Week 09

Washington at Atlanta – Ron Winter
Arizona at Chicago – Ed Hochuli
Baltimore at Cincinnati – Al Riveron
Houston at Indianapolis – Jeff Triplette
Miami at New England – Mike Carey
Green Bay at Tampa Bay – Pete Morelli
Kansas City at Jacksonville – Bill Leavy
Detroit at Seattle – John Parry
Carolina at New Orleans – Scott Green
San Diego at NY Giants – Walt Anderson
Tennessee at San Francisco – Carl Cheffers
Dallas at Philadelphia – Walt Coleman

Pittsburgh at Denver – Don Carey



  1. Cheffers is in SF.

  2. Dallas @ Philadelphia Walt Coleman.

  3. We know Paul King, the Umpire on Terry McAulay’s Crew. Heard a rumor that they are doing the Baltimore at Cincinnati game.

  4. I live in Boston and was at Logan airport and saw a guy get off a plane that looked just like Pete Morelli so he just might be doing the fins/pats game.

  5. I would be very shocked if Morelli would be in New England 3 days before their game…

  6. Walt Coleman gets his regular field judge back this week, perhaps. They would have been better off without sub Billy Smith last week in Baltimore. How did he ever miss the hold on Derrick Mason that spun him 90 degrees, but “saw” a pass interference call on the Ravens that wasn’t there? Minus three on those, dude! That qualifies you to be on Ron Winter’s “All Stiffs” crew!

  7. Len, that’s great. I’m gonna start calling him “All Stiffs” lol. And I agree with TC.

  8. eric, it is possible that morelli could be in NE since he hasn’t reffed ne or miami this year. and i tihnk he has already had both of his off weeks

  9. The Commish says

    Eric may be right. I think Morelli has family in the Boston area so he may be visiting them. Also don’t the Refs usually meet with the teams on Friday or Saturday before the game? Or is that just in the Pre-Season?

  10. Pete Morelli in DEN @ WAS this week. I’m friend of Laird Hayes
    (SJ 125) and I know his crew in in Washington.

  11. Sorry; Pete Morelli is in Tampa Bay for week 9 and in Washington for week 10.

  12. sorry i was wrong guy’s. the guy i saw really looked like Morelli.

  13. 1st time mike carey is doing a game in new england since 2004. could be wrong, but i dont think mcaulay is doing balt/cinn because he did clt/balt six weeks ago.
    if morelli does washington game the week after next, he would have done at least one game in every city for his career.

  14. If it is the same rules as the past, McAulay could very well be in Cincinatti. It is usually a minimum of 6 weeks in between teams before you can do them again so if the rules are the same, McAulay is eligible.

  15. thank you Russ . I figured it is usually a minimum of 6-7 weeks

  16. Triplette is in Indianapolis. I know his HL.

  17. The rule is 5 weeks, after 5 weeks you can work a team again, MP said this on his “Official Review” segment on the NFL Network a few years ago.

  18. Matt — Added Triplette, thanks.

  19. LOL, No big deal Eric. I once saw a guy I though was Vince Lombardi, but I knew it was n’t him OR Ernest Borgnine. 🙂

  20. Al Riveron in Cincinnati

  21. Thanks John, updated.

  22. anyone know who’s at Atlanta?

  23. John — its Winter.

  24. Yeah, Winter is in Atlanta, but the HL is from McAulay’s crew.

  25. hawnking808 says

    u guys do a great job………….anybody got anything on the the last 3 games not posted i see ron winter in atlanta

  26. hawnking, I’ve been trying to figure out who it is, but can’t, lol.
    I’ve got Anderson, Corrente, Parry, Boger, Steratore and Leavy and McAulay not assigned. Assuming McAulay is off since his HL is with Winter today, that leaves 6 refs for 3 games. Anderson I am sure has one of those 3, since he has had 2 wks off already. I think Boger, Steratore and Corrente have the week off, so that’d mean Anderson, Leavy and Parry have the 3 games left…

  27. Ok, so I surfed around, and my PREDICTIONS of the three games left today are
    KC @JAX – Leavy
    DET @SEA – Parry
    SD @NYG – Anderson

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