Preseason Week 4

Atlanta at Jacksonville
Detroit at Buffalo
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Kansas City at Green Bay – Terry McAulay
St. Louis at Miami
NY Jets at Philadelphia – Jerome Boger
New England at NY Giants – Bill Vinovich
Carolina at Pittsburgh
Washington at Tampa Bay – Craig Wrolstad
Chicago at Cleveland – John Parry
Denver at Dallas – Ronald Torbert
Minnesota at Tennessee – Clete Blakeman
Baltimore at New Orleans – Pete Morelli
San Francisco at Houston – Walt Anderson
Seattle at Oakland – Ed Hochuli
Arizona at San Diego – Carl Cheffers



  1. SF/Houston — Walt Anderson

  2. Football Ref says

    Cheffers has ARZ @ SD

  3. Drew Thurman says

    Jeff Triplette has NYJ/PHI

  4. MIN @ TEN – Clete Blakeman

  5. Gerardo Perez says

    Ravens flip card shows that Pete Morelli will officiate the Ravens @ Saints game.

  6. Gerardo Perez says

    Chiefs flip card shows that Terry McAulay has the Chiefs @ Packers game.

  7. Drew Thurman says

    Triplette won’t ref in Oakland or Green Bay since he was in Green Bay last week

  8. Giants flip card confirms that Bill Vinovich is working NE-NYG game.

  9. Gerardo Perez says

    Ronald Torbert is the referee for the Broncos @ Cowboys game. The Broncos flip card confirms that.

  10. Where is Jerome Boger this week?

  11. Drew Thurman says

    Boger is in Oakland this week

  12. Drew Thurman says

    Triplette is in Philly tomorrow

  13. Drew Thurman says

    Hochuli is in Oakland according to the Raiders flip card

  14. Lorenzo Antonio says

    NE @ NYG will be Scott Green.

  15. Drew Thurman says

    John Parry is in Cleveland according to the Bears flip card

  16. Drew Thurman says

    Craig Wrolstad is in Tampa Bay according to the Bucs flip card

  17. Drew Thurman says

    2nd week in a row I knew where Triplette will be this week

  18. Drew Thurman says

    correction Boger is in Philadelphia

  19. The correction on Boger is correct. I am listening to him mumble thru the first qtr of Jets/Eagles

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