Week 16

San Diego at Tennessee – Tony Corrente

Buffalo at Atlanta – Bill Leavy
Kansas City at Cincinnati – Ed Hochuli
Oakland at Cleveland – Jeff Triplette
Seattle at Green Bay – Walt Coleman
Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Pete Morelli
Houston at Miami – Ron Winter
Jacksonville at New England – Don Carey
Tampa Bay at New Orleans – Jerome Boger
Carolina at NY Giants – Scott Green
Denver at Philadelphia – Mike Carey
St. Louis at Arizona – Al Riveron
Detroit at San Francisco – Walt Anderson
NY Jets at Indianapolis – Terry McAulay
Dallas at Washington – John Parry

Minnesota at Chicago – Gene Steratore



  1. Matt Rafferty says

    Riveron is my guess for the Santa Clause Special in Nashville

  2. Here are my guesses for Week 16…

    San Diego at Tennessee – Mike Carey
    Buffalo at Atlanta – John Parry
    Kansas City at Cincinnati – Terry McAulay
    Oakland at Cleveland – Pete Morelli
    Seattle at Green Bay – Gene Steratore
    Houston at Miami – Bill Leavy
    Jacksonville at New England – Don Carey
    Tampa Bay at New Orleans – Jerome Boger
    Carolina at N.Y. Giants – Ed Hochuli
    Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Tony Corrente
    St. Louis at Arizona – Alberto Riveron
    Detroit at San Francisco – Walt Anderson
    N.Y. Jets at Indianapolis – Walt Coleman
    Denver at Philadelphia – Scott Green
    Dallas at Washington – Ron Winter
    Minnesota at Chicago – Jeff Triplette

    OFF – Carl Cheffers

    • I re-did my picks and here’s what I changed.

      Buffalo at Atlanta – Pete Morelli
      Kansas City at Cincinnati – John Parry
      Oakland at Cleveland – Ed Hochuli
      Carolina at N.Y. Giants – Scott Green
      Detroit at San Francisco – Walt Coleman
      N.Y. Jets at Indianapolis – Terry McAulay
      Denver at Philadelphia – Walt Anderson

  3. Based on a 7 week rule, not going to the same venue twice in a season, and Coleman having the Giants/Skins game, here’s who’s eligible for this week. I did not account for any primetime games since it doesn’t seem to be totally accurate.

    San Diego/Tennessee – Riveron, Hochuli, M Carey, Corrente, Leavy, Morelli
    Buffalo/Atlanta – Boger, Cheffers, Morelli
    Kansas City/Cincinnatti – Winter, Coleman, Hochuli, Parry, Morelli
    Oakland/Cleveland – Triplette, Hochuli, Corrente, Leavy, Morelli
    Seattle/Green Bay – Cheffers, McAulay, Steratore, D Carey,
    Baltimore/Pittsburgh – Green, Coleman, M Carey, Corrente, Steratore, Morelli
    Houston/Miami – Winter, D Carey, Leavy
    Jacksonville/New England – Boger, Cheffers, D Carey
    Tampa Bay/New Orleans – Winter, Boger, Riveron, Parry
    Carolina/NY Giants – Winter, Triplette, Cheffers, Hochuli, M Carey
    Denver/Philadelphia – Green, Anderson, M Carey
    St Louis/Arizona – Winter, Cheffers, Riveron, Anderson
    Detroit/San Francisco – Coleman, Hochuli, Steratore
    NY Jets/Indianapolis – Coleman, McAulay, Steratore, D Carey
    Dallas/Washington – Green, M Carey, D Carey
    Minnesota/Chicago – Boger, Triplette, Cheffers, McAulay, Steratore, D Carey

    Walt Anderson only eligible for Den/Phi and Stl/Ari.
    John Parry only eligible for KC/Cin and TB/NO.

  4. Matt Rafferty says

    Which crew did good today??

  5. I thought Hoculi’s crew did a good job. IMO he likes to overofficiate and get his camera time in. They threw flags but the game was not all about Ed getting his guns on camera. He also stepped into a good fight between Steven Jackson and Bernard Pollard, and they both stayed in the game and played without further incident.

  6. Predictions for week 16:

  7. Ed Hochuli is in Cincinatti. (spoke to a member of his crew)

  8. Mike,

    Parry is also eligible for DAL and WAS- he has not worked either team this season…

  9. Jacksonville at New England – Don Carey


  10. Confirmed Parry in WAS

  11. unless Scott Green gets the Bye week, he is only eligible for Car-Giants, so:
    that would be Green – Panthers-Giants
    Triplette – Minn-Chic

  12. With Mike Carey working Denver/Philly, these assignments should be known…

    Anderson – St. Louis at Arizona
    Boger – Buffalo at Atlanta
    Riveron – Tampa Bay at New Orleans

  13. With the updates posted per above, 7 week rule, no return venues, it seems to me the following should happen:
    Scott Green – Off (not eligible for any remaining games)
    Walt Anderson – Stl/Ari
    Al Riveron – TB/NO (only had left this game and Stl/Ari)
    Jerome Boger – Buf/Atl (only had left this game and TB/NO)
    Carl Cheffers – Car/NYG (only one left eligible for this game)

    Leaves the following
    Sea/GB – McAulay or Steratore
    Det/SF – Coleman or Steratore
    NYJ/Ind – Coleman or McAulay or Steratore

    If Steratore in Ind, Coleman in SF, McAulay in GB
    If McAulay in Ind, Steratore in GB, Coleman in SF
    If Coleman in Ind, Steratore in SF, McAUlay in GB

  14. McAulay is in Indy

  15. Added, thanks!

    Any confirmation on:
    Walt Anderson – St Louis/Arizona
    Al Riveron – Tampa Bay/New Orleans
    Jerome Booger – Buffalo/Atlanta
    Carl Cheffers – Carolina/NY Giants
    Gene Steratore – Seattle/Green Bay
    Scott Green – OFF

    I’m pretty sure this is the only way it can go.

  16. Leavy is in Atlanta, he is not doing the Oakland/Cleveland game

  17. Bill Leavy in Atlanta, Triplette in Cleveland.

  18. who’s at Chicago. I would guess Steratore or Don Carey.

  19. If leavy in ATL and Triplette in CLE then Boger must be in CHI since he has never done a CHI home game…

  20. But Boger has done 2 MNF games this year, I do not suspect we will see a third. It could also be McAulay in Chicago. Right now that is my new pick because Steratore I do not think would do 2 MNF games involving the Vikings. McAulay has done a SNF game with the Bears this year but we saw this with Scott Green and the Patriots tthis year. I guess we will just have to wait till tommorow for the assignments. I am getting annoyed with all these wrong assignments. I think people should provide their sources from now on. This makes it tough for Mike.

    • I agree with russ. It is getting ridiculous.

      I think everything should be taken down and left blank with the exception of…

      San Diego at Tennessee – Tony Corrente
      Houston at Miami – Ron Winter
      Denver at Philadelphia – Mike Carey
      Dallas at Washington – John Parry

  21. yeah,, I go on that site pretty frequently.

  22. Found documented proof Morelli has Ravens-Steelers.

  23. Bill Leavy in ATL

  24. Never mind…

  25. Matt Rafferty says

    Scott Green in the meadowlands

  26. Jerome Boger in New Orleans
    Don Carey in New England

  27. Walt Coleman in Green Bay

  28. first time ever Scott Green gets to do a Giant home coincidentally in the Giants last home game at Giants stadium

  29. If Coleman is doing Green Bay and Leavy is doing Atlanta, I guess the “7 week rule” does not apply. Coleman worked the Seattle game six weeks ago and Leavy worked Atlanta six weeks ago as well

    • Rich Kalahiki says

      Exactly thats what I was trying to point out……But then again if the NFL needs certain outcomes in games and factor in weather i guess they can get around the 6 week rule.

  30. Jeff Triplette in CLE

  31. who the hell is reffing the seattle green bay game. cause i dident know u could chalenge a play while the play is going while u still are holding the challenge flag the refs suck in this game

  32. ron winter is a crook every game i watch he fixes blantant calls 3 clear turnovers he overturned today all against miami. one 70 yard td he calls back on a hold scumbag did this early this year in packers bears game as well were even the annoucers were like wtf is going on.

  33. is coleman in green bay or sanfran?

  34. Al Riveron in Arizona

  35. Jerome Boger is in New Orleans confirmed.

  36. Coleman was in Green Bay. I watched part of the game on TV.

  37. Walt Anderson in is Frisco. So that leaves us with either Carl Cheffers or Gene Steratore in Chicago.

  38. Rich Kalahiki says

    wouldn’t be surprised if carl cheffers is in chicago on monday

    • It has to be Steratore. Cheffers has only been off once while Steratore has been off twice.

      • For what it’s worth…Cheffers reffed the MIN @ CHI game last season…Cheffers hasn’t been off since Week 3, but Steratore officiated a Vikings MNF game previously this season (10/4 vs GB, well past 7 weeks). It’s anybody’s guess, but I put cash on Steratore.

  39. refs are blind the nfl is stupid to let these people ref any nfl games

  40. In past years, each referee did one Monday night game. But this year, Winter, Hochuli, Mike Carey, and Parry did not have one, while Green, Boger, Cheffers, and Steratore had two.

  41. Yes Barry , in past years each referee worked a MNF game. Parry will not only be working his third sunday night game, but his third in the past four sundays

  42. Rich Kalahiki says

    Who is doing MNF?

  43. steratore has MNF

  44. warren thacker says

    Morelli and his band of crooks did a number on the Ravens yesterday. 2 td’s called back on phantom holding calls . No,I’m not a sore Ravens fan and I bet on the Steelers but boy they sure gave me a gift.Why are the Steelers seemingly involved in shady games on a regular basis? Alot more than their fair share it seems.

  45. My apologies for the delay in making the changes/updates this weekend. My work schedule had me going 12 hour days the last 3 days and tomorrow along with holiday gatherings. It should be correct now, hope everyone had a great holiday!

  46. Rich Kalahiki says

    Mike u da man no need for apologies, u do a great job……….Aloha

  47. Swore i saw Jeff Triplette doing this game on the board. Someone must of changed it

    • Mike, someone did change it. I had Triplette tonight. Gene being the official changes everything. Gene likes the underdogs and under. Triplette is the opposite Over and Favorites.

  48. BJ i couldn’t agree anymore. I guess i have to pay a little more attention. That misinformation cost me a bundle.

  49. Curtis Weaver says

    Mr S- I have written to the league about your display of favoratizm toward Bret Farve during the 12/28/2009 vikings/ Bears game. You have no business helping any player up off the deck. You have no business helping another player with their uniform. You should have called Farve for unsporting conduct after spiking the ball in anger during over time. Where was the call for the Cutler helmet to face hit during the game?

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