Week 13

Chicago at Detroit – Bill Vinovich
Philadelphia at Dallas – Clete Blakeman
Seattle at San Francisco – Tony Corrente

Arizona at Atlanta – Terry McAulay
Cleveland at Buffalo – Jerome Boger
Washington at Indianapolis – John Parry
Oakland at St. Louis – Gene Steratore
Carolina at Minnesota – Brad Allen
New Orleans at Pittsburgh – Pete Morelli
Cincinnati at Tampa Bay – Bill Leavy
NY Giants at Jacksonville – Craig Wrolstad
San Diego at Baltimore – Walt Anderson
Tennessee at Houston – Jeff Triplette
New England at Green Bay – Ed Hochuli
Denver at Kansas City – Walt Coleman

Miami at NY Jets – Ronald Torbert



  1. Tony Corrente for Chicago @ Detroit
    Bill Vinovich for Tennessee @ Houston
    Mike Carey for Philadelphia @ Dallas

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@GB Carl Cheffers or Terry McAulay

  3. Mike Carey will not be in Dallas, but Walt Anderson will be. He has PHI @ DAL on Thanksgiving.

    • David Herrera says

      He might be the only referee not to be assigned an SNF game this season (excluding Week 17, which won’t be determined until one week before). DAL@PHI (Week 15) is the only tentatively-scheduled SNF game that he would have been eligible for. Well, not anymore.

    • Ok I am confused…Walt Anderson did the Eagles Cardinals game in Week 8….according to the 5 week rule…does that make him ineligible?

      • David Herrera says

        A referee can officiate a game involving the same team only once within a five-week span, unless filling in another crew. Example: Week 8–12 and 9–13 are considered the “five-week rule.”

  4. Hey David, who is eligible for niners-seahawks?

    • David Herrera says

      It is a STRONG possibility that TONY CORRENTE will be in Santa Clara for Thanksgiving. John Parry is the only other referee who is eligible for SEA@SF, however, I don’t think he will get assigned a second Thursday game until all other referees have officiated at least one Thursday game.

      • Thanks. If that is the case, both games i attend this year are officiated by tony corrente. I attend only 2 games a year. I went to Jets-Chiefs and im going to the niners-seahawks.

  5. David Herrera says

    Heading into Week 13, there are four referees who have yet to receive an MNF assignment: Anderson, Hochuli, Morelli & Torbert.

    Anderson has been assigned PHI@DAL on Thanksgiving, so scratch him off. Morelli has been assigned NYJ@BUF in Week 12, so scratch him off for MIA@NYJ. Therefore, MIA@NYJ will either be “The Gun Show” or Torbert making his MNF debut.

    If Torbert does not make his MNF debut for MIA@NYJ, then it will have to be ATL@GB in Week 14. He is **NOT** eligible for NO@CHI (Week 15) or DEN@CIN (Week 16), having already officiated @CHI (Week 11) and @CIN (Week 9).

    The Gun Show is still available for all remaining MNF games.

    Anderson will either get NO@CHI or DEN@CIN. He is **NOT** eligible for ATL@GB, having already officiated @GB (Week 2).

    Morelli is eligible for all remaining MNF games for the exception of NO@CHI, having already officiated @CHI in Week 7.

  6. I was not given a specific reason, but the crew member that I know from Anderson’s crew just notified me via email that he was reassigned to work the game in Baltimore. The wording of the announcement leads me to believe it is the whole crew, including Walt Anderson, too. But I am not 100% certain. It did not name any other Referee either. I’m working on getting that confirmed…and since it is a Ravens game, I’m sure Joe Platania will be able to provide some insight to this as well in the next week or so. I don’t know if Anderson is technically eligible to do a Chargers or Ravens game, but David (or someone else) can probably figure that out. Again, no reason was given to me about the change in assignment. So I have no idea why this happened.

  7. So with that news about Anderson….who is eligible to be in Dallas?

  8. According to SportingBecky via Twitter, Big Guns ED HOCHULI will be working NE-GB at chilly Lambeau.

  9. Who is eligible for Bears/Lions? Just curious.

  10. According to Titans press release, JEFF TRIPLETTE will be working TEN-HOU on Sunday afternoon.

  11. David Herrera says

    per ESPN Dallas, CLETE BLAKEMAN will be working PHI@DAL on Thanksgiving…

  12. Who is eligible for Cardinals/Falcons game?

  13. Craig from Baltimore says

    All I have to say is…Terry McAulay hasn’t done a Ravens game since 2010. That’s insane. I guess there’s still a chance for this year.

  14. statenislandfire says




  15. steelers78492 says

    brad allen has worked a bears home and away game this season

  16. David Herrera says

    We have some confirmations via FootballZebras’ Twitter:

    CHI@DET: Vinovich
    SEA@SF: Corrente
    CAR@MIN: Allen
    OAK@STL: Steratore
    ARI@ATL: McAulay
    WAS@IND: Parry
    DEN@KC (SNF): Coleman

  17. The only games that have not been confirmed are CIN-TB, NO-PIT, NYG-JAX, and CLE-BUF. Due to the fact that the five-week rule exempts him from working the Giants and the Bills, and that he worked in Tampa Bay in week one, PETE MORELLI is only eligible for NO-PIT, where he must be on Sunday. He has been off twice already.

  18. Here are the remaining games, and who is eligible.

    CIN-TB: Cheffers and Leavy.
    NYG-JAX: Wrolstad and Leavy.
    CLE-BUF: Wrolstad, Boger, Cheffers, and Leavy.

    Wrolstad and Leavy have both had two off weeks, so most likely, they will receive a game. Boger and Cheffers have each had one, so expect one of them to be off.

  19. Muttleman Nancy says

    Hello Friends!

    How I’ve missed you so!!! Thanks for all of your support during my gall bladder surgery. It’s been a long hard road back to recovery, but after losing 120 lbs. I feel great!!

    And with that, hot of the press from my league source, the moment everyone has been waiting for, here are this weeks assignments

    Gobble-Gobble Day:
    Bears at Lions: Bill “The Vinster” Vinovich
    Eagles at Cowboys: Clete “The Cletester” Blakeman
    Seahawks at 49ers: Tony “Tony the C” Corrente

    Sunday, Nov. 30th:
    Redskins at Colts: John “Johnny Boy” Parry
    Titans at Texans: Jeff “Oops I Tripped” Triplette
    Browns at Bills: Jerome “Boges” Boger
    Chargers at Ravens: Walt “Novocaine” Anderson
    Giants at Jaguars: Bill “Botox” Leavy
    Bengals at Bucs: Craig “Craigory” Wrolstad
    Raiders at Rams: Gene “The Genie” Steratore
    Saints at Steelers: Peter “Petey” Morelli
    Panthers at Vikings: Brad “Alleycat” Allen
    Cardinals at Falcons: Terry “TMac” McAulay
    Patriots at Packers: Ed “Biiiiiig Guns….The Gun Show Woot Woot” Hochuli
    Broncos at Chiefs: Walt “The Milkman” Coleman
    Monday, Dec. 1
    Dolphins at Jets: Ronald “The Bertster” Torbert

    I can’t wait to see these gentleman throw their flags! So exciting….the trajectory, the arm motion!!!

  20. We haven’t missed you or your inaccurate posts. Get off this page, you’re not funny. You’re just a pathetic nuisance.

  21. Muttleman Nancy says

    That is very hurtful Mark. Almost everyone on this board is kind and caring. Maybe you are the nuisance with your nasty words.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone (except Mark)!

  22. Agreed Mark. As I posted above, Wrolstad can’t be assigned to CIN-TB due to the fact that he has worked in Tampa Bay already this season. There is no need to post inaccuracies to throw us all off.

  23. Actually, here are the real assignments as posted by a REAL source, Ben from FootballZebras.

    Thursday, Nov. 27
    Bears at Lions CBS — Bill Vinovich
    Eagles at Cowboys FOX — Clete Blakeman
    Seahawks at 49ers NBC — Tony Corrente
    Sunday, Nov. 30
    Washington at Colts — John Parry
    Titans at Texans — Jeff Triplette
    Browns at Bills — Jerome Boger
    Chargers at Ravens — Walt Anderson
    Giants at Jaguars — Craig Wrolstad
    Bengals at Buccaneers — Bill Leavy
    Raiders at Rams — Gene Steratore
    Saints at Steelers — Pete Morelli
    Panthers at Vikings — Brad Allen
    Cardinals at Falcons — Terry McAualy
    Patriots at Packers — Ed Hochuli
    Broncos at Chiefs NBC — Walt Coleman
    Monday, Dec. 1
    Dolphins at Jets ESPN — Ronald Torbert

    Carl Cheffers is off.

  24. lorenzo the great says

    What? “Throw us off?!?!?” Some whacko named Nancy who makes up weird nicknames and mixes up 2 games throws you off? What happens? Do you start to walk into walls? Are you OCD or something? So weird….

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