Week 9

New Orleans at Carolina – Clete Blakeman

Jacksonville at Cincinnati – Ronald Torbert
Tampa Bay at Cleveland – Terry McAulay
Arizona at Dallas – Craig Wrolstad
NY Jets at Kansas City – Tony Corrente
San Diego at Miami – Brad Allen
Washington at Minnesota – Gene Steratore
Philadelphia at Houston – John Parry
St. Louis at San Francisco – Jerome Boger
Denver at New England – Walt Anderson
Oakland at Seattle – Ed Hochuli
Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Bill Vinovich

Indianapolis at NY Giants – Carl Cheffers



  1. Lorenzo Antonio says

    DEN@NE Gene Steratore

  2. We are going to put a quick stop to this Lorenzo dude and his New England fetish. Walt Anderson has that game, Denver vs. New England. Confirmed.

  3. David Herrera says

    Heading into Week 9, Walt Anderson and Jerome Boger are the only active referees who have yet to have at least one bye, and a total of four referees will be off this week. However, Mark not only indicates that Anderson will be officiating the Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady duel in Foxborough, but also that Anderson’s first bye won’t occur until Week 10. Therefore, at least three referees who have already had one bye will be off this week.

    The NO@CAR Thursday night game has been narrowed down to the following referees: Blakeman, Steratore, Vinovich and possibly Parry. I’m not sure if Parry would be eligible for this game, as he officiated the GB@SEA Week 1 kickoff. If that counts as TNF instead of SNF, one referee will get two Thursday games this season (including Thanksgiving), which would indeed make Parry eligible. Morelli would also be eligible for NO@CAR, however, it’s doubtful that he would get assigned this game, fresh off officiating the DET@ATL International series game in London.

    The BAL@PIT Sunday night game has been narrowed down to Allen, Leavy, Triplette, Vinovich & Wrolstad. We can expect Joe Platania to give us a heads-up by this Monday (October 28).

    The IND@NYG Monday night game has been narrowed down to Allen, Cheffers, Leavy & Morelli.

  4. Opposite of Lorenzo says

    Cheffers has Monday Night Football – CONFIRMED

  5. Who is eligible for Jets-Chiefs?

  6. Joe Platania says

    I always have the most accurate info on Baltimore Raven refs. Jim Tunney is coming out of retirement to work this game as a one-time thing. I can hardly wait.

  7. Lorenzo Antonio says

    DEN@NE Walt Anderson

  8. Joe Platania says

    BAL@PIT Scott Green

  9. Joe Platania says

    Wow! TWO fake posts with my name on ’em… ahem, well, anyway, we can confirm BILL VINOVICH for the Ravens-Steelers SNF game. Vinovich is no stranger to AFC North games; he had CLE-BAL in Week 2 last year… that’s it for me this week, so enjoy all those slimy fakers…

  10. Yes agree! We all know this is not Becky. She does not post here any more! Only a punk guy uses a girls name.

  11. Gerardo Perez says

    According to SportingBecky’s Twitter account, ED HOCHULI is heading to Seattle to do the Raiders @ Seahawks game. THIS IS CONFIRMED.

  12. Mickey needs to expose this Lorenzo dude with his IP adress. I will guarantee that he is most likely a bookie trying his best to stir things here!

  13. To football who has tnf

  14. Who is eligible for Phi/HOU. And I feel sorry for whoever gets Anderson. He made a mockery of the very important Eagles/Cardinals game with all the penalties. I felt like I was watching the 2nd half of an early pre season game.

    • David Herrera says

      The following referees are eligible for PHI@HOU: Allen, Corrente, McAulay, Parry, Steratore, Triplette & Wrolstad.

      NYJ@KC has been narrowed down to Blakeman, Corrente, McAulay, Morelli & Wrolstad.

      ESPN Dallas normally posts referee assignments on their Tuesday morning blogs, but have yet to do so for Week 9 (AS OF THIS POST). The eligible referees for ARI@DAL are Allen, Coleman, Parry, Torbert, Triplette & Wrolstad.

  15. Gerardo Perez says

    According to ESPN Dallas, CRAIG WROLSTAD will be the referee for the Cardinals @ Cowboys game this week.
    Here’s the link:

  16. we should get the referee assignment for the thursdays nights game being that its the first game of the week it should be the number 1 priority please

  17. Gerardo Perez says

    According to Footballzebras Twitter, BRAD ALLEN has the Chargers @ Dolphins game this week. It is confirmed because there is a tweet stating Brad Allen’s assignment this week.

  18. Michael Rodriquez says

    I used to come to this website all the time for referee updates. I enjoy knowing which stripes are working which games. Unfortunately, this site has become overrun with trolls. Who ever created this site seems to either not care that there are so many trolls, or don’t want to get involved. This fighting within the comment section is unbelievably childish. I am disappointed, but forced to find another website.

  19. David Herrera says

    Per the Chiefs’ flipcard, TONY CORRENTE will officiate NYJ@KC…

  20. David Herrera says

    As of this post, Jeff Triplette and Ron Torbert are each eligible for only two games:
    Triplette is only eligible for TB@CLE and PHI@HOU;
    Torbert is only eligible for JAX@CIN and STL@SF.

  21. I am glad someone found Lorenzo Antonio’s Facebook. Since he is such a fan of spamming this site, I am sure he won’t mind when I submit his Facebook page to be spammed, along with his top friends. Enjoy buddy!

  22. ANY INFO YET on tonights game?

  23. SportingBecky says

    The men on this site are really intimidated by women who know more about football than they do. Must be repressed homosexuality.

  24. I guess they finally started cleaning up the site a but. All the bogus lorenzo posts are gone and my post with lorenzo’s fb page is gone too.

  25. Thursday, Oct. 30
    •Saints at Panthers NFLN — Clete Blakeman

    Sunday, Nov. 2
    •Buccaneers at Browns — Terry McAulay
    •Cardinals at Cowboys — Craig Wrolstad
    •Eagles at Texans — John Parry
    •Jets at Chiefs — Tony Corrente
    •Jaguars at Bengals — Ronald Torbert
    •Chargers at Dolphins — Brad Allen
    •Washington at Vikings — Gene Steratore
    •Rams at 49ers — Jerome Boger
    •Broncos at Patriots — Walt Anderson
    •Raiders at Seahawks — Ed Hochuli
    •Ravens at Steelers NBC — Bill Vinovich

  26. David Herrera says

    Saints at Panthers NFLN — Clete Blakeman
    Buccaneers at Browns — Terry McAulay
    Cardinals at Cowboys — Craig Wrolstad
    Eagles at Texans — John Parry
    Jets at Chiefs — Tony Corrente
    Jaguars at Bengals — Ronald Torbert
    Chargers at Dolphins — Brad Allen
    Washington at Vikings — Gene Steratore
    Rams at 49ers — Jerome Boger
    Broncos at Patriots — Walt Anderson
    Raiders at Seahawks — Ed Hochuli
    Ravens at Steelers NBC — Bill Vinovich
    Colts at Giants ESPN — Carl Cheffers


    • David Herrera says

      DAMMIT! I didn’t see that GMELLACE had beaten me to this by 8 minutes.

      • Lol but you named the source…..anyways Blakeman called the for Balt/Cin last week…..Interestingly enough Cin opened as the fav only to have the final odds switch to Balt as the fav…..similar to this week… Carolina opened as the fav now the Saints are a 3 point fav……Last week Cin covered outright for a battle for first so if history repeats itself…..Carolina should prevail with Blakeman at the helm!!!

  27. Washington at Minnesota?

    Ron Blum or Larry Nemmers?

  28. wow……what a call and review by blakeman and crew on the fumble that gave the ball back to the Saints to take a 7- 0 lead……NFL must have been so embarrassed that they wouldn’t show the whole replay to conclusion………..Unbelievable how anyone could trust what product they put out anymore…..Honestly WWE/WWF puts on a better “show”

  29. Lorenzo Antonio says

    DEN@NE Sandra Bullock

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