Week 7

NY Jets at New England – Bill Leavy

New Orleans at Detroit – Terry McAulay
Atlanta at Baltimore – Carl Cheffers
Minnesota at Buffalo – Ed Hochuli
Miami at Chicago – Pete Morelli
Carolina at Green Bay – Jeff Triplette
Cincinnati at Indianapolis – Gene Steratore
Seattle at St. Louis – Brad Allen
Tennessee at Washington – Walt Anderson
Cleveland at Jacksonville – Tony Corrente
Kansas City at San Diego – Bill Vinovich
NY Giants at Dallas – Jerome Boger
Arizona at Oakland – Clete Blakeman
San Francisco at Denver – John Parry

Houston at Pittsburgh – Walt Coleman



  1. Scott Green for Houston @ Pittsburgh
    Jerome Boger for NY Giants @ Dallas

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NYJ@NE Carl Cheffers

  3. David Herrera says

    Hey Mark, since you have a mutual connection to Walt Anderson’s crew, I have a question: Do you think that he will get any Broncos’ home games this year (2014)? Assuming that he does NOT get assigned any of the following Week 6 games — DEN@NYJ, SD@OAK, NYG@PHI (tentative SNF) or SF@STL, he would be eligible for both the SF@DEN SNF in Week 6 and the SD@DEN TNF in Week 7. Anderson has not officiated a game in Denver since 2010 (Week 2 SEA@DEN), and he has not officiated ANY Broncos’ games (home or away) since 2011 (DEN@BUF Week 16).

    • David Herrera says

      OOPS…minor correction – Anderson would NOT be eligible for DEN@NYJ in Week 6, having officiated NYJ@GB in Week 2.

      • Week 6 he is in Atlanta. Week 7 he has Titans vs Redskins…and that is as far out as I know at this point. No Denver games on his schedule as of right now. Honestly I don’t keep track of how long it has been since he did a particular team, or was in a particular NFL city. I have no inside information that factors into that, so I am not even gonna speculate how or why he hasn’t done a Broncos game, whether it is in Denver or another city. I just get the assignment from the crew member that I know, then I post it here.

  4. Opposite of Lorenzo says

    ATL @ BAL – #51 – confirmed

  5. Titans vs Redskins = Walt Anderson

  6. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NYJ@NE Bill Leavy

  7. Walt Coleman has MNF HOU @ PIT –Confirmed

  8. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NYJ@NE Bill Leavy to be the head official

  9. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NYJ@NE Walt Coleman


  11. David Herrera says

    Based on the “five-week rule,” the “one-stadium rule” and previous SNF assignments, SF@DEN has been narrowed down to four eligible referees: McAulay, Morelli, Parry & Triplette.

    With Anderson confirmed for TEN@WSH, Cheffers confirmed for ATL@BAL and Coleman confirmed for HOU@PIT (MNF), the following four referees have yet to have at least one bye week: Boger, Torbert, Vinovich & Wrolstad. Two of them will be off this week.

  12. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NYJ@ NE is between Bill Leavy or Jeff Triplette

  13. Lorenzo Antonio says

    But I think its for sure Bill Leavy is in New England week 7


    Walt Coleman confirmed for WSH-TEN

  15. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Is it for sure that Bill Leavy will be in New England for the Thursday Night Game

  16. DAVID HERRERA says

    Steratore confirmed for Dolphins at Bears.

  17. Ghost of Jerry Seeman says

    I remember one time Fred Wyant was pissed off that he had a playoff game on Christmas Eve. Turned out to be the great Chargers/Dolphins game in ’81. Fred’s one of those religious freaks- didn’t want to do the game so close to Christmas. Called him up that week and offered him $1,000 to do it- said he changed his mind- he was doing the game. He wanted the playoff payday- $7,500. Freddie’s not dumb. Jesus doesn’t pay the bills.

  18. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NYJ@NE Jeff Triplette or Bill Vinovich

  19. Drew Thurman says

    Who’s in St. Louis?

  20. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Who is doing the TNF game?

  21. Joe Platania says

    Opposite of Lorenzo had it first, Carl Cheffers will be in Baltimore for the ATL-BAL game. Cheffers hasn’t been here since 2012, but he did do two Ravens road games last year…

  22. DAVID HERRERA says

    Ron Winter is OFF this week.

  23. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NYJ@NE Jeff Triplette

  24. The Wrolstad, Boger, Vinovich, and Torbert crews are the only ones that haven’t had a week off yet. Two will have their off week this weekend.

  25. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Triplette has the TNF Game

  26. Joe Platania says

    Last season, Ed came to Baltimore and spent the weekend with Mike Ock. Mike Ock had no complaints.

  27. David Herrera says
  28. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Who’s working the TNF Game?

  29. David Herrera says

    Per the Patriots’ flipcard, BILL LEAVY will officiate the NYJ@NE Thursday Night game (, with umpire Carl Paganelli (from Ron Torbert’s crew) and head linesman Wayne Mackie (from Gene Steratore’s crew). Looks like Torbert will be off this week, however, Steratore just had a bye. If either Vinovich or Wrolstad is off this week, looks like the head linesman from one of the latter two’s crews could fill in on Steratore’s crew.

    • Lorenzo Antonio says

      Why isn’t Leavys Umpire Chad Brown not working this game?

    • With Ed Camp also out with an illness that required his hospitalization the NFL did not want 2 rotating officials on one crew and Gene Steratore is one of two officials who do not have a rookie on his crew (Pete Morelli is the other) so until Brown or Camp returns expect to see Mackie with Bill Leavy’s crew

  30. David Herrera says

    The Gun Show is headed to Orchard Park…

  31. Drew Thurman says

    Since Torbert is off, who’s reffing Seahawks Rams?

  32. Drew Thurman says

    Triplette will be in Denver this week

  33. brad allen rams seahawks refree?

  34. Brian Kroetzsch says

    Steratore INDY confirmed

  35. Herrera Antonio says

    So far we know:

    New York Jets @ New England Patriots – Bill Leavy
    Tennessee Titans @ Washington Redskins – Walt Anderson
    Cleveland Browns @ Jacksonville Jaguars –
    Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts –
    Miami Dolphins @ Chicago Bears –
    Atlanta Falcons @ Baltimore Ravens –
    Seattle Seahawks @ St Louis Rams –
    Minnesota Vikings @ Buffalo Bills – Ed Hochuli
    New Orleans Saints @ Detroit Lions –
    Carolina Panthers @ Green Bay Packers –
    Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers –
    Arizona Cardinals @ Oakland Raiders –
    New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys – Jerome Boger
    San Fransisco 49ers @ Denver Broncos –
    Houston Texans @ Pittsburgh Steelers –

  36. Gerardo Perez says


  37. Andy Kellow says

    This is from Bears insider Adam Hoge of WGN: Pete Morelli has Dolphins at Bears.

    Hope the link works.

  38. David Herrera says

    Well I just couldn’t stay away for too long. With Principal Morelli confirmed for MIA@CHI, that leaves Blakeman, McAulay & Triplette as the only referees eligible for CAR@GB; the latter two, along with McAulay, are the only three referees eligible for SF@DEN.

    KC@SD has been narrowed down to Allen, McAulay, Vinovich & Wrolstad.

  39. Drew Thurman says

    McAulay will be in St. Louis this week

  40. Drew Thurman says

    Triplette will have the SNF game

  41. THU, OCT 16
    NY Jets at New England Bill Leavy

    SUN, OCT 19
    Atlanta at Baltimore Carl Cheffers
    Minnesota at Buffalo Ed Hochuli
    Cleveland at Jacksonville Brad Allen
    New Orleans at Detroit Tony Corrente
    Miami at Chicago Pete Morelli
    Kansas City at San Diego Bill Vinovich
    NY Giants at Dallas Jerome Boger
    Cincinnati at Indianapolis Gene Steratore
    Tennessee at Washington Walt Anderson
    Carolina at Green Bay John Parry
    Seattle at St. Louis Terry McAulay
    Arizona at Oakland Clete Blakeman
    San Francisco at Denver Jeff Triplette

    MON, OCT 20
    Houston at Pittsburgh Walt Coleman

    OFF Ron Torbert
    Craig Wrolstad

  42. David Herrera says

    With McAulay headed to Detroit, Morelli to Chicago and Triplette to Green Bay, it looks like JOHN PARRY is about to get an “altitude adjustment” on SNF.

  43. Drew Thurman says

    McAulay is in St. Louis

  44. John Parry is the referee for Sunday night in Denver!

  45. Makes sense. The douche is a pats fan.

  46. They were predictions. According to football zebras, I missed a few, although those referees were eligible for those games.

    Per FBZ:

    Sunday, Oct. 19
    Falcons at Ravens — Carl Cheffers
    Titans at Washington — Walt Anderson
    Seahawks at Rams — Brad Allen
    Browns at Jaguars — Tony Corrente
    Bengals at Colts — Gene Steratore
    Vikings at Bills — Ed Hochuli
    Dolphins at Bears — Pete Morelli
    Saints at Lions– Terry McAulay
    Panthers at Packers — Jeff Triplette
    Chiefs at Chargers — Bill Vinovich
    Cardinals at Raiders — Clete Blakeman
    Giants at Cowboys — Jerome Boger
    49ers at Broncos NBC — John Parry
    Monday, Oct. 20
    Texans at Steelers ESPN — Wall Coleman

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