Week 4

NY Giants at Washington – Carl Cheffers

Detroit at NY Jets – Walt Coleman
Atlanta at Minnesota – Ronald Torbert
Green Bay at Chicago – Terry McAulay
Tennessee at Indianapolis – Jerome Boger
Miami at Oakland – Bill Leavy
Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh – Walt Anderson
Carolina at Baltimore – Craig Wrolstad
Buffalo at Houston – Bill Vinovich
Jacksonville at San Diego – Clete Blakeman
Philadelphia at San Francisco – Ed Hochuli
New Orleans at Dallas – Gene Steratore

New England at Kansas City – John Parry



  1. Jerome Boger for Green Bay @ Chicago
    Bill Vinovich for Atlanta @ Minnesota

    • Michael Sprieser says

      Does anyone have knowledge as to who will be the referee for Green Bay at Chicago? It sure as hell better not be Clete Blakeman. He sucked last year for the game in Chicago.

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@KC Clete Blakeman

  3. Opposite of Lorenzo says

    Cheffers has Thursday Night Football

  4. TB/PIT is Walt Anderson

  5. Due to previous Monday night assignments, and the five week rule, the possible referees for Monday night between Kansas City and New England are:

  6. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@KC Scott Green

  7. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@KC Walt Coleman

  8. i use to come here and right away find the ref assignment. Now i get to a different page and it is really hard to find the ref assignments. Is there anyway i can have a link that brings me to the weeks assignments. Thanx Mike

  9. There were some terribly called games in week 3. I feel sorry for whoever gets Corrente’s crew. He made the WAS/PHI game a farce.

    • Ghost of Jerry Seeman says

      It was terrible to watch. Totally lost control of the game early on. I would never put up with that shit. One time I was doing Giants/Bears and Simms took at hit from Gary Fencik and didn’t like it and went after him. I pulled Simms aside after the play and told him I’d break a 2 x 4 over his ass if he pulled another stunt like that. That’s how we rolled back then. These officials are pussies.

  10. For the first time this year, the Ravens will have a first-time referee for one of their games. The newly-minted CRAIG WROLSTAD is wearing the white hat for the CAR-BAL game, per my usual Ravens source…

  11. I believe Titans Colts game is narrowed down to Triplette, Boger, Morelli , Blakeman, Leavy and Vinovich


    Titans/Colts is confirmed for Pete Morelli.

  13. According to ESPN Gene Steratore has SNF

  14. Micky,
    I sure wish you could do something to BLOCK the troll postings.

  15. David Herrera says

    Fresh off working Monday Night Football last night, JEROME BOGER will officiate TEN@IND this Sunday:
    (Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view the link.)


    TEN @ IND is Jerome Boger. My apologies. Pete Morelli’s BJ is working on Boger’s crew this week, as Morelli is off.

  17. I do miss Red Cashion. That being said – anyone have a hunch or tip on the Eagles/49ers game on Sunday. After Corrente ruined the game against the Redskins I’d even welcome the retired Ron Winter. At least you knew going in every third play would have a flag.

  18. Who is in LOndon?

  19. David Herrera says

    HOW is it that Bill Vinovich has been confirmed for ATL@MIN, when he just officiated ATL@CIN in Week 2?

  20. Cheffers has Giants-Skins TNF

  21. David Herrera says

    I think the Gun Show is headed to Santa Clara (PHI@SF).

  22. David Herrera says

    Per the Chiefs’ flipcard, John Parry to officiate NE@KC on MNF:

  23. Bill Vinovich has Bills @ Texans
    Per Texans flip card

  24. London ref for Raiders & fish?

  25. Anyone know Bears/Packers?

  26. Who has the luxury of going to London this time

  27. Leavy, allen, blakeman, hochuli, morelli, parry, and torbert left for eagles niners


    Terry McCauley is confirmed for London.


    Ed Hochuli is confirmed for PHI SF.

  30. Gerardo Perez says

    According to the Raiders flip card, BILL LEAVY will be the referee for the Dolphins @ Raiders game in London. Here’s the link:

  31. I believe Torbert will have Lions Jets game cause he has already done a Jags game. Narrowing it down.

  32. David Herrera says

    JAX@SD has been narrowed down to four eligible referees: Allen, Blakeman, Corrente & McAulay.

  33. Paul Duckworth says

    Yes Ed Hochuli is in San Fran this week doing 49ers eagles.

  34. David Herrera says

    There are six referees remaining for two games — ATL@MIN and GB@CHI:
    Allen, Corrente, McAulay, Morelli, Torbert & Triplette. Four of them will be off this week.

    All excluding Corrente are eligible for ATL@MIN;
    All excluding Allen are eligible for GB@CHI.

  35. Torbert should be off this week

  36. i went to the bears website clicked on game releases for the packer game this week and it doesnt have the referee for the game y is that? ans where can i get the referee for that game and they dont have this weeks flip card

  37. Opposite of Lorenzo says

    Thursday, Sept. 25

    Giants at Washington CBS NFLN — Carl Cheffers

    Sunday, Sept. 28

    Packers at Bears —
    Bills at Texans — Bill Vinovich
    Titans at Colts — Jerome Boger
    Falcons at Vikings —
    Panthers at Ravens — Craig Wrolstad
    Lions at Jets — Walt Coleman
    Buccaneers at Steelers — Walt Anderson
    Dolphins vs. Raiders (London) — Bill Leavy
    Jaguars at Chargers — Clete Blakeman
    Eagles at 49ers — Ed Hochuli
    Saints at Cowboys NBC — Gene Steratore

    Monday, Sept. 29

    Patriots at Chiefs ESPN — John Parry

  38. Confirmed.. Walt Coleman is at MetLife for lions vs jets

  39. Thursday, Sept. 25
    •Giants at Washington — Carl Cheffers

    Sunday, Sept. 28
    •Packers at Bears — Terry McAulay
    •Bills at Texans — Bill Vinovich
    •Titans at Colts — Jerome Boger
    •Falcons at Vikings — Ronald Torbert
    •Panthers at Ravens — Craig Wrolstad
    •Lions at Jets — Walt Coleman
    •Buccaneers at Steelers — Walt Anderson
    •Dolphins vs. Raiders (London) — Bill Leavy
    •Jaguars at Chargers — Clete Blakeman
    •Eagles at 49ers — Ed Hochuli
    •Saints at Cowboys NBC — Gene Steratore

    Monday, Sept. 29
    •Patriots at Chiefs — John Parry

    From Football Zebras

  40. The NFL is losing credibility with me and I have been a fan for 40 years. I know the Rams made some bad plays but the I firmly believe the bad calls

    Read More At: The Dex 68 yard TD | Page 2 | Rams ON DEMAND#post-411299

  41. Is the NFL fixed? Or, maybe that should read, “Can the NFL BE FIXED?’

    The officiating this year has been absolutely horrid, especially during Rams’ games. The Rams were lucky to pull out a single win because they are playing against the team on the field AND the officials. No wonder they have lost 2 of 3.

    If the NFL doesn’t clean up the officiating soon — maybe by hiring FULL-TIME officials? — How much money does the NFL need anyway? — then I will no longer live for NFL games.

    It started with Spygate and all of that cheating, progressed to an amazing number of ticky-tacky rules changes, and has reached the point of the officials very obviously favoring one of the teams in every single contest that I’ve seen during the past year. This is absurd. It is supposed to be a level playing field, but in the NFL it is anything but level.

    If officials were full-time employees — and if the head of officiating wasn’t seen chasing ‘hos’ in Jerry’s bus — maybe I could believe the NFL was presenting ‘games’ and not ‘entertainment.’ If officials were full-time employees, well, then there would be time each week to rehash each game and an opportunity to tell officials when they got it right and, more often than not, when they got it wrong.

    I mean, how many times did the Cowboys hold the Rams’ defensive line? JUST ABOUT EVERY TIME! And yet the Cowboys had 15 total penalty yards vs. the Rams’ 119 penalty yards.

    Yeah, right. And this is somehow considered to be ‘FAIR?’


      You said it all, K. Etling!

      The whole game was fixed against the Rams — Just like Super Bowl 36. Even the Umpire admitted he didn’t know why the last holding call was made against the Rams. Rams: 119 penalty yards, Dallas: 15 penalty yards. Complete B.S. This isn’t the only game Clete Blackman has gotten into hot water, he’s been involved in controversy in the past. He might as well be Ed Hochuli 2.0.

      Cowboys fans are sent me emails and IMs. EVEN THEY know they got the game handed to them last Sunday.


      • Maybe Mikey can open a forum for u guys to vent. Always remember there are vast amount of money that flows through the NFL. Refs do what they are supposed to do.

  42. Triplette is off this week

  43. McAulay’s crew is horrible today! Just saying…

  44. Ghost of Jerry Seeman says

    Why not let Ed Hochuli just have his mic on all game long. He’s talking more than Buck and Aikman. Nobody bought a ticket to see or hear YOU Ed. I swear no one loves his vowels like Big Ed.

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