Week 10

Cleveland at Cincinnati – Jeff Triplette

Miami at Detroit – Bill Leavy
Atlanta at Tampa Bay – Clete Blakeman
Kansas City at Buffalo – Brad Allen
San Francisco at New Orleans – Bill Vinovich
Pittsburgh at NY Jets – Terry McAulay
Dallas at Jacksonville – John Parry
Tennessee at Baltimore – Walt Coleman
Denver at Oakland – Carl Cheffers
St. Louis at Arizona – Ronald Torbert
NY Giants at Seattle – Pete Morelli
Chicago at Green Bay – Craig Wrolstad

Carolina at Philadelphia – Gene Steratore



  1. Bill Vinovich for Cleveland @ Cincinnati
    Gene Steratore for Chicago @ Green Bay
    Jerome Boger for Miami @ Detroit

  2. David Herrera says

    Here’s an astonishing fact: In his now 14th season as a crew chief, BILL LEAVY has officiated at Philadelphia (Veterans Stadium/Lincoln Financial Field) ONLY TWICE — 2002 and 2006. He has not officiated any Eagles’ games (home or away) since the PHI@DAL game in Week 16 of the 2011 season. It remains to be seen if he gets assigned the CAR@PHI MNF game. He won’t get assigned the NO@CAR TNF game in Week 9, as he already officiated TNF in Week 7. He is ineligible for the Eagles’ next home game — TEN@PHI in Week 12 (having officiated HOU@TEN in Week 8).

  3. Anderson is OFF week 10, not week 11. My mistake. I apologize. This is confirmed.

  4. Opposite of Lorenzo says


  5. Joe Platania says

    TEN@BAL Butch Hannah

  6. David Herrera says


    Assuming that Boger gets his first bye this week, CLE@CIN (Thursday night) has been narrowed down to Coleman, Parry & Triplette.

    CHI@GB (Sunday night) has been narrowed down to Coleman, Leavy & Wrolstad. McAulay would also be eligible, but I doubt that he would be assigned both Bears-Packers games this season, as he officiated GB@CHI in Week 4.

    CAR@PHI (Monday night) has been narrowed down to Allen, Hochuli, Leavy, Morelli, Steratore & Torbert.

    • I don’t know if anything has changed, but last year the Thursday night Kickoff opener as well as Thanksgiving were considered part of the Thursday requirements for officials. And since I have no reason to doubt Joe Platania on Coleman working the Ravens, it looks like Triplette will be in Cincinnati (Parry officiated the Kickoff game in Seattle).

  7. Doubt it will be Guns. Eagles had him in week 4 and he’s still thawing out from the snow game here last year vs Lions.

  8. Joe Platania says

    OK, as is the new norm, this is my ONLY post of the week, thanks to the trolls… we can confirm at this early juncture (thank you, source), that it’s WALT COLEMAN for TEN-BAL. He did two Ravens games last year, the Week 1 prime-time blowout loss at DEN and the home win over CIN…

  9. For a week 10 game to figure out who is eligible, how far back would you count for the 5-week rule? Do you count week 5? Or start at week 6? Serious answers only.

    • David Herrera says

      Here are a few examples of the five-week rule:

      Craig Wrolstad officiated TB@ATL in Week 3 and MIN@TB in Week 8. Bye weeks ARE INCLUDED, as the Buccaneers had their bye in Week 7.

      Ron Torbert officiated NYJ@SD in Week 5. He would indeed be eligible for PIT@NYJ. He officiated PIT@CAR in Week 3, but would be eligible for one more Steelers’ game (home or away).

      Clete Blakeman officiated NYG@DET in Week 1 and NYG@PHI in Week 6. He would **NOT** be eligible for any Giants’ games (home or away) for the remainder of the regular season, unless filling in on another crew.

      On the other hand, Brad Allen officiated DEN@NYJ in Week 5, but would **NOT** be eligible for PIT@NYJ, having already officiated a Jets’ home game. He would, however, be eligible for a Giants’ home game (at MetLife Stadium).

      • Actually I was just curious who was eligible for GB/CHI but you already explained that…but thanks for the clarification anyway. Sorry about that.

      • David
        I am glad to see you have taken up the torch of this site in keeping us informed about who is eligible. As a long time poster at another site and lurker at this one. I do want to point out about the Blakeman and Wrolstad example above the games are six week apart.

        Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 = 6 weeks
        Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6= 6 weeks

        The games are six weeks apart but five weeks between the games. Usually when we calculate the difference between two dates we include the end date. Thus saying the officials can officiate the same teams six weeks apart or greater is actually correct.

        But hey if you want to say a difference of 5 weeks that’s OK (if we subtract the week it is a difference of five weeks).

        Just a note -collegeprof

  10. SportingBecky says

    Good…. glad everyone has to register. Now we will find out who has been posting under my name. Glad the site is being cleaned up! This is why I have not been on this site, because there are some crude people posting on here. 1st of all I do not use the words/curse words that that other poster has used under my name. Now I hope people will just post accurate info.

  11. I do wish Mike Carey came out of retirement. He’s OK on the NFL on CBS but he was so much better on the field than a lot of the referees this season.

    • Agree 100%. The “good” refs don’t last too long. Al Riveron was another ref I liked watching. He was promoted to an off the field role. But Bill Leavy is still wearing a white hat.

      • Initially I did not like Riveron but watching him more I realized it was because he had a weak crew. When he actually had good officials around him you could see what he was capable of. I also did like that he was one of the clearest when explaining replay reviews without being verbose like Ed Hochuli. He would make a better spokesman than Blandino because he has a better media presence

  12. OK, I am SO GLAD the site is taking steps to clean up… like I said above, WALT COLEMAN for TEN-BAL… and Becky, I’m glad you’re back too. That wasn’t me that called you a troll…

  13. statenislandfire says


  14. steelers78492 says
    • David Herrera says

      With that confirmation, it looks like JEFF TRIPLETTE will indeed be officiating the CLE@CIN game on Thursday night. Jerome Boger would be the only other eligible referee, however, he has yet to have his first bye, and he could use it after those two controversial calls in the STL@SF game last weekend.

  15. eddiethejet says

    Just signed up for an account. This is eddie

  16. David Herrera says

    Per Sporting Becky, The Gun Show is on a one-week vacation leave.

  17. David Herrera says

    If Boger get his first bye this week:

    * Triplette will get the CLE@CIN Thursday night game;
    * PIT@NYJ will be narrowed down to Blakeman, McAulay & Torbert;
    * MIA@DET will be narrowed down to Corrente, Leavy, Steratore & Torbert.

  18. Thursday, Nov. 6
    Browns at Bengals NFLN — Jeff Triplette
    Sunday, Nov. 9
    Chiefs at Bills — Brad Allen
    Dolphins at Lions — Bill Leavy
    Cowboys vs. Jaguars (London) — John Parry
    49ers at Saints — Bill Vinovich
    Titans at Ravens — Walt Coleman
    Steelers at Jets — Terry McAulay
    Falcons at Buccaneers — Clete Blakeman
    Broncos at Raiders — Carl Cheffers
    Rams at Cardinals — Ronald Torbert
    Giants at Seahawks — Pete Morelli
    Bears at Packers NBC — Craig Wrolstad
    Monday, Nov 10
    Panthers at Eagles ESPN — Gene Steratore

    From Ben on Football Zebras

  19. JoeTheMailman says

    Thank God! The site can run somewhat normal again. Amen!

  20. Glad to see the trolls are gone I can come back to get the assignments from legit sources. Let’s get back to having fun.

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