Preseason Week 2

Jacksonville at Chicago – Carl Cheffers

Detroit at Oakland – Bill Vinovich
Philadelphia at New England – John Parry
Tennessee at New Orleans – Ron Tolbert
San Diego at Seattle – Pete Morelli

Atlanta at Houston
Green Bay at St. Louis – Ron Hussey
NY Jets at Cincinnati – Ed Hochuli
Baltimore at Dallas – Barry Anderson
NY Giants at Indianapolis – Scott Helverson
Buffalo at Pittsburgh – Gene Steratore
Miami at Tampa Bay – Brad Allen
Arizona at Minnesota – Craig Wrolstad

Denver at San Francisco – Walt Coleman
Kansas City at Carolina – Jerome Boger

Cleveland at Washington – Terry McAulay

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  1. Jerome Boger in Carolina for Panthers/Chiefs

  2. According to the flip card on the titans site, Ron Tolbert has Titans/ Saints.

  3. Lo-ro's Mum says

    According to ‘Lo-ro’, Steratore / Hochuli / Blakeman / Leavy / Morelli / McAulay / Anderson / Coleman / Corrente etc etc has the NE game.

  4. Joe Platania says

    According to Football Zebras, three officials are auditioning with the white hat this weekend, and one of them, Barry Anderson — a side judge and field judge in the league since 2007, will be in charge of the BAL-DAL game. He’ll be working with Leavy’s crew…

  5. John Parry worked PHI-NE joint practices, so he will most be likely at Gillette for Eagles-Patriots on Friday.

  6. Carl Cheffers will be in Chicago Thursday night.

  7. Thursday, Aug. 14

    Jaguars at Bears, 8 p.m. ESPN — Carl Cheffers
    Friday, Aug. 15

    Eagles at Patriots, 7:30 p.m. NFLN — John Parry
    Titans at Saints, 8 p.m. — Ron Torbert
    Chargers at Seahawks, 10 p.m. NFLN (joined in progress) — Pete Morelli
    Lions at Raiders, 10 p.m. — Bill Vinovich
    Saturday, Aug. 16

    Packers at Rams, 4 p.m. NFLN — John Hussey (with Walt Anderson’s crew)
    Giants at Colts, 7 p.m. — Scott Helverson (with Tony Corrente’s crew)
    Jets at Bengals, 7 p.m. — Ed Hochuli
    Ravens at Cowboys, 7 p.m. NFLN — Barry Anderson (with Bill Leavy’s crew)
    Bills at Steelers, 7:30 p.m. — Gene Steratore
    Dolphins at Buccaneers, 7:30 p.m. — Brad Allen
    Falcons at Texans, 8 p.m. — Jeff Triplette
    Cardinals at Vikings, 8:30 p.m. — Craig Wrolstad
    Sunday, Aug. 17

    Broncos at 49ers, 4 p.m. — Walt Coleman
    Chiefs at Panthers, 8 p.m. FOX — Jerome Boger
    Monday, Aug. 18

    Browns at Washington, 8 p.m. ESPN — Terry McAulay

    Taken from Football Zebras

  8. How about this. Walt Coleman called the last 49ers candlestick home game and he gets the first 49ers levi’s stadium home game

  9. Active NFL Referee list has Mike Carey… hasn’t he retired and joined CBS?

  10. Who is Ron Hussey

  11. Sorry John Hussey

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