Week 14

Pittsburgh at Cleveland – Ron Winter

New Orleans at Atlanta – Tony Corrente
Green Bay at Chicago – Mike Carey
St. Louis at Tennessee – Jeff Triplette
Denver at Indianapolis – Bill Leavy
Buffalo at Kansas City – Al Riveron
NY Jets at Tampa Bay – Carl Cheffers
Miami at Jacksonville – Walt Coleman
Detroit at Baltimore – Don Carey
Seattle at Houston – Pete Morelli
Cincinnati at Minnesota – Scott Green
Carolina at New England – Terry McAulay
Washington at Oakland – Walt Anderson
San Diego at Dallas – Gene Steratore
Philadelphia at NY Giants – John Parry

Arizona at San Francisco – Jerome Boger



  1. Seeing the 2 assignments established, unless there is a SNF repeat, Don Carey has the SNF game.

  2. Here is a good guess for this week;

    Thus Pit V Cle – Jeff Triplette
    NO V Atl – John Parry
    GB V Chi – Terry Mcauley
    StL – Ten – Ed Hochuli
    Den V Ind – Bill Leavy
    Buf V KC – Alberto Riveron
    NYJ v TB -Ron Winter
    Mia V Jax – Walt Coleman
    Det V Bal – Jerome Boger
    Sea V Hou – Pete Morelli
    Cin V Min – Scott Green
    Car V NE – Tony Corrente
    Was V Oak – Walt Anderson
    SD V Dal – Gene Steratore
    Phil V NYG – Don Carey

    MNF Ari V SF – Mike Carey
    OFF- Carl Cheffers

    NYJ V TB – Ron Winter
    Mia V Jax – Walt Coleman
    Det V Bal – Jerome Bober

  3. Believe it or not Patrick, I guessed the same ones you have.

  4. eric berger says

    i work for the pats and heard coleman will be the ref at new england. this is not official though as could be a rumor, will let you know when i hear for sure

  5. It could be Boger in Baltimore; he hasn’t done a Ravens game since Preseason Week Four. But Leavy, D. Carey and Morelli haven’t done Ravens, either.

  6. I was doing some research and came up with Coleman has not done a game at an AFC west team since 2006. Oakland since 1998 (I think we know why) Kansas City since 1999.At SanDiego and Denver since 2006

  7. eric berger says

    it’s official don carey has the sunday night game phili/ny giants

  8. My guesses for the week based on M Carey in SF, D Carey in NY and Scott Green in Minn.
    PitClv Steratore
    CaNe Hochui
    JTB Leavy
    Mi JK Coleman
    Bf Kc Riveron
    SeHo Anderson
    SlTn Corrente
    Dn In McAulay
    WaOk Triplette
    SD DL Morelli
    Dt Bt Winter
    GBCh Boger
    NoAt Parry
    Cheffers is off

  9. updated, thanks eric

  10. eric berger says

    Either Jerome Boger or Tony Corrente will have the Saints/Falcons game. Boger who lives in Atlanta, dont know if because of that he cant do Falcons home games though

  11. Triplette is in Tennessee

  12. updated, thanks jeff

  13. what a disgusting performance by walt andersons crew. let them play for god sakes. everyone makes fun of ron winter well andserson was 3 times as worse tonight. an nfl game should never take 4 hours to play awful

  14. It’s been just over 3 hours only, but 21 penalties for 300 yards is pretty crazy

  15. From another more reputable site M Carey does NOT have the MNF game this week…

  16. I saw that also Big Man, looks like Carey is not in San Fran

  17. Ya Mike Carey was scheduled for San Fran this weekend and there was a switch. Someone I work with for the Pats heard that due to bad weather conditions predicted around the country this weekend there have been different assignments as scheduled before.

  18. I have no clue who could be the MNF ref then. For the at least that last 5 years the nfl rule was every ref got to work at least 1 monday night football game each year. The only refs who havent so far are coleman who did an Arizona game 4 weeks ago, winter who worked at SF 4 weeks ago, john parry who did the arizona game last week, hochuli who worked an Arizona game 5 weeks ago. That only leaves Mike Carey who hasnt had a MNF game this year. I dont know why they would have switched him away from this game. Maybe “your more reputable” website is wrong.

  19. Remember that Cheffers and Green have worked two MNF football games this year so there will be a crews left out this year

  20. From the other board:

    Mike Carey is not scheduled to work the AZ/SF game this week.

    looks like someone got there facts confused with rumors

    • eric berger says

      o hey big man whats the name of this more reputable site you have. and it wasnt a rumor. mike carey was scheduled to do this game. i have heard there were 4 crews with assignments changes this upcomming weekend for some odd reason.

  21. Boger did a home game in ATL with the Cowboys a few years back-so he has done one in ATL

  22. Cheffers’ crew not off, they’re in Tampa this week!

  23. morelli off then? i think his only bye was week 4.

  24. updated with cheffers in tampa bay and a question mark on mike carey until we get more information

  25. Eric i dont buy the statement that potentially bad weather conditions over the upcoming weekend would result in a change of assignments some crew has to be sent there.
    Coleman, Hochuli,Parry and Winter are the only other refs besides Carey who have not worked a monday night game.
    Carey could even do the G-Wash or Minn-Chi game. I think hochuli is going to do the AZ-SF game. Any of those five refs can do the G-Wash game.
    Only Carey and Winter are eligible for the Minn-Chi game.

    • eric berger says

      Frank at the end of the year they usually have ref crews work where they live geographically for the most part. Mike Carey, Don Carey, Ed Hochulli, Tony Corrente, and Pete Morelli all live in either Arizona or Cali will do west coast games for the most part you watch. Over the past 2 years there have been ref changes. I know 2 years ago Scott Green was supposed to be in KC i beleive and ended up going to New England because the ref that was supposed to do that game couldnt get there. And for the most part most of these refs still work fulltime jobs during the week and dont end up getting to there assigned cities until the day beofre the game. Gene Steratore for instance does Big East basketball games all week.

  26. I am going to guess that Parry is going to work the Saturday Dallas-New Orleans game and Coleman is going to work the Indianapolis-Jacksonville thursday nite game. This is based upon the fact that they have only one other prime time appearnace.

  27. my bad Winter already worked two Chicago games. So I think it will go like this;
    Hochuli Az-SF
    Parry/Winter Gia-Wash
    Coleman Ind-Jks
    Parry/Winter Dal-NO
    M Carey Minn-Chi

  28. I heard from someone that works for the Dallas Cowboys that Gene Steratore is in Dallas this weekend.

  29. My bad on Thurs game. The only referee who has not had either pittsburgh or Cleveland is Tony Corrente. He should get this game.

  30. 9er fan, Hochuli would be eligible to work the Az-SF game under the five week rule . Hochuli worked the AZ-CHI game in week 9. And he worked the SF-IND game week 8

  31. Ron Winter is in Cleveland.

  32. If Winter has Cleveland, and DCarey is in the Meadowlands, and refs cannot work the same home team twice, then Riveron can be narrowed to KC or Atlanta.

  33. Neither Mike’s crew nor Don’s crew has a primetime game this week. Full crew assignments will be posted closer to game time.

    From the other board…

  34. Triplette Cheffers, winter and Green are good…

    Winter is in CLE as mentioned above

  35. One of Boger, Coleman or Hochuli is off. They are the only ones with 1 bye week and not assigned a game.

  36. I think we are getting a conflict of information between 2-3 sites here.

    If Mike Carey or Ed Hochuli does not have Monday Night, then this is who I have even if it means a crew working back-to-back Monday Night games.

    Walt Anderson – Worked last Monday Night
    Jerome Boger – Worked MNF Week 11.
    Walt Coleman – Worked Arizona Week 10.

    Based on this, someone or someone’s sources are lying.

  37. Correction: MIGHT BE lying.

  38. Sunday Dec. 13, Sea@Hou, Pete Morelli’s Crew.

    • Considering what’s been going on, I would double-check that Joe. According to the chart I do using all the parameters the NFL uses, I think Morelli is going to have Sunday Night if neither Carey is working a prime-time game.

  39. Provided all the above assignments are correct, with the exception of Mike Carey, and having Morelli in houston and Winter in Cleveland, this is what we are left with:

    note: I only am posting the cities they can be in, not the matchup, and I am counting refs for MNF even if they have worked it before

    Leavy: Indy or Oakland
    Riveron: KC or Atlanta
    MCarey: Atlanta, Chicago or Baltimore
    Corrente: Atlanta, KC, NE, Oakland or SF
    McAulay: Indy, KC, NE, Oakland or SF
    Hochuli: KC, NE or Dallas, or is off (someone above said he is not off though)
    Boger: Atlanta, Chicago, Indy, Jax, SF, Baltimore or OFF
    Parry: Atlanta, Chicago, NE, Oakland or Dallas
    Coleman: Indy, Jax, KC, NE or Oakland, or OFF (chances are that he won’t go to Oakland for a certain reason)
    Anderson: Indy, Oakland or SF
    Steratore: Chicago, Indy, KC, Dallas, or SF

    • 9er fan –
      My list differs. And I’m not counting Morelli in Houston just yet.

      Anderson – Houston, Indy, Oakland, SF
      Boger – Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Indy, J’Ville, SF, Bye
      D. Carey – Baltimore, Chicago
      M. Carey – Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago
      Coleman – J’ville, K.C., N.E., Oakland, Bye
      Corrente – Atlanta, Houston, K.C., Oakland
      Hochuli – K.C., N.E., Dallas, Bye
      Leavy – Houston, Indy, Oakland
      Morelli – Has to work Sunday Night if neither Carey has the game.
      Parry – Atlanta, Chicago, N.E., Oakland, Dallas
      Riveron – Atlanta, K.C.
      Steratore – Chicago, Indy, Dallas, S.F. (in all liklihood according to all the info I have.)

      Plus, as I said before I think it is NOW a SEVEN WEEK RULE.

      • Why do you say Morelli has to have SNF?
        He worked the Indy-AZ game in week 3

        • Here’s why…

          Anderson – Worked in N.Y.G. Week 9
          Boger – Worked Philly Week 10
          D. Carey – Said by others not working prime-time game this week.
          M. Carey – See D. Carey
          Cheffers – Assigned to NYJ-TB
          Coleman – Worked Philly Week 9
          Corrente – Worked Philly Week 11
          Green – Assigned CIN-MIN
          Hochuli – Worked Philly Week 12
          Leavy – Worked at N.Y.G. Week 12
          McAulay – Worked at N.Y.G. Week 1
          Parry – Worked at N.Y.G. Week 5
          Riveron – Worked at N.Y.G. Week 7
          Steratore – Worked Philly Week 12
          Triplette – Assigned STL-TEN
          Winter – Assigned PIT-CLE

          So, by process of elimination Morelli should have SNF, UNLESS a Carey has that game in which that was rebuffed.

  40. I agree with John that Morelli is very likely in New york. Don Carey is the only ref who has not done SNF eligible to do this game and according to an insider he will not be in New York this week. John’s list sums it up perfectly. I also feel like Boger will be in San Fran on Monday because M.Carey was the only person not to do MNF eligible for this game. Steratore and Boger are the only 2 that fit the criteria but i think Bogers the guy because Steratore was supposed to do SNF last week had it not been flexed and based on my understanding you can not do SNF and then MNF in back to back weeks. Also, Boger doing 2 games seems to balance out for his lack of SNF assignments.

  41. My guesses based on this:

    Phi@Nyg-Pete Morelli
    Arz@SF- Jerome Boger
    SD@Dal-Gene Steratore
    Den@Ind-Walt Anderson
    No@Atl-Mike Carey
    Sea@Hou-Tony Corrente
    Was@Oak-Bill Leavy
    GB@Chi-John Parry
    Car@NE-Walt Coleman
    Det@Bal-Don Carey

    • Not bad, Russ

      I’ll go with
      NO @ ATL – Mike Carey (Agree)
      DET @ BAL – Don Carey (Agree)
      GB @ CHI – Terry McAulay
      SEA @ HOU – Tony Corrente (Agree)
      DEN @ IND – Bill Leavy
      MIA @ JAX – Jerome Boger
      BUF @ KC – Alberto Riveron (which would be Riveron’s first KC game as a WH.)
      CAR @ NE – Ed Hochuli
      WSH @ OAK – Walt Anderson
      SD @ DAL – John Parry
      PHI @ NYG – Pete Morelli
      AZ @ SF – Gene Steratore

  42. Just wait a week for Morelli SNF.

  43. I’ve just updated Winter and Morelli and removed Don and Mike Carey as there seems to be confusion as to where they are this week.

    If I can ask all of you a favor, if you find out where a referee is, please post it on the comments on this link:

    This way I can find it and post it quickly and we can leave the discussions of assignments under the weekly board.
    Thanks for the help!!

  44. I do not think it was mentioned that Winter did the Chi-SF thursday game. I don’t know if that would eliminate him from doing another thurs nite game. I have to check the prior years to see if that has happened before.

  45. I guess now it’s still a 5 week rule and not 7 and Coleman has the Sunday Night Game.

    If not, THEN WHO????

    End the agony please.

  46. I have a feeling it is not Coleman as he did an Eagles national TV game already. I have a feeling it will be Parry or McAulay heading to NY for the second time. I know you are not supposed to go to the same venue twice but I feel this is more likely then 5 weeks in between. My overall guess is Parry.

  47. Hoculi or Boger have to be off…
    The other refs with one bye are already assigned other than one of these 2

  48. Since Boger has AZ-SF, Hochuli has to be off.
    Also, for the most part, refs do not go back to a city twice in the same year, that means Leavy and Anderson had Den-Indy and Wash-Oak, just not sure who is where…

  49. One of the Carey brother is in Baltimore.
    D. Carey or Coleman in Jax
    Riveron in KC or Atlanta

  50. Riveron in KC,

  51. Anderson in OAK
    Corrente in ATL
    D Carey in BAL
    M Carey in CHI
    Coleman in JAX
    McAulay in NE
    Leavy in IND
    Riveron in KC

    Thats the rest for this week…

  52. List complete, thanks big man

  53. Okay, so with D. Carey in Baltimore, that leaves Morelli and Leavy that haven’t worked Ravens this year.
    After Sunday, here’s the Ravens’ schedule:
    – Home with CHI
    – at PIT
    – at OAK.
    You guys that have the formulas down pat, any chance that Morelli and/or Leavy get these games?
    Joey P

  54. Joe , Leavy is eligible for all three games as he has not worked Chicago, Pittsburgh or Oaklandyet this year.

    Morelli cannot work your home game with the Bears next week he was in Chicago last week when they hosted the Rams. He was in Oakland Week 6 when they beat the Eagles so your best bet for MOrelli would be the Steelers game since he has noot worked them yet. He is elgible to work in Oakland since enough time has past.

  55. First I’d like to say you guys do a great job gathering this information. I have a question though. Looking at Tony Corrente’s crew, it still shows Don Carey as his back judge. Since Don has his own crew who is his back judge now?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  56. Rich Kalahiki says

    Hey guys,
    Do u guys have 2007 ref schedule stored or know of a website that has a record of it?

    • Rich,

      I have Ed Hochuli’s entire Schedule for 2007 on paper, but did not start recording everyone’s Schedule till 2008. So 2008 & 2009 I have every week written down. There is a spreadsheet available for 2008 & 2009.


  57. Rich Kalahiki says

    If so I would like to know, u can email if possible

  58. Does anyone know why Steratore LJ Seeman is in Cleveland tonight?

  59. Carolina at New England – Terry McAulay
    I know sometimes we have to play 2 teams…the opposing and the stripes. I’m womdering is Terry’s team fair or do I need to take them my spare glasses. Some of those refs need them more than I that is for sure!

    • I would say Terry is definetaly one of the best in the business. He has been rumored as the possible succesor to Mike Pereira and did the Super Bowl last year. He has great prescensce on the field as well as good mic work and solid flow of the game.

      • Definately agree Russ – and that’s great news to hear (read?) that he make take over for Pereira.

        McAulay’s games are always great to watch…I really like Cheffers too, he’s still pretty new, but he reminds me of McAulal almost.

  60. Saw Mike Carey at the Bulls/Warriors game last night. Wasn’t sure if it was him until I saw your website and confirmed he’s doing the Bears game. Still wish I would have gotten a picture with him. One of my favorite refs!

  61. I believe today Riveron worked his first K.C. game as a WH.

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