Week 14

Dallas at Chicago – Ed Hochuli

Tampa Bay at Detroit – Jeff Triplette
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – Tony Corrente
Indianapolis at Cleveland – Clete Blakeman
NY Giants at Tennessee – Walt Anderson
Baltimore at Miami – John Parry
NY Jets at Minnesota – Jerome Boger
Carolina at New Orleans – Walt Coleman
St. Louis at Washington – Brad Allen
Houston at Jacksonville – Carl Cheffers
Buffalo at Denver – Ronald Torbert
Kansas City at Arizona – Craig Wrolstad
San Francisco at Oakland – Terry McAulay
Seattle at Philadelphia – Bill Vinovich
New England at San Diego – Bill Leavy

Atlanta at Green Bay – Pete Morelli



  1. Bill Vinovich for Buffalo @ Denver
    Tony Corrente for Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE@SD Ed Hochuli

  3. NY Giants @ Tennessee Titans ~ Walt Anderson

  4. David Herrera says

    Flexible schedule change: The network for IND@CLE has changed from CBS to Fox, and will kickoff will remain at 1:00 p.m. EST.

  5. Assuming the TNF ref has not done TNF this year, it will be either Steratore, Boger, or Corrente. Not sure about Corrente as he worked a Thanksgiving game last week though.

  6. David Herrera says

    It is a good possibility that Principal Morelli will get the ATL@GB Monday night game. He is one of three referees who have yet to be assigned a true MNF game — Anderson and Hochuli are the other two. Mark confirms that Anderson will be officiating NYG@TEN; Anderson would NOT have been eligible for ATL@GB anyway, having officiated NYJ@GB in Week 2. Hochuli recently officiated NE@GB in Week 13, so scratch him off. The NYJ@BUF game in Week 12 officiated by Morelli that was relocated to a Monday night in Detroit does not count as MNF — that game was originally a Sunday afternoon game.

    Additionally, it does not look like Anderson will get a MNF assignment this season — see this post from Week 13:

  7. Who is eligible for the key Seahawk/Eagle game this week? And if Hochuli is eligible would they even consider him to do a 2nd 4:25 national game that has playoff implications for both teams?

  8. As I enjoy my 51st birthday with a 65-degree day in Baltimore, we can happily report that JOHN PARRY will have control of a BAL game in MIA that should be even warmer. It’s Parry’s first Ravens game since Week Three last year…

  9. David Herrera says

    Here is the eligibility list for Week 14. If a referee is not listed for a particular game, that referee is NOT eligible.

    DAL@CHI (TNF): Hochuli (confirmed via SportingBecky)
    TB@DET: Allen McAulay Morelli Steratore Triplette; Torbert unknown ***
    PIT@CIN: Boger Coleman Corrente Steratore
    IND@CLE: Blakeman Cheffers Coleman Corrente Steratore Vinovich
    NYG@TEN: Anderson (confirmed via Mark)
    BAL@MIA: Parry (confirmed via Joe Platania)
    NYJ@MIN: Boger Cheffers Coleman Leavy Triplette Vinovich Wrolstad
    CAR@NO: Boger Coleman Corrente McAulay Torbert Triplette; Blakeman doubtful *
    STL@WAS: Allen Blakeman Boger Coleman Leavy McAulay Morelli Wrolstad
    HOU@JAX: Allen Blakeman Cheffers Leavy Morelli Steratore Vinovich
    BUF@DEN: Blakeman Torbert Vinovich Wrolstad
    KC@ARI: Blakeman Cheffers Corrente Morelli Wrolstad
    SF@OAK: Boger McAulay Morelli Torbert Wrolstad; Leavy doubtful **
    SEA@PHI: Allen Coleman McAulay Torbert; Wrolstad unknown ***
    NE@SD **** (SNF): ALLEN Boger Coleman LEAVY MCAULAY Steratore Wrolstad
    ATL@GB (MNF): Morelli (likely but not yet confirmed — see my earlier post)

    * Blakeman officiated the earlier NO@CAR meeting in Week 9.
    ** I’m not sure if Leavy would get assigned this game, as he officiated the MIA@OAK Week 4 game at a neutral site in London. (Anderson worked two Bills’ home games in 2013, one of which was at a neutral site in Toronto.)
    *** It remains to be seen if Wrolstad-Seahawks and/or Torbert-Lions can be added to the list of “referee stayaways,” along with Anderson-Texans, Boger-Falcons and Coleman-Raiders (Tuck Rule game). Wrolstad is from Lake Tapps, WA (near Seattle), while Torbert is from West Bloomfield, MI (near Detroit). Some referees prefer not to officiate games involving their hometown team.
    **** NE@SD: Referees who have yet to be assigned an SNF game are in CAPS.

    • According to Becky, Carl Cheffers has HOU/JAX

    • David, is it still possible for an additional referee to work SNF twice this season? I am just curious due to the fact that Bill Vinovich has already worked SNF twice, in weeks 9 and 12.

      • David Herrera says

        Unfortunately, I have no idea. What I do know is Anderson, Boger and Morelli will be the only referees who have yet to be assigned a Thursday game entering Week 15. Anderson has been assigned CIN@CLE in Week 15, and is NOT eligible for TEN@JAX for Week 16, having already officiated the Titans twice (Week 7 and this week). It looks like Boger will NOT get a TNF game this season. He is NOT eligible for ARI@STL (Week 15) or TEN@JAX, having officiated MIA@JAX in Week 8 and DET@ARI in Week 11. Getting back to SNF, Morelli will either get NE@SD this week of DAL@PHI. He is NOT eligible for SEA@ARI in Week 16, having already officiated the Seahawks twice this season (Week 2 and 10), and the SEA@ARI game is unlikely to be flexed out of SNF.

  10. Hey David,
    Who is eligible for Kansas City/Arizona game?

  11. KC@ARI: Blakeman, Cheffers, Corrente, Morelli, Wrolstad

  12. NE@SD comes down to Bill Leavy Brad Allen and Terry McAulay

    • No1NFLRefFan says

      T-Mac never worked a Pats game yet this season…he did not officiate a Pats game last season. The Pats are 8-1 (including the post-season) whenever T-Mac officiates a game involving them! The last time T-Mac officiated a game involving the Pats was vs. Houston (12/10/2012). The last time he officiated a game involving the Pats as the visitors was in Atlanta (10/9/2005). The last time the Pats lost with T-Mac as the referee was in Miami (10/6/2002).

  13. Why on Jeff Triplettes Crew has Alex Kemp at Field Judge and Borris Cheek at Side Judge it was originally Borris Cheek as field judge and Alex Kemp at Side Judge

  14. Why didn’t Daryll Lewis not work last thursday nights game in SF with Tony Corrente and why has net he worked any games lately with Tony Correntes crew and why is any Line judge filling in recently on tony correntes crew?

  15. According to Football Zebras Via Twitter Bill Leavy will work the Sunday night game in San Diego when the Patriots play the Chargers

  16. collegeprof says

    According to Football zebras- Boger has the NY Jets at Minnesota game…

  17. steelers78492 says

    the referee for oak sf is terry mcaulay file:///C:/Users/uga/AppData/Local/Temp/FlipCard_Week14vsSF.pdf

  18. According to Chiefs flip card, you’ll find CRAIG WROLSTAD in Arizona for the interconference battle between ARZ and KC.

    • David Herrera says

      That Chiefs’ flip card lists Greg Gautreaux (from Walt Coleman’s crew) as the field judge, so we can expect Coleman’s crew to be off this week.

  19. it’s Leavy in San Diego

  20. FootballRef01 says

    Cheffers in Jacksonville – CONFIRMED

  21. David Herrera says

    RON TORBERT is about to get an “altitude adjustment.”

  22. The original eligible referees for SEA@PHI were McAulay, Torbert, Wrolstad, Coleman, and Allen. The former three have been confirmed in other games, and Coleman is off. Therefore we can place BRAD ALLEN in the City of Brotherly Love this Sunday.

  23. No1NFLRefFan says

    Here’s what we have so far (Walt Coleman is off this week):

    DAL @ CHI: Ed Hochuli
    TB @ DET: Gene Steratore or Jeff Triplette
    PIT @ CIN: Tony Corrente or Gene Steratore
    IND @ CLE: Bill Vinovich (likely)
    NYG @ TEN: Walt Anderson
    BAL @ MIA: John Parry
    NYJ @ MIN: Jerome Boger
    CAR @ NO: Tony Corrente or Jeff Triplette
    STL @ WSH: Clete Blakeman (likely)
    HOU @ JAX: Carl Cheffers
    BUF @ DEN: Ron Torbert
    KC @ AZ: Craig Wrolstad
    SF @ OAK: Terry McAulay
    SEA @ PHI: Brad Allen
    NE @ SD: Bill Leavy
    ATL @ GB: Pete Morelli (likely)

    • No1NFLRefFan says

      MAJOR CORRECTION: Confirmed from Football Zebras dot com, here’s the REAL list of who will officiate a particular Week 14 NFL game:

      DAL @ CHI: Ed Hochuli
      TB @ DET: Jeff Triplette
      PIT @ CIN: Tony Corrente
      IND @ CLE: Clete Blakeman
      NYG @ TEN: Walt Anderson
      BAL @ MIA: John Parry
      NYJ @ MIN: Jerome Boger
      CAR @ NO: Walt Coleman
      STL @ WSH: Brad Allen
      HOU @ JAX: Carl Cheffers
      BUF @ DEN: Ron Torbert
      KC @ AZ: Craig Wrolstad
      SF @ OAK: Terry McAulay
      SEA @ PHI: Bill Vinovich
      NE @ SD: Bill Leavy
      ATL @ GB: Pete Morelli

      Gene Steratore is off this week.

      Enjoy the games, everyone!

  24. Wow!!!! Chiefs/Cardinals. Bring back the replacements. They were better. They totally blew the second half, including the possession of the ball by Kelce as he was rolling over after going down. There was no conclusive evidence in the video to overturn that call. You guys suck.

  25. Stuck watching Seahawks/Eagles. Any Bill Vinovich friends and family members please get him and this crew PT jobs. Good God- they were terrible.

  26. Very bad calls on the Chiefs game 12/7/2014 and the refs should be fined or fired. A game was lost due to very bad calls. And after the replays I wonder what is really going on with the NFL refs to make these bad calls?

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