Week 8

San Diego at Denver – Terry McAulay

Detroit at Atlanta – Pete Morelli
Baltimore at Cincinnati – Clete Blakeman
Houston at Tennessee – Bill leavy
St. Louis at Kansas City – Jeff Triplette
Chicago at New England –  Brad Allen
Buffalo at NY Jets – Gene Steratore
Minnesota at Tampa Bay – Craig Wrolstad
Seattle at Carolina – Walt Coleman
Miami at Jacksonville – Jerome Boger
Philadelphia at Arizona – Walt Anderson
Oakland at Cleveland – Ronald Torbert
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh – John Parry
Green Bay at New Orleans – Ed Hochuli

Washington at Dallas – Tony Corrente



  1. http://MIYAISHI says

    Carl Cheffers for San Diego @ Denver
    Bill Vinovich for Chicago @ New England

  2. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    Chicago@NewEngland Bill Vinovich

  3. http://DAVID%20HERRERA says

    Tony Corrente is confirmed for JAX.

  4. http://DAVID%20HERRERA says

    Scott Green is in DAL on MNF. This will be his only game this season. He will be filling in due to injury.

    • If there was an injury at the R position (which there isn’t as of this post), they would get a ref who was previously scheduled on bye week. Refs don’t just come out of retirement?

      • It happened a few years ago with Tony Corrente and Scott Green out. The referee who had a bye took one crew, and the Thursday night referee pulled double duty. Green returned before Week 17 which is when there is a real crunch: all games on Sunday with only 1 crew on a bye.

        • Yes I can understand double-duty when there is a crunch, that makes sense if it is absolutely needed. But they wouldn’t pull a guy, such as Scott Green, out of retirement now to do a game, would they? I mean this IS coming from Lorenzo, plus I hadn’t ever heard of this happening. There are two crews scheduled off in week 8 and I still have yet to hear of any R that is injured. That is all I am saying…

    • http://Nelson says

      Who is injured?

  5. http://David%20Herrera says


    The SEA@CAR game has been cross-flexed from Fox to CBS…

  6. http://David%20Herrera says

    ANOTHER FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING CHANGE: The HOU@TEN game has been cross-flexed from CBS to Fox. Like the aforementioned SEA@CAR game, the kickoff time will remain at 1:00 p.m. EDT…

  7. http://DAVID%20HERRERA says

    Wrolsrad confirmed in JAX. He will be working with Hochuli’s LJ. Confirmed on both Jags flip card and Andrew Catalon’s Twitter as he has the call on CBS.

    • http://Gerardo%20Perez says

      I can’t find the Jaguars flip card, and you are not the REAL David Herrera because I can tell by the gravatar. He has a gravatar and you don’t, so why can’t you GET OFF THIS WEBSITE!!

  8. http://David%20Herrera says

    Based on previous Monday night assignments, the “one referee per stadium per season,” “two referee per team per season” and “five-week rules,” Allen, Corrente & Torbert are the only three referees that are eligible for WAS@DAL.

    Four referees have yet to have a bye: Vinovich, Boger, Anderson & Cheffers. Something tells me that the latter two will be off this week; otherwise, we would have received an advanced (1-2 week) confirmation from Mark and/or “Opposite of Lorenzo.”

    With Coleman officiating MNF in Week 7 and the possibility of Anderson being off (see previous paragraph), the SD@DEN Thursday night game has been narrowed down to four eligible referees: Boger, McAulay, Morelli & Triplette.

    GB@NO (SNF) has been narrowed down to Coleman, Hochuli, Leavy, Morelli & Wrolstad.

    • I have not heard from my Anderson source, which is honestly kind of odd that I don’t have it yet. I will work on getting that info.

      • I posted the Wk 8 assignment below for #66 but also wanted to add that he does not have a bye until Wk 11. Each assignment he has through Wk 12 (which is all I know as of now) is now posted on the page for that week, including his bye.

        • http://Eddie says

          Mark, thanks again for all your info. Just some clarification, you posted a WA assignment in the week 12 tab, but noted a week 11 game. so is WA off week 10 or week 12?

          • I got confused and got off on my weeks and was on the wrong pages etc. and created a mess, and I apologize.

            8: @Arizona
            9: @New England
            10: OFF
            11: @Carolina
            12: Still unknown.

            I do not have an assignment for Wk 12 like I thought. I was off on my numbers. When I get the schedule I get it by date of the game, not by week #. So I was confused with the dates. I’m sorry.

          • http://Eddie says

            Not a problem at all. I was half asleep when i was scrolling anyway. i thought i was getting cross eyed.

    • http://math%20prof says

      Becky said Cheffers is off this week- this was from another previous post..

    • http://Nahtarian%20Warren says

      Tony Corrente was the referee when the Redskins played at Philadelphia in week 3 so wouldn’t that make him ineligible?

  9. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    Im guessing that Bill Vinovich will be in New England but ill check the pats flip card if it will be for sure if he will be in New England

  10. http://Dan says

    Wonder who is in London for an earlier start time game

  11. http://joe says

    old men should not be refs! just look at the Carolina packer game today. reminds me of that wrent a wref when green bay played Seattle

  12. http://Joe%20Platania says

    Thanks to the trolls and impersonators, this will be the ONLY time I post this week… The pivotal BAL-CIN game this week will have CLETE BLAKEMAN at the helm, who was in BAL for the preseason Parkway clash against Washington…

    • http://Top%20Gun says

      Thanks a lot Joe but u really should treat the trolls as ghost. The ones that been here a long time knows who is who regardless of what those trolls try to do! Get an AVI like David & Mark is a great solution.

  13. http://Tazzzz says

    Anyone have a feel for the suddenly best game this week (Eagles at Cardinals)?

  14. http://Drew%20Thurman says

    Triplette in Denver for TNF

  15. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    NE@CHI is gonna be between Vinovich, Triplette or Brad Allen

  16. http://Herrera%20Antonio says

    NE@CHI Bob Frederic

  17. Anderson has Philadelphia/Arizona

  18. http://Gerardo%20Perez says

    According to the Titans game release, BILL LEAVY will work the Texans @ Titans game. He will be with Wayne Mackie HL106 and Undrey Wash U96. The latter’s normal officiating crew is confirmed to be off this week. Here’s the link:

    • http://David%20Herrera says

      That points to Cheffers being one of two referees who will be off this week. Since Mark indicates that Anderson is headed to Glendale, AZ, this means that either Boger or Vinovich (one or the other, but not both) will likely be off this week.

  19. http://Bills%20Fan says


  20. http://Top%20Gun says

    Refs eligible for Chargers/Broncos

    Guns Hochuli
    Pete Morelli
    Jeff Triplette
    Walt Coleman
    Craig Wrolstad
    Carl Cheffers
    Terry McAulay

    Hopefully we can figure this game out before Thurs

  21. http://Top%20Gun says

    Ref eligible for Chargers/Broncos

    Jerome Boger

    Add him to the list

  22. http://David%20Herrera says

    The Gun Show is headed to the Big Easy…

  23. http://George%20Ashburn says

    Raiders at Browns?

  24. http://Nelson says

    HOU/ TEN ?????

  25. http://jason says
  26. http://Top%20Gun says

    Norm Schachter would be eligible for San Diego-Denver if he hadn’t died about 30 years ago.

  27. http://Sonic says

    Cleveland vs. Raiders, ref?

  28. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    CHI@NE is between Vinovich Triplette and Allen

  29. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    Ill check the flip card if its the ones that I named for CHI@NE

  30. http://AK47 says

    Who’s eligible for the Lions/Falcons in London?

  31. http://Brad says

    Ed Hochuli will be working Packers/Saints.

  32. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says

    Wheres the full list of officials for the week

  33. http://David%20Herrera says

    #77 is headed to the 5280!

  34. http://Bronson says

    Chargers at Broncos CBSNFLN — Terry McAulay
    Lions vs. Falcons FOX — Pete Morelli
    Rams at Chiefs — Jeff Triplette
    Vikings at Buccaneers — Craig Wrolstad
    Seahawks at Panthers — Walt Coleman
    Ravens at Bengals — Clete Blakeman
    Dolphins at Jaguars — Jerome Boger
    Bears at Patriots — Brad Allen
    Bills at Jets — Gene Steratore
    Eagles at Cardinals — Walt Anderson
    Raiders at Browns — Ronald Torbert
    Colts at Steelers — John Parry
    Packers at Saints NBC — Ed Hochuli
    Washington at Cowboys ESPN — Tony Corrente

  35. http://DAVID%20BOY%20HERRERA%20aka%20DAVID%20GRAVATOR%20HERRERA says

    Thursday, Oct. 23
    Chargers at Broncos — Terry McAulay

    Sunday, Oct. 26
    Lions vs. Falcons — Pete “Principal” Morelli
    Rams at Chiefs — Jeff “Look Like I’m Crying” Triplette
    Vikings at Buccaneers — Craig Wrolstad
    Seahawks at Panthers — Walt “Patriots Fan” Coleman
    Ravens at Bengals — Clete Blakeman
    Dolphins at Jaguars — Jerome “easy target” Boger
    Bears at Patriots — Brad Allen
    Bills at Jets — Gene Steratore
    Texans at Titans — Bill “I sound like I’m dying” Leavy
    Eagles at Cardinals — Walt “I look to the side when calling penalties” Anderson
    Raiders at Browns — Ronald Torbert
    Colts at Steelers — John Parry
    Packers at Saints – Ed “big guns” Hochuli

    Monday, Oct. 27
    Washington at Cowboys — Tony Corrente

  36. http://LORENZO%20ANTONIO says

    I said Brad Allen from the start. Hopefully everyone realizes I was correct for once LOL.

  37. http://Lorenzo%20Antonio says According to the Patriots Flip Card Brad Allen is Confirmed for CHI@NE

  38. http://mike says

    any updates today. i don’t see one official thing written down on the list

  39. http://Dean%20Simone says

    Hi Walt, regarding the officiated in the Cards – Eagles game yesterday. How does your crew mate get the call correct and then get talked out of the call by another ref…when it is CLEAR it was a horse collar on Cooper towards the end of the game? And also not calling McCoy’s horse collar at all?

    Why is an illegal pick called on the Eagles bringing back a huge play …and then you allow the Cards to do the same pick for a TD and don’t call it.

    Why was Polk spotted incorrectly after clearly getting the first down if not the touchdown on the goal-line.

    How about the Maclin’s helmet to helmet shot? How blatant was that…yet why was that not called? This almost injured two players seriously. Shame on your crew,

    Please give me a logical explanation on all these questions that is supported by the film. To the eye of the observer you and you crew would appear to have had an agenda. It seems from week to week you NFL control games to set up favorable match-ups in the weeks to come. That’s the only explanation I could reach as to why you all seem so skewed to a given team week to week. Please Walt, as lifelong 53 year old NFL fan, player of game and coach, convince me how guys at your level could be so blatantly bad…or skewed…or, well just plain wrong.

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