Week 16

Tennessee at Jacksonville – Clete Blakeman

San Diego at San Francisco – Jeff Triplette
Philadelphia at Washington – Carl Cheffers

Detroit at Chicago – Gene Steratore
Atlanta at New Orleans – John Parry
Minnesota at Miami – Tony Corrente
New England at NY Jets – Brad Allen
Kansas City at Pittsburgh – Ronald Torbert
Green Bay at Tampa Bay – Terry McAulay
Cleveland at Carolina – Ed Hochuli
Baltimore at Houston – Walt Coleman
NY Giants at St. Louis – Pete Morelli
Indianapolis at Dallas – Bill Leavy
Buffalo at Oakland – Craig Wrolstad
Seattle at Arizona – Walt Anderson

Denver at Cincinnati – Bill Vinovich



  1. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@NYJ Pete Morelli

  2. Joe Platania says

    BAL@HOU Mark Clattenburg

  3. …not the real Joe Platania, because he only posts real info. It’s that douche Lorenzo, so just ignore that post.

  4. Definitely not the real joe. His posts are worded differently.

  5. Who has NE@NYJ

  6. FootballRef01 says

    Carl Cheffers is running for Congress. He’ll be making his 2nd trip to Washington DC this season. Philadelphia @ Washington – Cheffers – CONFIRMED

  7. A game was lost tonight because of very bad calls. They should be fined or fired.

  8. Eligible for NE@NYJ Jeff Triplette Clete Blakeman Bill Vinovich Brad Allen Craig Wrolstad

  9. So my Guess NE@NYJ will be between Triplette Blakeman and Steratore

  10. Fellow ref fans, I must commend you on spotting the fake Joey P, because the real one is here. The BAL-HOU game will be helmed by WALT COLEMAN, who had the Ravens’ home game with Tennessee in Wk 10, so there’s your six-week rule, right on the nose… by the way, I must also commend the fraud, for he knows of my affinity for English Premier League soccer. Mark Clattenburg is a referee in thta league. Plus, you all no doubt noticed the link under my name was not underlined, a sure sign of a fraud…

  11. Who has the AZ vs. Seattle game on Sunday Night Football?

  12. I will predict that Ed Hochuli will have the Monday Night game DEN @ CIN. He is the only ref other than Walt Anderson who has not done MNF, and Anderson is not eligible. Also, Hochuli has not done a Denver or Cincinnati game all season.

  13. Anderson — Seattle/Arizona

  14. Since Vinovich is in New England Week 15 The Eligible Referees for NE@NYJ are Jeff Triplette Clete Blakeman Gene Steratore John Parry and Walt Coleman

  15. The Eligible Referees For NE@NYJ are between Jeff Triplete Clete Blakeman and Gene Steratore

  16. David Herrera says

    The Gun Show will NOT be headed to Cincinnati for the DEN@CIN Monday night game, as speculated earlier. Instead, it will be CLE@CAR…

  17. NE@NYJ Comes down to Jeff Triplette Clete Blakeman and Gene Steratore

  18. As a Titans fan. I’m guessing this week for TEN @ JAX. Wrolstad, TMac, Steratore or Morelli. After narrowing it down.

  19. steelers78492 says
  20. TNF- TEN @ JAX – Clete Blakeman. Confirmed

  21. Now NE@NYJ comes down to Triplette and Steratore

  22. No1NFLRefFan says

    Here’s what we have confirmed so far:

    TEN @ JAX: Clete Blakeman
    PHI @ WSH: Carl Cheffers
    CLE @ CAR: Ed Hochuli
    BAL @ HOU: Walt Coleman
    IND @ DAL: Bill Leavy
    SEA @ AZ: Walt Anderson

    Jeff Triplette could most likely officiate NE @ NYJ, while Gene Steratore could most likely officiate DET @ CHI, and Ron Torbert could most likely officiate ATL @ NO.

  23. BRAD ALLEN will be working both his second Patriots game, and second Jets game, as he will travel to the Meadowlands this Sunday for NE-NYJ.

  24. David Herrera says

    Another confirmation: RON TORBERT headed to the Steel City…

  25. David Herrera says

    The referee for the DEN@CIN Monday night game will be someone who has already worked on MNF. However, the following referees can be **RULED OUT**, due to either the five-week rule or the “two-referee-per-team” rule: Corrente, Leavy, McAulay, Triplette, Wrolstad. Coupled with the aforementioned confirmations and the possibility that Boger might be off (due to one of his crew members filling in on Allen’s crew), DEN@CIN has been narrowed down to the following referees: Morelli, Parry, Steratore or Vinovich. Morelli would be considered a longshot, since he officiated ATL@GB a couple of weeks ago.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears, as of this post, that we do not yet have a definitive answer as to who will be in Chicago? Is that correct?

      I’ve always been a huge Bears fan, but don’t really flaunt that on here, somewhat due to the embarrassment of their dysfunction, my cover would be blown if my Anderson source got on here and saw my Bears posts, and I try not to be an annoyance by cluttering this feed and asking what the assignment is each week. I’m just excited to see what Jimmy Clausen can do, if anything. Lol sorry. Thanks guys. Besides Miyaishi, Lorenzo Antonio, and Loro Swag, and a few others…the rest of you (particularly Mickey, Ben, Joe, Cam, Becky, and David) all are great for keeping this up and running. Rant over. Thank you.

    • After narrowing it down I believe Parry will have MNF this week.

  26. Craig Wrolstad in Oakland for Bills-Raiders:

    • LJ Carl Johnson (Morelli crew) has been assigned to this game. Keep an eye out for a possibility that Morelli is off. It is probably either he or Boger who won’t be working this weekend.

  27. You can find JEFF TRIPLETTE in San Fran for SD-SF this Sunday.

  28. I’m going with the assumption that Boger is off this week. Of all the refs that have not been confirmed to a game, Vinovich is the only other referee who has only had one bye at this point. The rest have had two. So here are the possibilities for the remainder of the games, as of this post:

    SD @ SF: Parry, Vinovich, Morelli, or Triplette
    DET @ CHI: Parry, Steratore, McAulay, or Triplette
    ATL @ NO: Parry, Vinovich, Steratore, Triplette, or Corrente
    MIN @ MIA: Steratore, McAulay, Triplette, or Corrente
    GB @ TB: Parry, Vinovich, Steratore, McAulay, or Corrente
    NYG @ STL: Parry, McAulay, Morelli, or Corrente
    DEN @ CIN: Parry, Vinovich, Steratore, or Morelli

  29. No1NFLRefFan says

    OK, here’s an update on who will be officiating a particular NFL game this week:

    TEN @ JAX: Clete Blakeman
    PHI @ WSH: Carl Cheffers
    SD @ SF: Jeff Triplette
    DET @ CHI: possibly Gene Steratore
    ATL @ NO: possibly Tony Corrente
    MIN @ MIA: possibly Terry McAulay
    NE @ NYJ: Brad Allen
    KC @ PIT: Ron Torbert
    GB @ TB: possibly John Parry
    CLE @ CAR: Ed Hochuli
    BAL @ HOU: Walt Coleman
    NYG @ STL: possibly Pete Morelli
    IND @ DAL: Bill Leavy
    BUF @ OAK: Craig Wrolstad
    SEA @ AZ: Walt Anderson
    DEN @ CIN: possibly Bill Vinovich

    Jerome Boger is possibly off this week.

  30. Here we are, everyone.

    Thursday, Dec 18

    Titans at Jaguars NFLN — Clete Blakeman
    Saturday, Dec. 20

    (Times shown are Eastern)

    Eagles at Washington, 4:30 p.m. NFLN –Carl Cheffers
    Chargers at 49ers, 8:25 p.m. CBS NFLN — Jeff Triplette
    Sunday, Dec. 21

    Vikings at Dolphins — Tony Corrente
    Lions at Bears — Gene Steratore
    Falcons at Saints — John Parry
    Packers at Buccaneers — Terry McAulay
    Ravens at Texans — Walt Coleman
    Browns at Panthers — Ed Hochuli
    Chiefs at Steelers — Ronald Torbert
    Patriots at Jets — Brad Allen
    Giants at Rams — Pete Morelli
    Bills at Raiders — Craig Wrolstad
    Colts at Cowboys — Bill Leavy
    Seahawks at Cardinals NBC — Walt Anderson
    Monday, Dec. 22

    Broncos at Bengals ESPN — Bill Vinovich

    And yes, Jerome Boger is the off man.

  31. The replacement refs blowing it in a Chiefs game again. Who knew? You guys are the worst.

  32. I’d say you only screwed the pooch on 15 consecutive Chiefs games but you have been so bad you get credit for screwing up on the by week.

  33. Oh, my Lord. Blew another replay call in a Chiefs game. You guys are just ruthlessly terrible.

  34. There are no competent officials in the NFL.

  35. Should have just given Howard the benefit on that one. Wouldn’t have been any worse than multiple previous calls.

  36. Now, let’s see how you guys cheat the Chiefs offense … AGAIN!!!!

  37. Every single week … you guys blow. If you had any integrity that would bother you.

  38. Pass interference call on Flemming another in a long line of bad calls. Who’d have thunk?

  39. The officiating in the Chiefs/Steelers game is horrid.

  40. Offensive pass interference by Steelers not called. Yikes, terrible, absolutely terrible.

  41. Too little, too late. There is no way to salvage the officiating debacle in Pittsburgh,

  42. Really???? I’ve never officiated a football game in my life and I can do better than what you got and am willing to prove it. Your current crop of NFL officials are drop dead horrible.

  43. If not for the horrible officiating the Chiefs are no worse than 11-4 this season. That’s a demonstrable fact.

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