Week 14

Thu. Dec. 09
Colts at Titans, 8:20 PM – John Parry

Sun. Dec. 12
Bengals at Steelers, 1:00 PM – Walt Coleman
Falcons at Panthers, 1:00 PM – Clete Blakeman
Packers at Lions, 1:00 PM – Gene Steratore
Browns at Bills, 1:00 PM – Scott Green
Raiders at Jaguars, 1:00 PM – Al Riveron
Buccaneers at Redskins, 1:00 PM – Pete Morelli
Seahawks at 49ers, 4:05 PM – Carl Cheffers
Rams at Saints, 4:05 PM – Tony Corrente
Patriots at Bears, 4:15 PM – Mike Carey
Dolphins at Jets, 4:15 PM – Ron Winter
Chiefs at Chargers, 4:15 PM – Walt Anderson
Broncos at Cardinals, 4:15 PM – Jerome Boger
Eagles at Cowboys, 8:20 PM – Terry McAulay

Mon. Dec. 13
Giants at Vikings, 8:00 PM – Jeff Triplette
Ravens at Texans, 8:30 PM – Bill Leavy


  1. I have a feeling that Hochuli is going to work the sunday night December 12th game Dallas @ Philadelphia.
    The four sites that Hochuli has not worked the longest are Jacksonville since 2005 and San Diego, Arizona and Buffalo since 2006.

  2. Of course it is Philadelphia @ Dallas

  3. Hochuli off week 14

  4. There are various stories around the Web that Patriots-Bears is moving to 4:15 p.m.

  5. Mickey,
    Pats VS Bears has been flexed to 4:15 .. according to NFL.com

  6. Living in the NY market, I don’t understand why the New England @ Chicago game was moved to 4:15 the same time as the Miami @ Jets. The Jets game is not being flexed and it won’t be moved to 1:00 because the Giants are playing that time. You would think that CBS would have wanted to grab the NY audience at 1:00. Not everyone is a Giants fan. I guess we in the NY market will probably get Cinn @ Pitts

  7. Only 3 games Gene Steratore can do next week are
    1. Green Bay at Detroit (Most likely)
    2. St. Louis at New Orleans
    3. Philadelphia at Dallas

    Mikey, I heard Mike Carey has the SNF football game Phili at Dallas through a friend, I will let you know when this is confirmed as I want to see where he got this info.

  8. Steratore can also do CIN at PIT…

  9. By the way when was the last time Coleman did a game in Dallas? He is eligible for the PHL @ DAL game

  10. Preth, pretty sure by the way it doesnt go by weeks and goes by weeks in which the referee has worked for instance say if a ref was off week 12 and week 10 and did say a detroit at minnesota game in week 9 i doubt they would work a detroit or minmnesota game in week 14 seeing they only worked 4 other teams in that 6 week span.

  11. SportingBecky says

    NCAA Conference’s working the NCAA Bowl Games 2010-2011

    Big XII – Liberty, Capitol One, Kraft Hunger, Orange Bowl

    Big 10 – Pinstripe, Music City, Champs, BCS Title Game

    Pac 10 – Hawaii, Las Vegas, Texas, Fiesta

    MWC – Humanitarian, Holiday, Ticket City Bowl

    ACC – Little Ceasar, Compass, Outback, Sugar

    Big East – Military, Chick fil A, Gator

    C-USA – New Orleans Bowl, Alamo, Cotton

    SEC – Meineke, Sun, Godaddy, Rose

    WAC – Poinsetta, Armed Forces

    Sun Belt – Beef O’ Brady, Advocare Independence Bowl

    MAC – New Mexico Bowl, Insight

  12. As was reported last week Hochuli is off this week.

  13. The press release says Parry is doing the TNF game in Nashville. His BJ will be Hochuli’s BJ Don Carey.


  14. Hi Mickey: Confirm. Mike Carey’s crew in Chicago week 14 (Dec. 12, 2010)

  15. Last Year Titans saw different crew for each regular season game. This year: already doubled up three times (Leavy, Blakeman, Parry) – 4 times if you count Morelli doing 2 of 4 preseason games

  16. Walt Coleman will be in Pittsburgh for Bengals/Steelers this Sunday.

  17. Parry’s crew is in Minnesota this weekend

  18. According to Titans Press Release, Parry is in Nashville for that IND/TEN game.

  19. How often does a guy on a set crew float over to work with another crew?

    • you figure with 17 crews, and 16 games for all but weeks 4-10, it doesnt happen often. but, it generally happens when one guy gets injured the previous week, is sick, or otherwise unable to make the game. the nfl also has swing officials, who are not assigned to one crew in particular, but fill in where necessary. don carey will be the BJ in this crew b/c hochuli is off this week, and Parry’s usual BJ Perry Pagainelli (who was with hochuli in detriot last week) is probably injured. he didn’t ref the 2nd half last week.

      • Kenneth:
        This year the NFLRA don’t have swing officials. Last year the swing official was Roy Ellison U#81 but with the changes in the mechanics of crews (Umpires in backfield most of time) they believe that not need swing officials. The most injured officials in the past were the Umpires because they are involved in the scrimmege plays. That’s the reason for the swing Umpire in the past.

  20. Just wondering…why isn’t Don Carey a referee anymore? Did he get demoted, like Fred Wyant and Ben Dreith? Or did he ask to get re-assigned?

  21. Maybe Parry is working in Tennessee again because none of the other refs can work this thursday nights game

  22. Hi Mickey –

    Confirmed by Panthers flipcard, Blakeman has their game against the Falcons.

  23. Has a crew worked 2 Sunday Night games with the one team both times? Or Monday Night? Or Thursday Night?

    If not and Triplette in Minny is true, then Steratore likely has the SNF game.

  24. Hochuli no primetime games yet is eligible for:
    GB -NE – DEC 19
    DL-AZ – DEC 25
    NO-AT – DEC 27
    not eligible for:
    SF-SD – did SF on NOV 14
    CHI-MINN – did MINN on NOV 28
    CA-PITTS- did game in PITTS already
    SD – CINN – did game in CINN already

  25. According to ESPNDALLAS Terry McAulay has the Cowboys V Eagles game on Sunday.

  26. Corrente, Cheffers, Leavy and Blakeman are the only refs that have not had a second bye week. Hochuli of course is off this week. With three weeks remaining after this week, my guess is that Blakeman being the new kid on the block will be the only ref to have had only one bye week. Of course he is ineligble to work a playoff game.

  27. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible refs for the GB @ DET game are:

    Tony Corrente
    Scott Green (he previously officiated the 2007 Thanksgiving Classic)
    Gene Steratore
    Jeff Triplette

  28. Having only making his acquaintance once I thought he was a very nice guy. He’s is very precise and not as wordy as the other head refs.

  29. I’m still sticking with Triplette has the ref doing the Vikings game.

  30. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible refs for the SEA @ SF game are:

    Jerome Boger
    Jeff Triplette
    Ron Winter

  31. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible refs for the MIA @ NYJ game are:

    Carl Cheffers
    Tony Corrente
    Gene Steratore
    Ron Winter

    • I hope it is either Corrente or Cheffers doing Miami @ Jets because neither one has ever done a Jets home game. It will probably be Winter because he seems to do a lot of east coast games

  32. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible refs for the KC @ SD game are:

    Walt Anderson
    Jerome Boger
    Scott Green
    Ed Hochuli
    Ron Winter

  33. Confirmed:

    Scott Green has Browns@Bills.
    Ron Winter has Dolphins@Jets.

  34. Here’s the ACCURATE possibilities remaining.

    GB @ DET – Anderson, Boger, Corrente, Riveron, Steratore, Triplette

    OAK @ JAX – Boger, Cheffers, Riveron, Triplette

    NYG @ MIN – Anderson, Cheffers, Morelli, Riveron, Steratore, Triplette

    TB @ WSH – Anderson, Morelli, Riveron, Steratore, Triplette

    STL @ NO – Cheffers, Corrente, Morelli, Riveron, Steratore

    SEA @ SF – Anderson, Boger, Cheffers, Riveron, Triplette

    DEN @ AZ – Anderson, Boger, Corrente, Morelli, Riveron

    KC @ SD – Anderson, Boger, Steratore

  35. Well see how good I am but here are my predictions for the remaining crews:

    GB @ DET- Steratore
    OAK @ JAX – Triplette
    NYG @ MIN – Riveron
    TB @ WSH- Anderson
    STL @ NO- Corrente
    SEA @ SF- Cheffers
    DEN @ AZ – Morelli
    KC @ SD- Boger

  36. Confirmed:

    Tony Corrente has Rams@Saints.

  37. McAulay did SB 43 with Pittsburgh-Arizona as well

  38. Mikey, Gene Steratore does in fact have the Green Bay at Detroit game.

  39. Bucs vs Redskins-Pete Morelli
    Confirmed by Redskins PR and FlipCard this morning.

  40. Jerome Boger has the Denver @ Arizona game.

  41. Here’s why Anderson has Chiefs/Chargers.

    Cheffers worked KC last week.
    Riveron worked SD 2 weeks ago.
    Triplette worked SD 3 weeks ago.

    And those are the only other ones left without a known assignment.

  42. Hope Cheffers gets either Minnesota or Jacksonville because he has never ref’d at either site.

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  43. NYG @ MIN – Triplette
    OAK @ JAX – Riveron

  44. Shane Spencer says

    Mickey, Carl Cheffers has SEA @ SF, while Walt Anderson has KC @ SD, OK? It was because Cheffers officiated DEN @ KC the previous week and KC @ CLE in Week 2. This is Cheffers’ 2nd game in Frisco this season. As for Walt Anderson, this is his first game involving both the Chiefs and Chargers this season.

    • Can’t understand why Cheffers is doing another game from San Francisco. That could have easily been avoided. Cheffers could have worked Minnesota where he has never worked before and Triplette could have worked San Francisco where he has not worked since 2004

  45. Giants vs Vikings game is now on Monday night, FYI.

  46. Does anyone know how that change will work for tv purposes?

  47. Wow Terry McAulay doing back to back SNF games in a roll. Has that ever happened before in the NFL?

  48. gene steratore reffed michigan st @ oakland basketball saturday, and had to fly to detroit right afterwards. what a great life.

  49. Got breaking news this morning that the Metrodome roof collapsed.

  50. NFL Network report- Giants-Vikings moved to Ford Field in Detroit Monday at 7:20 PM.

  51. My question is wilL Triplettes crew make it to Detroit in time or will Steratore do the game because this is unprecenteded.

  52. CBS is reporting “the announcers, cameras, and officials are already in Detroit.”

  53. They already have cameras there due to the Packers Lions game but I saw Pam Oliver is still in Minnesota on FOX Pregame reporting so is Joe Buck and company in Detroit and Triplettes crew.

  54. Jeff Bergman injured during Giants/Vikings 3rd quarter. Had to leave the game. Son of former HL Jerry Bergman

  55. Does anybody know how Jeff Bergman got hurt? I live in South Dakota and can’t watch the game.

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