back Judge Scott Helverson on his crew this yr. He has done fine so far….. No worries.

  6. http://warren%20thacker says

    Is Mike Pereira still the head of the officials? I enjoy watching him try to make excuses for blown calls and rule interpretations when he gets questioned about it on a weekly basis on the NFL network. I haven’t got to watch it this season but last year he was really doing some “crawdadding” on some of the questions instead of admitting his ref crews just totally blew the calls. So funny. Is he still doing it this year?

  7. http://warren%20thacker says

    Just be worried if your the Colts about that crew.

  8. http://mickey says

    Joe83 — Thanks for the info; updated.

  9. Sorry Mickey, but I need to address this….
    Warren Thacker…. do you ever have anything positive to say? Why are you such a negative person? Can you take your negative posts & go to another forum.

  10. http://warren%20thacker says

    T. quit making this personal.

  11. http://eric%20berger says

    why was my comment about don carey erased? His crew was awful on Monday night

  12. I wish to argue with Eric Berger, I think Don Carey’s crew did a very good job officiating the MNF game. However you are entitled to your opinion even if it is wrong.

  13. I agree with T,

    Warren Thacker needs to leave. This is not a site ment to bash oficialls but rather a site for firguring out officials assignments.

  14. Thank you Russ!!!!! ^5^ to you

    Like to see the ones who bash Football Officials & their bosses,,,,, get out there on the Football field & Officiate. Uhmmmmm better yet those bashers need to be the Umpires in a game & get run over by 300+ lb lineman. That would be funny.

  15. http://warren%20thacker says

    Learn how to spell Russ before you attack somebody. If I or anybody else did their jobs as bad as some of these officials do then we wouldn’t be employed. Most of us can’t use replay on our jobs like they do and they still mess it up. Lots of others point out bad calls every week and I guess that makes them bad also. Quit being a baby .

  16. http://warren%20thacker says

    I come on here to get game day assignments like everybody else. I use this in handicapping my games.So it’s a useful tool for me. It’s not all bad.

  17. http://Jake says

    Warren it is people like you that give football a bad name. Mickey the owner of this site should ban your IP Address Warren. Maybe others might not post the Officials assignements here anymore.

  18. http://Jake says

    Sorry assignments.

  19. http://warren%20thacker says

    Please explain Jake.

  20. http://warren%20thacker says

    As you know there is gambling on the games in Vegas. You do know that correct?

  21. http://warren%20thacker says

    I’ll be more civil in future posts.

  22. http://John says

    This is the 1st week of Thursday Night Football so we should hopefully get word on who it is soon.

    And as a side note, did you know Jerome Boger has never worked a Charger game as a white hat? Will that change Sunday?

  23. http://9er%20fan says

    John – very interesting, but Don Carey has reffed every team playing this week except Phil or SD, so I’d assume he’d get that game… just an opinion though

  24. 9er fan –
    We are in the first week of repeats. However, you might be right. We’ll see how it turns out.

  25. http://9er%20fan says

    Yup. I hate repeats. it makes our guessing game harder, haha…of the 13 ‘unassigned refs’ left, 8 of them are potentially able to do the Philly/SD game, using the 5 week rule. I think the Cheffers will get the week off this week. He has only had one week off and that was way back in week 3

  26. John this is not the 1st Thursday Night game Week 1 had Tennessee at Pittsburgh. However, I do agree that the Referee should be up before the games are played.

  27. http://John says

    My mistake. Thanks for catching that Patrick.

  28. http://John says

    BTW, according to another source, Winter has tonight’s game.

  29. http://mickey says

    John — I just saw that too. Page updated. Thanks!

  30. http://Harry says

    Warren, I think that you should sign up to be an official in your local high school or pop warner league association next year.. and I will pay your dues so you can’t give an excuse.. I honestly think after a year you will enjoy and understand that sometimes the distance you have on a play makes for an unbelievable angle that only the 20,000 camera’s can catch..
    To myself but don’t you think that the officating in the NFL is getting to political.. I mean I know a guy in D 1 football and he is going up as a back judge and they told him he was 20 pounds over weight and honestly he is skinnier that Don Carey.. by a long shot.. I believe there are alof qualified referees out their but I hate how they have promoted an former NFL officials son, a brother of an NFL official, and the NFL made public notice of the first hispanic NFL referee.. what happen to hard work and the best out their.. maybe I am off in another world but some people don’t get the reconition they should..

  31. http://9er%20fan says

    Lets hope Winter and Co. are on their best behavior tonight. The NFC North is much more contested then the West, so lets hope they don’t give it to the Bears for wild card reasons…ha

  32. Warren Thacker I agree , you have nothing postive to say. Accenuate the postive eliminate the negative.

  33. http://frank says

    In reference to Ron Winter working tonights game , I don’t know if its just a coincidence, Ron Winter usually does not work too many west coast games

  34. I have been pleasently surprised by the job RonWinter has done today. I feel like he has been very good and no real controversial calls, a much needed good day for a struggling Winter!

  35. Winter’s crew sure likes to throw the laundry on the field.

  36. http://warren%20thacker says

    Harry,sign me up. I can miss and make bad calls all night long just like the so -called pros do. To Jan: Sorry you feel that way but I’m not losing any sleep over the way you feel towards me.

  37. http://Alan%20S. says

    I agree. It’s tough officiating games at warp speed. We (fans at home) have the luxury of slo-mo and replay. However, the referee does too when he goes under the hood. I am especially disappointed when I see #65 Walt Coleman and crew blow another call (1st down spot in Phil-Dal) game this past Sunday. He’s been horrible since he dug out the tuck rule.

  38. http://Kermit%20the%20Frag says

    Alan S., my thoughts exactly. Blowing a call in realtime is understandable. We’re only human, and these refs generally don’t have the advantage of multiple camera angles with meter-long lenses, frame-by-frame advances, etc…. except when they’re reviewing a call. And that is why I cringe whenever Walt Coleman reviews a play. Either he’s psychic and sees things the rest of us can’t (Santonio Holmes breaking the plane in Baltimore last year) or can’t see things the rest of us can (McNabb landing clearly on the painted Eagle on the field, as Collingsworth pointed out), or making up rules (The “Tuck Rule”) on the fly, Coleman is OK as a real-time ref but a walking disaster when goes under the hood.

  39. http://frank says

    Boy, it seems like a slow week in finding out what refs are doing what games. LOL We were not even sure until just before kickoff that Ron Winter had the Chi/SF game

  40. http://J%20Love says

    anything on the biggest game of the week, bengals at steelers? i’m thankful ron winters’ crew did the thursday game and am hoping for gene steratore or mike carey’s crew.

  41. http://B.%20Fox says

    Steratore won’t have the Steelers-Bengals; he did their first matchup. Could be Carey, though, he hasn’t reffed a game for either team yet.

  42. http://Falcon%20Fan says

    Just wanted to tell you guys that I love this site. I found it by accident and have been hooked on it all season long. It is great knowing who is doing my games (being a Falcon fan that is) and for my wife as she is a Jets and Bengals fan.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  43. http://John says

    Ed Hochuli in NY.

  44. http://mickey says

    Thanks John — added.

  45. http://John says

    This leaves Boger in Cleveland by my calculations. Though don’t hold me to it seeing that Green worked 2 MNF games.

  46. Warren In refererence to Mike Pereira, it is my understandng that he reitred. However he may still work forthe NFL

  47. http://Alan%20S. says

    Jan. .

    Mike Pereria is “officially retiring” after this season.

  48. http://Alan%20S. says

    Could be McCauley’s crew in the bengals / steelers matchup.

  49. Thank you for the news about Mike Pereia Alan S.

  50. http://warren%20thacker says

    Yeah,whats with the last minute info for official assignments? The NFL has to know where these guys are assigned much earlier than they are making the info available. Why so secretive about it? Just curious.

    • They keep it secret to protect the integrity of the game. Even the officials don’t know where they’re going until a couple days before. In the age of gambling, it’s smart to leave these guys less susceptible to corruption.

  51. http://mickey says

    Way off track: I’m looking for someone to help with the blog. I’ll split the (small) revenue with you 50/50. I’m wanting someone to:

    — Help post the referee assignments as they come in, though I’ll certainly still help with that.
    — Post a few times/week with relevant news, like Ochocinco’s fine for his $1 “bribe”.
    — It won’t be a ton of work (or a ton of money), but I’d like to see this site grow into a better overall resource.

    I’m posting this here instead of as a new post because I know some of you would be great for this. I’d like to limit it to those that have contributed with useful/insightful comments.

    If you’re interested, send me an email ( and we can chat. Thanks!

  52. http://eric%20berger says

    Bernie Kukar out of retirement and doing the Steelers game today. I miss good old Bernie

  53. http://Mickey says

    Warren, I see nothing wrong with your post. You are offering your opinion and not using crude language, so what’s the big deal??? I for one come here after searching for a site with this content so that I may gain an edge in capping my own games. Know tha Walt Coleman might be doing a Cowboys game will be hugh knowledge in future games. I would avoid picking any games against Dallas with him at the helm. In the offseason, I will be on a personal quest to research every game he has refereed, IF I can find the info which I’m sure will take a little time. I wish there was a site that already had stats on teams performances based on the crews that worked those games. Guess I’ll just have to do my own leg work here. No problem for an experienced gumshoe.

  54. http://J%20Love says

    shi$. not a big fan of mccauley.

  55. http://warren%20thacker says

    I’m not knocking you mickey the founder of the site per se.I’m just questioning the NFL for withholding info thats all. After all they have to make travel plans for these crews don’t they?

  56. http://warren%20thacker says

    Thanks for the post Mickey.I just state my opinions and some on this site want me kicked off because they can’t take criticism or handle the truth. I thank u again sir.

  57. http://warren%20thacker says


    Check out the gems that Hochuli and Green have been involved in over the years.I’m sure you’re aware of a few of those. lol

  58. http://MickeyS says

    Warren… Just wanna clear up… I am not the site owner, by chance I go by Mickey also, I’ll try and use MickeyS from now on.

  59. http://warren%20thacker says

    one of u uses small letters in your name …mickey I’m assuming its not you then. mickey in all small letters must be the site owner. You are Mickey or MickeyS. Correct?

  60. Lions VS Vikings – Referee is Walt Anderson
    Saints VS Rams – Referee is Gene Steratore
    Falcons VS Panthers – Referee is Bill Leavy
    Bengals VS Steelers – Refree is Terry McAulay
    Eagles VS Chargers – Referee is Jerome Boger
    Seahawks VS Cardinals – Referee is Walt Coleman

  61. NO @ STL Referee is Gene Steratore.

  62. Cheffers has the MNF Game Baltimore @ Cleveland.
    Riveron & Don Carey are off.

  63. http://warren%20thacker says

    Alert: Lookout in Coltville, you won’t be undefeated after tonight when NE and S.Green get done with you.

  64. http://mickey says

    All are updated, thanks!

    You can verify my comments by the yellow tint behind them. MickeyS, I appreciate you offering to use the “S” instead of just “Mickey” to avoid confusion.

  65. http://9er%20fan says

    does cheffers ever get the week off? He’s been going since like week 3 i think.

  66. http://warren%20thacker says

    ok mickey thanks for the clarification. Appreciate it.

  67. http://warren%20thacker says

    I wasn’t dissing u personally for not posting the ref assignments
    earlier.You’re doing a good job along with others on this site. I personally appreciate it and I thank you sir.

  68. http://frank says

    Anderson’s first game ever in Minnesota and I believe Steratores first ever in St Louis

  69. http://capper2 says

    This site is awesome.. Will use it before I make my picks this week. I guess I want to ask how many people believe certain refs impact games? And who is using it before wagering? I am about a 58% picker over the past 2 seasons and am new to the spread game. Just want to learn.

  70. Wonder who is paying off the ref’s this Monday Night?
    Last Monday was a travesty and a new little league football ref could have not made such bonehead calls.
    What about the review team in the booth were they asleep?

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