Week 16

Thu. Dec. 23
Panthers at Steelers, 8:20 PM – Bill Leavy

Sat. Dec. 25
Cowboys at Cardinals, 7:30 PM – Jeff Triplette

Sun. Dec. 26
Patriots at Bills, 1:00 PM – Al Riveron
49ers at Rams, 1:00 PM – Pete Morelli
Ravens at Browns, 1:00 PM – John Parry
Lions at Dolphins, 1:00 PM – Tony Corrente
Jets at Bears, 1:00 PM – Walt Coleman
Redskins at Jaguars, 1:00 PM – Jerome Boger
Titans at Chiefs, 1:00 PM – Scott Green
Texans at Broncos, 4:05 PM – Ron Winter
Colts at Raiders, 4:05 PM – Terry McAulay
Chargers at Bengals, 4:05 PM – Gene Steratore
Seahawks at Buccaneers, 4:15 PM – Clete Blakeman
Giants at Packers, 4:15 PM – Walt Anderson

Mon. Dec. 27
Saints at Falcons, 8:30 PM – Ed Hochuli

Tue, Dec. 28
Vikings at Eagles, 8:00 PM – Mike Carey


  1. The NFL should troll both the Lions and Dolphins and let Steratore ref the game

  2. Ed Hochuli this week #16 has

    Monday Night Football – Saints at Falcons

  3. 12/26 Week 16 update: Vikings-Eagles will be Sun nite on NBC; Chargers-Cincy moves 4:05p ET. Seattle-TB moves to 4:15p ET

  4. Boger is doing the game in Jacksonville

  5. Steratore only eligible for:

    Ravens at Browns
    Chargers at Bengals
    Vikings at Eagles

  6. Just for your predictions: The only two crews with only one week off up date are Clete Blakeman’s crew and Carl Cheffers’ crew. Hope it help all you guys.

    • corrente also i believe?
      one referee will only get 1 bye week, so that means that 3 refs have only had 1 week off…
      hochuli was off 2 weeks ago, now leavy, so i think in weeks 16 and 17, its down to cheffers, blakeman and also corrente

      • Wrong again. When it comes to officiating, the preseason does not influence the regular season, whatsoever. This includes off weeks.

        • Preth, That is good to know. I had noticed that Anderson,Carey and Winter including Preseason were the only ones who have had 3 weeks off this season, but your info answers my question about that. Thanks

      • I agree with you Dana. In the weeks off case of course the preseason count.

      • Dana: I agree with you. In the matter of off weeks the preseason counts. The NFLRA try to be just with the crews and some crews had 3 weeks off because of the total games in the year (preseason and season). For postseason the high qualified crews makes the first two weeks (wildcards and divisional games). The last games has the top qualified officials in each position . Obviusly the best qualified done the Superbowl.

  7. Triplette is in Arizona

  8. Shane Spencer says

    Boger has yet to do an Eagles game this season…it’s either this week vs. Minnesota or next week vs. Dallas.

  9. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible refs for the NE @ BUF game are:

    Walt Anderson
    Walt Coleman
    Tony Corrente
    Terry McAulay
    Pete Morelli
    Alberto Riveron

  10. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible refs for the MIN @ PHI game are:

    Mike Carey
    Tony Corrente
    Bill Leavy
    Pete Morelli
    Gene Steratore

  11. god shane quit clogging the damn message board with 20 messages on predictions and eligibilities. it gets annoying having to go through all those messages that you spam.

    • Shane Spencer says


      • Frank, can you calm down! no one is making you read Shane’s posts. I personally like to know who is eligible to work each game. Every week, you are the one wo spazzes out and it gets annoying with all of your negative comments.

        • I’ll comply Russ with the unknown games

          NE @ BUF – Anderson, Blakeman, Corrente, McAulay, Morelli, Riveron, Steratore

          BAL @ CLE – Blakeman, Carey, Corrente, Morelli, Parry, Steratore, Winter

          TEN @ KC – Carey, Green, McAulay, Morelli, Riveron

          DET @ MIA – Blakeman, Carey, Cheffers, Corrente, Green, Morelli, Parry

          SF @ STL – Anderson, Carey, Green, McAulay, Morelli, Parry, Riveron

          SD @ CIN – Cheffers, Corrente, Green, McAulay, Morelli, Steratore, Winter

          HOU @ DEN – Carey, Corrente, McAulay, Morelli, Parry, Riveron, Winter

          IND @ OAK – on my reply to joemenlo

          NYG @ GB – Anderson, Blakeman, Carey, Cheffers, Corrente, Green, Riveron, Winter

          SEA @ TB – Anderson, Blakeman, Green, Parry, Riveron, Winter

          MIN @ PHI – Carey, Corrente, Morelli, Riveron, Steratore

  12. I work with the refs for most OAK & SF home games – I can tell you that the rule about no crew working in the same stadium twice in one season is out the window. I’ve worked with Cheffers twice in SF (vs. OAK & vs. SEA), and with Green twice in OAK (vs. HOU & vs. DEN).

  13. If the 6-week rule is true, the only candidates for the IND@OAK game are:


    Blakeman has worked in OAK this season (vs. SD), but as I posted above that rule has not been binding this season.

    • The rule actually is…

      -Crews are ineligible for games where teams they have either worked twice and/or in the previous 4 weeks. And more than one home game can be worked contrary to what others have said.

    • So, by the rule really is the eligible offcials for the Indy/Oakland game are…

      Blakeman, Cheffers, McAulay, Steratore, Winter

  14. Hi Mickey –

    Confirmed: Bill Leavy has Panthers @ Steelers.

    Triplette, Corrente, Riveron, Blakeman, Green

    Steratore, Parry, Carey, Leavy, McAulay, Anderson

    Hochuli should be out to, but who knows – he has lost control of game details too often in the last couple of years. Even stuff that the viewer doesn’t see, but the network & NFL people notice.

  16. Question – does the regular season affect the post season, or is the post season a clean slate in terms of who can officiate the games? Can someone who refs this week or last week ref the first post season game for a team?

    • That is a great question. Becky what is the answer ?

    • Hi Bill –

      I have never seen a referee work a postseason game for a team, after having worked that team at the end of the regular season.

      However, it should be noted that playoff assignments are based on merit – it’s not likely, but it’s possible that all of the referees assigned Wildcard round games (for instance) worked combinations of those teams at the end of the season, and it’s impossible to give them all fresh pairs of teams. I’m just guessing here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a referee crew were given a team they recently worked, in those circumstances.

    • Correction, I have spotted one instance that I missed on the first scan of my data. In 2008, Hochuli worked the Wildcard game between Baltimore and Miami, after having worked Baltimore’s game in Week 16.

  17. Thanks!

  18. Hi Mickey: Mike Carey’s crew has the Vikings @ Eagles game next
    26, originally in the afternoon but changed to night (20:20 et) SNF

  19. In: McAulay, Anderson, Steratore, Parry, Leavy, Carey, Corrente, Winter

    Out: Riveron, Blakeman (rookie), Triplette, Cheffers

    Not sure: Coleman, Boger, Green, Hochuli, Morelli

    I’d like to see Parry, Steratore and Leavy get any combination of the two CCs and the SB.

  20. What did Houston ever do to football gods to be so mistreated, it’s like a rogues gallery of incompetent officals

    HOU @ DEN – Carey, Corrente, McAulay, Morelli, Parry, Riveron, Winter.

    MaAulay should be allowed to use his seeing eye dog, Riveron I wouldn’t let be a playground monitor. Winter couldn’t get it right if they let his mommy help out, Corrente last time I looked he blew so many calls Puffs tissues wanted him for a commercial.

    NFL fans only hope is that NFL takes off 2011 and they clear out the worst and most incompetent crews and start fresh in 2012…OH WAIT that would mean getting rid of 99% of the current officials

    • Texans fan, I beleive in week 6 that Ron Winter’s crew handed you guys the game by calling a pass interference call on the chiefs in the final seconds when Andre Johnson clearly pushed off of the chiefs defender when the defender didn’t even touch him. Even the anouncers couldn’t beleive they called pass interference. Texans would of lost that game if they didn’t call that penalty.

      • Shawn,

        you might want to go look @ youtube, Chiefs DB arm barred AJ on that play official saw it and there flag, AJ was not called because it was AFTER his pass route was interferred with call was CORRECT

    • Texans Fan – I feel for you. As an Eagles fan, we already had Riveron hand the redskins game #1, and we usually get a double dose of Hochuli and McAuley during each season. Let’s not forget Carl Cheffers tried to hand the Colts the game too when we played them. I’m thrilled to FINALLY get Mike Carey this week. I was hoping he’d do a big game for us, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

    • i’m just gonna throw this out there and say these are the best 119 + reserve officials out there, and that they probably have a better, a much better, grasp on everything than everyone. sure, everyone hates the officials for a call they perceive as missed, but before you go blaming the officials for houston’s woes, take a look at your defensive stats this season. it’s not the refs fault.
      and as for the referees you’ve called out, Carey, Corrente and McAulay have all been SB refs in the past 5 years. John Parry is one of 3 of the young guys who are all fantastic.

      • kenneth. Rex Grossman, Trent Dilfer, and Brad Johnson all appeared in super bowls too. Doesn’t make them good.

        I actually think Carey is the best referee in the league. The only ones I think are terrible are Hochuli (which is obvious to anyone), McAuley, and Cheffers. I don’t know what constitutes a penalty when these guys are reffing. I think for the most part, the others do a good job.

        • you cant compare the qb to the referee. All 3 of those qb’s had superb defenses that got them to the super bowl. i’d accept your argument if the entire crew made the superbowl, but as the referee crew is an all star crew, that means that carey, corrente and mcaulay were all the best referee for that year.

          plus, there are 7 men per crew. and i surely hope you are being sarcastic about the “what constitutes a penalty” if they were all bad as that statement of yours implyies, they’d be jobless.

          everyone on here blames the officials and says they are terrible, and while there are some that are better than the others, they are the best 17 at their positions in the nation.

          I hope that Brad Allen gets invited to the NFL soon though. He could replace triplette or hochuli or one of the older guys in a few years.

          • I was being sarcastic with everyone but Hochuli. I’m not sure what Hochuli is looking at during a game, during a play, or during a replay.

          • probably looking for a glimpse of himself in the jumbotron. ok that was a joke, haha.

            while he is not as good as recent years, i know most of us can agree that cheffers and riveron and 16 and 17 for the head referees.

        • Bill – Like to see you get out there and Officiate. What do you know about Officials and Football? This shows you know NOTHING about Football!

          • Kenneth – like to see you in your workplace. Being mean spirited gets you know where! I bet your awful where you work so stop! With what your saying, proves you know NOTHING about football.

          • The game: Cowboys @ Cardinals. Jeff Triplette & his crew had some late flags. Did they look @ the Jumbotron too? Bash them!

  21. Scott Green For Titans-KC

  22. Scott Green in KC

  23. The Raven game will be between Steratore or Corrente. My guess is since Steratore lives on the east coast and Corrente is from the west coast they may keep the crews close to home for Christmas so my pick is Steratore since he hasn’t done a Brown game this season and did the Ravens way back in week #2 in Cincinnati.

  24. Joe Platania says

    My guess is Corrente for BAL-CLE since he hasn’t done BAL all year and Steratore did a BAL preseason game and the Week 2 game you mentioned… But then again, David, you’ve been sharp on your calls before! Who knows, really?

  25. Confirmed:

    Morelli has 49ers @ Rams.

  26. And provided by BTFS,

    Winter has Texans @ Broncos.

  27. Scott Green has Titans at Chiefs per Titans Press Release.

  28. John Wonderly says

    How does Carey or any of his crew get a playoff game after that abomination in Indy Sunday?

  29. Terry McAuley in Oakland for Colts/Raiders.

  30. Mr. John Parry and his crew will be in Miami doing the Lions/Dolphins game

    • predictions remainder four games

      Anderson- Seattle @ Tampa Bay
      Blakeman- New York @ Green Bay
      Corrente – San Diego @ Cincinnati
      Steratore – Baltimore @ Cleveland


      BAD GUESS.

      • You meant, John Parry in Cleveland. I just read that message at BTFS.

      • ever heard of dane cook?
        why are you such a douche. its a forum for posting and guessing at referee assignments on a weekly basis. if you dont wanna see people make guesses or on occasion miss an assignment, then don’t visit the site. you’re attacking dane for no reason about his name. why don’t you mature a little bit then come back

      • How bout you just stop posting period you have done nothing but attack the whole bunch all year im sick of watching it just fly by under the radar if your gonna post keep it nice keep it polite or get lost we got enough hate in the world and Ur 2 cents isnt needed on top of it

  31. Mickey:

    Corrente is doing Lions @ Dolphins.

  32. So it looks like Blakeman is in Clev. for the 2nd time in 7 weeks. Never thought that would happen.

  33. Anderson did the Ravens last week, Blakeman in Clev. week #9 Cheffers did Ravens week #12 and Parry was in Clev. week #5 and did the Ravens in week #9. How do you guys think this plays out now Blakeman or Parry

  34. WNST in Baltimore places Parry on BAL-CLE. I cannot personally confirm, but the only other possible ref (if everything else is correct) is Blakeman.

  35. So Parry gets a ” Home Game ” for Christmas. I’am happy they try to help the Refs out during the holiday season as best as they can. [ Akron Ohio ]

    • while the referee may be close to home, i think its coincidental, as this does little for the other 8 men travelling to cleveland…

      • Kenneth, I agree with you. Is another couple hours on a plane really going to make a difference? Besides, it is after Christmas anyway.

      • and based on what assignments we have, only three refs are close to home anyway.
        (Steratore in Cincy, he is from western PA)
        (Parry in Cleveand, from Akron)
        (Boger in Jacksonville, he is from near Atlanta)

        quite the contrary, most referees have gone very far:
        Corrente, Leavy, Hochuli and Carey are all from the west coast and are in Miami, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Philly. McAulay is the Big East Coordinator of Officials, so he is probably from Maryland or PA, and he is in Oakland. Jeff Triplette is from Charlotte, NC and is in Arizona. Scott Green is going from Alexandria, VA to Kansas City, Missouri. Morelli has gone halfway across the country from Cali to Missouri. Riveron up the entire east coast from Miami to Buffalo. Coleman, likewise, from Arkansas to Chicago. And finally, Winter from Kalamazzoo to Denver.

        Cheffers, Blakeman and Anderson are all unknown. No clue where Cheffers is from, but he was a Pac-10 referee, so west coast is a good guess. Blakeman lives in Nebraska, and Anderson just outside of Houston. With Green Bay and Tampa Bay left, it would appear that someone is going far.

        Not trying to debunk anyone’s theory about being near home on Christmas, but for most of referees, they are travelling far. This doesnt even include the U, HL, or any of the ‘judges’

  36. Gang:

    You all know the rules better than I do, but Parry is the SEVENTH different ref that the Ravens will have had twice this year (counting preseason): McAulay, Winter, Steratore, Morelli, Anderson, Leavy are the others. How is this possible? This only happened four times last year…

  37. I think it’ll be Anderson doing SEA @ TB because Cheffers did SEA @ SF Wk. 14 and TB @ BAL Wk. 12. I think it’ll be Cheffers doing NYG @ GB and Blakeman will be off.

  38. Sounds right to me, I don’t think Parry has ever done a Super Bowl.

    • Blakeman cant do a playoff game as a 1st year offical that is not allowed per the rules of the Nfl 5 year minimum is the rule somewhere i have read

      • you are correct bronson. he is ineligible this year, although his crew can go with another referee (which i think it likely) the 5 year rule applies to the Super Bowl though, starting next season he can get WC, Div and CC assignments.

  39. I’m guessing Clete Blakeman is in Green Bay this weekend.

  40. JoeTheMailman says

    Bill Leavy did a nice job….YET AGAIN…..AS USUAL tonight. I really think he’s in the top 3 along with Walt Anderson and Mean Gene…….throw Jeff Triplette in there as well!!!!

  41. Cheffers field judge lives in Wisconsin. Not sure if that matters Re: assignments?

  42. If Blakeman is off, then Cheffers will have NYG-GB and Anderson will have SEA-TB.

    If Cheffers is off, then it’s still up in the air as both Anderson and Blakeman can do both unknown games.

  43. The game: Cowboys @ Cardinals. Jeff Triplette & his crew had some late flags. Did they look @ the Jumbotron too? Bash them!

  44. I’m sorry if this subject has been brought up before but does anyone else notice how much smaller Ed Hochuli looks this year? I’m not implying anything but it’s just something I’ve noticed

  45. Coleman for Probowl — I love it. He can make up rules, see things in the monitor that no one else does, all day long, and no one will care…

  46. hochuli has turned into the worst ref in the nfl…my god it’s painful to watch.

  47. Jeffrey Reilly says

    One could argue that the terrible penalty call against the Saints just before Drew made a bad mistake for a pick 6 had nothing to do with the bad call on the punt from Atlanta and the outrageous penalty for unneccesary roughness for knocking a defender out of bounds before the ball reached the waiting receiver. On the other hand, the Saints would have had the ball in a much better position had that penalty not been called. For some reason, the idiot sideline judge thought the Saint defender could see through the back of his helmet and knew the Atlanta player was not in a postition to affect the play. C’mon dude; how stupid do you have to be?

  48. Did anyone see the “best of c’mon man” for this year at halftime? My favorite was when Cheffers screwed up during his DAL @ HOU game in Week 3. In the words of Southwest airlines and FOX’s Joe Buck: “Wanna get away?” lol.

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