Preseason Week 4

Atlanta at Jacksonville
Detroit at Buffalo
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Kansas City at Green Bay – Terry McAulay
St. Louis at Miami
NY Jets at Philadelphia – Jerome Boger
New England at NY Giants – Bill Vinovich
Carolina at Pittsburgh
Washington at Tampa Bay – Craig Wrolstad
Chicago at Cleveland – John Parry
Denver at Dallas – Ronald Torbert
Minnesota at Tennessee – Clete Blakeman
Baltimore at New Orleans – Pete Morelli
San Francisco at Houston – Walt Anderson
Seattle at Oakland – Ed Hochuli
Arizona at San Diego – Carl Cheffers



  1. SF/Houston — Walt Anderson

  2. Football Ref says:

    Cheffers has ARZ @ SD

  3. Drew Thurman says:

    Jeff Triplette has NYJ/PHI

  4. MIN @ TEN – Clete Blakeman

  5. Gerardo Perez says:

    Ravens flip card shows that Pete Morelli will officiate the Ravens @ Saints game.

  6. Gerardo Perez says:

    Chiefs flip card shows that Terry McAulay has the Chiefs @ Packers game.

  7. Drew Thurman says:

    Triplette won’t ref in Oakland or Green Bay since he was in Green Bay last week

  8. Giants flip card confirms that Bill Vinovich is working NE-NYG game.

  9. Gerardo Perez says:

    Ronald Torbert is the referee for the Broncos @ Cowboys game. The Broncos flip card confirms that.

  10. Where is Jerome Boger this week?

  11. Drew Thurman says:

    Boger is in Oakland this week

  12. Drew Thurman says:

    Triplette is in Philly tomorrow

  13. Drew Thurman says:

    Hochuli is in Oakland according to the Raiders flip card

  14. Lorenzo Antonio says:

    NE @ NYG will be Scott Green.

  15. Drew Thurman says:

    John Parry is in Cleveland according to the Bears flip card

  16. Drew Thurman says:

    Craig Wrolstad is in Tampa Bay according to the Bucs flip card

  17. Drew Thurman says:

    2nd week in a row I knew where Triplette will be this week

  18. Drew Thurman says:

    correction Boger is in Philadelphia

  19. The correction on Boger is correct. I am listening to him mumble thru the first qtr of Jets/Eagles

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