Preseason Week 2

IND @ BUF – Jeff Triplette
NE @ ATL – Gene Steratore
PHI @ CIN – Jerome Boger
BAL @ WAS – Ron Winter
PIT @ NYG – Scott Green
KC @ TB – Walt Coleman
MIA @ JAC – Terry McAulay
STL @ CLE – Walt Anderson
HOU @ NO – Al Riveron
NYJ @ CAR – Clete Blakeman
OAK @ CHI – John Parry
DAL @ SD – Mike Carey
DET @ DEN – Ed Hochuli
GB @ SEA – Carl Cheffers
MIN @ SF – Bill Leavy
ARI @ TEN – Pete Morelli


  1. Bill — Good find! He’s on the list now.

  2. Terry McAulay will be the referee for the Dolphins/Jaguars game.

  3. John Parry will be the referee for the Raiders/Bears game.

  4. i went to behind the stripes and i don’t see where the refs are lsisted? what should i click. Been on it for a half an hour now. Thanks

  5. Thanks Becky. Boy that was nerve racking

  6. Walt Coleman is in Tampa for KC/Tampa Bay.

  7. Jeff Triplette in Toronto for Indy/Buffalo.

  8. Gene Steratore in Atlanta for NE/Atlanta.

  9. Thanks Eric — both are updated.

  10. Mike Carey crew in San Diego (Dallas @ San Diego).

  11. I believe it’s Jerome Boger in Cincy.

  12. Jerome Boger in Cincy.

  13. Jerome Boger in Cincinnati for Eagles/Bengals.

  14. Boger is on there now, thanks!

  15. Carl Cheffers will be the referee for the Packers/Seahawks game.

  16. Ron Winter in DC for Ravens/Redskins.

  17. Yes, coleman in TB

  18. Riveron in NO…

  19. Blakeman in Car

  20. Anderson in CLE

  21. They’re all set. Thanks!

  22. Shane Spencer says

    So that leaves Tony Corrente, Bill Leavy and Pete Morelli to find out who will referee MIN @ SF and ARI @TEN.

    • I think Tony Corrente Crew is Off this week because two menbers of the crew were in Ne@Atl (Umpire Fred Bryan #11 instead of Butch Hannah and Allen Bynes# 56 in GB@SEA instead of SJ Jeff Lamberth.

  23. Leavy is in San Fran and Morelli is in Tennessee.

  24. This gives the Morelli crew a Tennessee game for the 2nd consecutive week. I wonder what’s behind it.

    -A test for the NFL to possibly giving the officiating crews a more liberated schedule and Morelli’s crew working Titans’ games back-to-back is the guinea pig?

    -A glitch the NFL did not catch?

    -Other possibilities?

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