Week 10

Thu. Nov. 11
Ravens at Falcons, 8:20 PM – Ron Winter

Sun. Nov. 14
Texans at Jaguars, 1:00 PM – Gene Steratore
Vikings at Bears, 1:00 PM – Tony Corrente
Panthers at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM – Jerome Boger
Lions at Bills, 1:00 PM – Walt Coleman
Jets at Browns, 1:00 PM – Terry McAulay
Titans at Dolphins, 1:00 PM – Pete Morelli
Bengals at Colts, 1:00 PM – Walt Anderson
Chiefs at Broncos, 4:05 PM – Mike Carey
Cowboys at Giants, 4:15 PM – Bill Leavy
Seahawks at Cardinals, 4:15 PM – Scott Green
Rams at 49ers, 4:15 PM – Ed Hochuli
Patriots at Steelers, 8:20 PM – Carl Cheffers

Mon. Nov. 15
Eagles at Redskins, 8:30 PM – Clete Blakeman

Off: John Parry
Byes: GB, NO, OAK, SD


  1. I was surprised to see Pete Morelli work the Viking-Jet game last Monday as he had already worked the Charger-Chief Monday game in Week 1-not sure why he did another one so soon.

  2. I happened to be on the Week 10 page when I posted that last comment but was referring to the Viking-Jet game in Week 5.

  3. Shane Spencer says

    I predict Jerome Boger will be the referee for the MIN-CHI game at Soldier Field.

  4. No, Jerome Boger is actually doing the Carolina at Tampa Bay game.

  5. Gene Steratore prob won’t be doing any more Bears games this year. He refd week 1(Lions) and now week 9 (Bills).

  6. Jerome Boger has never done a game in St Louis and Chicago.
    Gene Steratore has never worked in Denver


    Steratore, Boger, McAulay, Morelli and Anderson have all had 2 BYES.

    There are 14 games, thus 3 referees are off: The 3 refs who haven’t had off in the longest are:
    Triplette (wk 4)
    Riveron (wk 5)
    Hochuli (wk5)

    Prime Time Games:
    Riveron, MNF wk2
    Leavy, SNF wk2
    Cheffers, SNF wk4
    Boger, SNF wk3
    Parry, SNF wk6 MNF wk7
    carey, MNF wk6
    Morelli, MNF wks 1 and 5 SNF wk8
    Winter, MNF wk9, THF wk10
    Green, SNF wk7
    McAulay, TNF wk1, MNF wk3
    Corrente, SNF wk 1, MNF wk8
    Coleman, MNF wk4, SNF wk9
    Anderson, MNF wk1, SNF wk5

    NO PRIMETIME ASSINGMENTS: Blakeman, Hochuli, Steratore, Triplette

    • Welcome to Prime Time Mr. Blakeman. The world will be watching you Monday Night so don’t screw up.

      • he is highly touted, and was brought to the NFL rather quickly. he even got last year as his prep-year, while Don Carey had the White hat, Blakeman got a lot of valuable experience. I think he’ll do well. I’ve yet to see his this year, so i’m excited to see how he does.

        Let’s hope if he and his crew screws up though, it favors the eagles. 😉

  8. Hochuli is in San francisco on Sunday Nov. 14.

  9. Hi sportingBecky, don’t know if he has a game in Dallas and he can’t just get tickets for someone.

  10. Rich Kalahiki, You wanted me to hit you up on your email. I don’t know what it is. Nita

  11. SportingBecky says

    NCAA Game
    Saturday NOV. 13, 2010
    OSU VS Texas 8pm ET/7 Central on ABC

    White Hat – Greg Burks
    Back Judge – Shawn Hochuli(NFL Referee Ed Hochuli’s Son)
    Umpire Friend

  12. Mickey, let me inform all you: Mike Carey’s crew in Denver (Chiefs @ Broncos), Nov. 14.

  13. This would be Careys’s first game in Denver sinc 2004

  14. Walt Coleman will be in Buffalo for Lions/Bills.

  15. Andrew Leffler says

    With the seven week rule and from what has been posted…The only refs eligible for the Jets-Browns game are…

  16. Andrew Leffler says

    Sorry just double checked…Bill Leavy is not eligible for the Jets-Browns game…so its just…

  17. Can someone please answer what I’d posted about Pete Morelli doing 2 Monday Night games in the first 5 weeks? I know I should have posted that for the Week 5 page but had done it here. I was surprised that he had worked 2 Monday Night games, let alone so soon.

    • It’s possible the ref who was supposed to have that game had to change with Morelli for some reason if Moarelli was scheduled to be off. Just because you have a monday nite game or sunday nite game, etc. doesn’t mean you couldn’t have another one. Nita

  18. Also, how come Morelli worked a Seattle game twice in a five week period?

  19. Technically it was 6 weeks- Since morelli had two Seattle games which is the rule not seven- MP even mentioned that previously

  20. Week 4- Seattle Week 9 Seattle right at 6 weeks …

  21. Jerome Boger-Panthers vs Buccaneers. Confirmed by Bucs PR Staff and Media Notes.

  22. Sorry Mark just saw where you posted as well.

  23. Boger is updated now, thanks!

  24. Monday Night Football is Clete Blakeman. Confirmed by Redskins PR Staff.

  25. Leavy and Blakeman are updated, thanks!

  26. With Morelli working Seattle games 5 weeks apart.

    So, Green is also eligible

    Cincinnati at Indianapolis
    Houston at Jacksonville

  27. Here are the guesses for the rest of the games

    MIN @ CHI – Tony Corrente
    NYJ @ CLE – Scott Green
    CIN @ IND – Walt Anderson
    HOU @ JAX – Terry McAulay
    SEA @ AZ – Gene Steratore
    NE @ PIT – Jeff Triplette

    OFF – Carl Cheffers, John Parry, Alberto Riveron

  28. I would like to see Coleman do a Raiders’ game one of these weeks. It has been years since he has done one.

    The first year refs such as Blakeman never seem to do a prime time game til later in the season. So I guess the NFL is sticking to the script

  29. I agree kenneth He hasn’t.

  30. Jeff Triplette’s crew is the worst in the leauge by far !!!

    • Let me tell you Craig. The crew of Jeff Triplette has a total of one hundred and five years of experience in the NFL (add their experience in College Football and other leagues). Jeff Bergman, Dave Wyant and Scott Steenson have 20 years each, Jeff Rice has 16 years, Jeff Triplette has 15 years, Scott Freeman has 10 years of experience and the youngest member of the crew has only four years of experience officiating games of NFL. If they are bad officials, do you believe that they could accumulate all those years of experience?.

  31. I saw Blakeman’s crew work this season not a bad job for a first year Referee.

  32. Hochuli is THE BEST referee in the NFL by far. Followed by John Parry, Jeff Triplette, Tony Corrente, Jerome Boger, & Walt Anderson. I think it’s time for Winter & Leavy to retire.

  33. A quick turnaround for Winter who did the monday night game and will now do tonight’s game. That is not the first time that I have seen that happen

  34. I am going to put in my 2 cents on the whole referee controversy. I think we forget what it takes to become an NFL Official no matter what position. When we are passionate about a team and a sport we love we are quick to judge. We have to realize that nobody is perfect and mistakes and human error will be made in every sport. I understand that when you are in the NFL as an official your held to a higher standard and you expect these officials to be on spot every game. I can tell you many officials that I have spoke with and interviewed that they are much harder on themselves then any critic or media source. I can honestly say that Officiating in the NFL has maintained a good deal of integrity and I believe that the NFL and NHL are the only two sports out there that you don’t have to worry about games being fixed.

  35. tony corrente is ref

  36. tony corrente is ref for bears vs minn

  37. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible refs for the remaining games in Week 10:

    HOU @ JAX – Walt Anderson, John Parry, Alberto Riveron, Gene Steratore
    MIN @ CHI – Tony Corrente, John Parry, Jeff Triplette
    NYJ @ CLE – Terry McAulay, Gene Steratore
    CIN @ IND – Walt Anderson, Jeff Triplette
    SEA @ ARI – Carl Cheffers, Scott Green, Terry McAulay, John Parry
    NE @ PIT – Terry McAulay, Alberto Riveron, Jeff Triplette

    • Updating with additions due to Morelli working Seattle in Weeks 4 and 9. (Adding to the fact Corrente in Chicago and Parry off)

      HOU @ JAX – Anderson, Cheffers, Green, McAulay, Riveron, Steratore, Triplette

      NYJ @ CLE – Cheffers, Green, McAulay, Steratore

      CIN @ IND – Anderson, Green, Steratore, Triplette

      SEA @ AZ – Anderson, Cheffers, Green, McAulay, Steratore

      NE @ PIT – Cheffers, Green, McAulay, Riveron, Triplette

  38. John Parry and his crew is off this week. I attended a fundraiser event last night and spoke with him there.

    Mickey, thank you for all of the hard work that you put in for this great site!

  39. Steelers’ second best friend, Ron Winter and his crew steal another win away from Baltimore. What a horrible non-call that everyone with eyes could see, but Winter’s crew ignored.

  40. Carl Cheffers has Patriots vs Steelers. Confirmed by Steelers Flip Card.


  41. My predictions for the rest of the games:

    Texans vs Jaguars- Walt Anderson
    Bengals vs Colts- Gene Steratore
    Jets vs Browns- Terry McAulay
    Seahawks vs Cardinals- Scott Green

    Which puts Parry, Riveron, Triplette off this weekend. I wanted to get this out before I possibly get anymore answers as to who might be working these assignments.

  42. My Prediction

    HOU @ JAX – Anderson

    NYJ @ CLE – Green

    CIN @ IND – Steratore

    SEA @ AZ – McAulay

  43. McAulay Jets v Browns

  44. here’s the most current list:
    Green— should have Sea@AZ – its the only game he can do unless he gets bye week, but he was just off this past week.
    Anderson — Cincy@Indy or Sea@AZ – most likely @Indy since Green in most likely @AZ
    Parry – OFF, Texans@Jags, or Sea@AZ (unlikely, if, as above, Green works this game)
    Triplette — Texans@Jags, Bengals@Colts or OFF.
    Steratore – Texans@Jags, Bengals@Colts (@Jags is most certain)
    Riveron – can only do @Jags, but most likely is OFF

    Anderson – Cincy@Indy
    Green – Seattle@AZ
    Steratore – Texans@Jags

    OFF – Triplette, Parry, Riveron

  45. I agree with Rich on keeping Leavy. I think he is a good ref. Like all of us they have their bad days and good days and make mistakes like we all do. Nita

  46. I also agree with Ryan. You must admit they all do one hell of a job and yes they do miss some things and yes I do get mad but I wouldn’t want to do what they do. Nita

  47. This will be Cheffer’s first game ever in Pittsburgh

  48. Again the best hidden secret in all of sports is where Jeff Triplette is reffing. Incredible how nobody knows before game time where he will be, but the rest of the refs can be found usually before game time .

  49. I think he is off this week . I believe all the refs except for Green would have been off twice. Green of course was off last week

  50. I take the last comment back. There is actually a few refs with only one week off. Triplette is actually the longest without a week off

  51. Gene Steratore for Texans/Jags.

  52. Where’s Triplette? I’ve got to place my bet, and don’t bet his games!

  53. Walt Anderson CIN @ IND

  54. Walt Anderson in Indy.

  55. Steratore and Anderson updated, thanks!

  56. Triplette is OFF since he did the ARI @ SEA game on 10/24

  57. Shane Spencer says

    So it’s down to either Scott Green or Alberto Riveron for SEA @ ARI…since Alberto Riveron was the referee for the SEA @ CHI game back in week 6, then it has to be Scott Green since he has yet to officiate a game involving either Seattle or Arizona this season.

  58. If anyone is watching Minn@Chi, corrente is calling a great game from what I’ve seen. Always involved and explaining well, but never determining the game.

  59. Scott Green in Glendale.

  60. apart from what i thought was a horse collar on the sack of mcnabb by parker, i thought blakeman and crew were decently ok.

    also, gene steratore, after reffing texans jaguars refereed hampton-wake forest college basketball…he’s a lucky guy, best job in the world reffing sports.

  61. Do they realize that today is nov 10th not the 11th and that sunday is the 13th not the 14th?

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