Week 15

Arizona at St. Louis – Walt Coleman

Pittsburgh at Atlanta – Clete Blakeman
Minnesota at Detroit – Pete Morelli
Green Bay at Buffalo – Bill Leavy
Cincinnati at Cleveland – Walt Anderson
Houston at Indianapolis – Gene Steratore
Oakland at Kansas City – Jerome Boger
Miami at New England – Bill Vinovich
Washington at NY Giants – Jeff Triplette
Tampa Bay at Carolina – Ronald Torbert
Jacksonville at Baltimore – Tony Corrente
NY Jets at Tennessee – John Parry
Denver at San Diego – Craig Wrolstad
San Francisco at Seattle – Ed Hochuli
Dallas at Philadelphia – Terry McAulay

New Orleans at Chicago – Carl Cheffers



  1. Terry McAulay for Denver @ San Diego
    Bill Vinovich for Dallas @ Philadelphia

  2. Lorenzo Antonio says

    MIA@NE Ron Torbert

  3. Lorenzo Antonio says

    Correction MIA@NE will be Tony Corrente or Ron Torbert

  4. Lorenzo Antonio says

    MIA@NE Tony Corrente

  5. Lorenzo Antonio says

    MIA@NE Scott Green

  6. Another correction: Lorenzo is a flaming piece of dog poo!

    Oh and Anderson will be handling the second Battle of Ohio game in Cleveland.

    • David Herrera says

      Well, that means Anderson will not get a Monday night assignment this season, and one other referee will get two MNF games. With Anderson officiating CIN@CLE, that will definitely make him INELIGIBLE for the last MNF game (DEN@CIN Week 16).

  7. Who has MIA@NE

  8. FootballRef01 says

    New Orleans @ Chicago – Cheffers – CONFIRMED

  9. The postings for weeks 12-15 are not up yet. I hope that happens soon, especially for weeks 12-14 which has already been played.

  10. Wish this site could find a way to have a section with the Refs and it shows their games and dates the have currently worked throughout the season so we don’t have to backtrack to find it. Just a suggestion.

  11. Oh, dear Lorenzo, you haven’t a clue… My usually-impeccable Ravens source tells me it’s TONY CORRENTE for the JAX-BAL game. Ravens haven’t seen Corrente since Wk 7 of 2012 (road loss in HOU), and he hasn’t been in Charm City since the 2011 opener against PIT, when a mishap on the field in that game led to a doctor’s visit, which revealed he had cancer. Happily, he’s fine now…

  12. Eligible for MIA@NE Clete Blakeman Bill Vinovich Walt Coleman Gene Steratore Craig Wrolstad

  13. and Terry McAulay is also eligible for MIA@NE make it six since McAulay has not officiated a Pats game since the 2012 season

  14. Who are the refs who are eligible for the GB/Buffalo game and the Dallas/Phila game?

  15. David Herrera says

    The Gun Show is headed to the Pacific Northwest for the second time this season…

  16. David Herrera says
  17. Jeff Triplette will head to Philly for the second time this year to do Sunday Night Football

  18. NYJ @ TEN – John Parry

  19. steelers78492 says

    i cant find the patriots flip card site

  20. No1NFLRefFan says

    Gene Steratore is eligible for MIN @ DET…he never officiated a Lions game yet this season, but previously officiated WSH @ MIN six weeks prior.

  21. No1NFLRefFan says

    Here’s what we have confirmed so far on who will officiate a Week 15 NFL game:

    CIN @ CLE: Walt Anderson
    MIA @ NE: Bill Vinovich
    JAX @ BAL: Tony Corrente
    NYJ @ TEN: John Parry
    SF @ SEA: Ed Hochuli
    DAL @ PHI: Terry McAulay
    NO @ CHI: Carl Cheffers

    As for who else is officiating the remaining games, these are my guesses:

    AZ @ STL: Walt Coleman (maybe)
    PIT @ ATL: Ron Torbert (maybe)
    MIN @ DET: Gene Steratore (maybe)
    GB @ BUF: Jeff Triplette (maybe)
    OAK @ KC: Jerome Boger (maybe)
    WSH @ NYG: Bill Leavy (maybe)
    TB @ CAR: Pete Morelli (maybe; he previously officiated them in Tampa back in Week 1)
    HOU @ IND: Craig Wrolstad (maybe)
    DEN @ SD: Brad Allen (maybe)

    Clete Blakeman could have this week off.

  22. Is Vinovich going to be in Foxboro this week, He was horrible in South Philly last week

  23. It’s Comfirm, Walt Coleman is the Referee for TNF Cardinals @ Rams, Via Football Zebras

  24. David Herrera says
  25. Triplette confirmed for Redskins at Giants per giants flip card

  26. It appears to me that the eligibility requirement of not having worked in the home teams stadium has been overwritten for this weekend. I am aware of the possibilities, however, PETE MORELLI is only eligible for MIN-DET, and TB-CAR, which he worked in week 1 in Tampa Bay. He has had his two weeks off this year. My guess is that he will be in the Motor City this weekend.

    • The “rule” that a referee cannot work in the same stadium twice does not appear to be in force this year. Bill Vinovich has worked twice in Philadelphia (once last week, once in week 5), and Ed Hochuli is in Seattle for the second time this week, having previously been there in Week 9.

  27. My other guess is that Brad Allen will be off this week. He is the only referee that has not been confirmed to a game, that has only had one week off.

  28. No1NFLRefFan says

    So, here’s the remainder of the list of who will officiate an NFL game (these are all confirmed):

    AZ @ STL: Walt Coleman
    PIT @ ATL: Clete Blakeman
    MIN @ DET: Pete Morelli
    GB @ BUF: Bill Leavy
    OAK @ KC: Jerome Boger
    WSH @ NYG: Jeff Triplette
    TB @ CAR: Ron Torbert
    HOU @ IND: Gene Steratore
    DEN @ SD: Craig Wrolstad

  29. Muttleman Nancy says

    YAY! YAY! Holy Big Guns! The Gun Show! I have anal fissures!!!!

  30. Now I am not a Seahawks or 49ers fan (Eagles fan here) but that call that Ed Hochuli just made against the 49ers (4th Q RTP) was borderline incompetent. I know you guys are in love with Ed, but holy crap that was horrible.
    Go ahead, someone who loves Ed defend the call.
    Time for the NFL to give Ed his pink slip.

    • I love Ed but he once a year does something that has to have the league office shaking their heads. That call today was horrific.

      That being said McAuley (who is also one of the best) is off to a weak start tonight.

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