Week 12

Thu. Nov. 25
Patriots at Lions, 12:30 PM – Ron Winter
Saints at Cowboys, 4:15 PM – Jerome Boger
Bengals at Jets, 8:20 PM – Mike Carey

Sun. Nov. 28
Titans at Texans, 1:00 PM – Clete Blakeman
Jaguars at Giants, 1:00 PM – Terry McAulay
Panthers at Browns, 1:00 PM – Jeff Triplette
Steelers at Bills, 1:00 PM – John Parry
Vikings at Redskins, 1:00 PM – Ed Hochuli
Packers at Falcons, 1:00 PM – Pete Morelli
Chiefs at Seahawks, 4:05 PM – Tony Corrente
Dolphins at Raiders, 4:05 PM – Walt Anderson
Buccaneers at Ravens, 4:15 PM – Carl Cheffers
Eagles at Bears, 4:15 PM – Scott Green
Rams at Broncos, 4:15 PM – Bill Leavy
Chargers at Colts, 8:20 PM – Al Riveron

Mon. Nov. 29
49ers at Cardinals, 8:30 PM – Gene Steratore

Off – Walt Coleman



    • I totally agree. No predictions—-just put up Confirmed Assignments. Please!

      • Seems like a good plan to me.

        However, I find the predictions to be quite interesting. Perhaps discuss those on the message board, and then use this thread to post confirmed assignments?


        • Let’s just get rid of the predictions and stats about who could work where. It clogs down the message board. I would prefer these threads for posting official assignments and have somewhere else for all these predictions and people posting dumb stuff about which officials they fantasize about, including those 2 girls who talk about Ed Hochuli.

          I come here to see who is working where, not get analysis.

        • I agree with Mickey, I find them to be very interesting and enjoyable.
          Frank, I think you are being extremely hypocritical… your post is ‘clogging up’ the thread and are adding much less value to the thread than the predictions. Oh and please turn your Caps Lock off, you don’t need to yell.

  2. Buccaneers at Ravens, 1:00 PM
    Eagles at Bears, 1:00 PM

    These two games will be played at 4:15. The NFL announced the time switch last week.

  3. My prediction for the Steelers-Bills game is Jon Parry

  4. McAulay has Jags @ Giants 1pm Sunday

  5. Official #121

  6. Frank you jealous of Hochuli??????????????????????

  7. Would have liked to see Mike Carey do the New England @ Detroit game instead because he has not done a game in Detroit since 2005

  8. Mickey, Hochuli has the Minnesota at redskins game.

    And on another happy note. We vikings fans got a thanksgiving and xmas present all in one. GOOD-BYE CHILDRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. carey has the jets game?

  10. mr. bamboozaul says

    who will be the referee 4 the
    saints-cowboys game?

    i think the cowboys will win
    straight out, guaranteed.

  11. Ed Hochuli has Packers vs Skins. Confirmed by Skins PR Staff.

  12. Walt Coleman is off this this week, fyi.

  13. Boger in DAL and Winter in DET
    Blakeman in HOU

    Now have all of your thanksgiving crews…

  14. My predictions on the remaining games:

    Anderson- Kansas City@Seattle
    Cheffers- Miami @ Oakland
    Corrente- Tampa Bay @ Baltimore
    Green- Carolina @ Cleveland
    Leavy- St Louis @ Denver
    Morelli- Philadelphia @ Chicago
    Riveron- SanDiego @ Indy
    Steratore- Arizona @ San Francisco
    Triplette- Pittsburgh @ Buffalo
    Parry- Green Bay @ Atlanta

    Steratore has not worked a primetime game yet. Riveron’s only primetime was a mng New Orleans @ SF and he never worked in Indy.
    I am hoping my picks would come close to reality because Anderson has not worked @ Seattle since 2006. Leavy in Denver since 2005. And Parry never worked in Atlanta

  15. Correction Steratore did work in Indy in 2006. If Steratore works the St Louis @ Denver game that would be good too because Denver is the only site that he has not done a game

  16. No problem Ryan, I’m not that petty. I don’t sweat the small stuff. And its a double check which is good.

  17. SportingBecky says

    With NFL R-85 Ed Hochuli getting primetime games later in the yr…. Uhmmmmmm?????

    —-> Could R-85 get the nod for the Super Bowl XLV in TEXAS??? The #1 State!…. I am 20 minutes from Cowboy Stadium….

    • no one cares

      • SportingBecky says

        Frank ur just jealous… Ha!

        Just like Nita said earlier!!!!

      • seriously. this isnt a comment that is really needed. granted some may argue that becky’s isnt relevant either, at least her pertains to Hochuli and the fact that she is a fan of his work as a referee. dont be bitter, it makes people dislike you and they dont even know you.

        anyhow, i’d like to see steratore or parry get the SB nod, perhaps Hochuli can have the AFC OR NFC championship game… =)

        • SportingBecky says

          Uhmmmmm All I do is make a comment & others come on this site & bash others & me… If you do not have something positive to say.. than DO NOT TYPE anything @ all…. enough said!

  18. Morelli is in Atlanta.

  19. SportingBecky says

    WEEK #12 Officials —> Not a guess… for real!! BTFS site!

    NE @ DET- Winter
    NO @ DAL- Boger
    CIN @ NYJ- M. Carey
    MIN @ WASH- Hochuli
    PIT @ BUFF- Parry
    TEN @ HOU- Blakeman
    JAX @ NYG- McAulay
    CAR @ CLE- Triplette
    GB @ ATL- Morelli
    KC @ SEA- Corrente
    MIA @ OAK- W. Anderson
    STL @ DEN- Leavy
    TB @ BALT- Cheffers
    PHI @ CHI- Green
    SD @ INDY- Riveron
    SF @ AZ- G. Steratore

    OFF- W. Coleman

  20. Becky is right…go with it…

  21. SportingBecky says

    NCAA Football – Thanksgiving Weekend:
    BIG XII Game – [ABC] 8:00PM ET/7PM Central
    Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State
    NOV 27, 2010

    Greg Burks – Referee
    Shawn Hochuli – Back Judge(R-85’s Son)
    Umpire Friend

  22. SportingBecky they won’t know who is the superbowl ref until the week b4 the nfc and afc championship games. The ref for the superbowl is one of the refs who refs the playoff games.

    • SportingBecky says

      Hi Nita,

      Yes… I have been following NCAA & NFL Officiating since the early 1970’s(Since I was about 8 yrs old)……. 🙂

    • Unless something changed, the officials know after the regular season. I went to college with Dale Hamer’s daughter, and she knew I knew her dad. One day, she came up to me and gave me a spreadsheet outlying each playoff game and who the officials were- this was given to me right after the regular season, but before the wild card games.
      BTW- met Dale once- very nice man and good official.

  23. Do refs do multiple teams in the same season? Steelers had John Parry in week 2. Thanks!

    • i believe the trend has been that the same ref can ref one team multiple times in a season, just not within 6 weeks, as well as they cannot referee the same home team twice.

      i.e. parry can referee pitt b/c wks 2 and 12 are more than 6 weeks apart, as well as parry reffed pitt as the away team in wk 2 and away in week 12…

      if anyone wants to add to or retract from this, please do. i am no expert, these are just what i have observed.

  24. SportingBecky says

    An NFL Officiating Crew can work an NFL Team @ home 1 time a season, but can can officiate a team 2 times, maybe more if they are an away team. There is usually a 6 or 7 week gap between. Generally they try to keep it @ 2 times a season for away games.

  25. does anyone know the hometown of these nfl officials? Todd Prukop, Ronald Torbert, Greg Bradley, Tony Michalek, Julian Mapp,
    Greg Yette, Adrian Hill, I would appreciate it if someone could help me out on this because I have looked for hours and had no luck finding out where there originally from or even where they live now. Thanks!!

  26. For your viewing pleasure: Patriots vs Lions gameday flipcard.


  27. What is the purpose of knowing where these officials live? It hasn’t been a pretty picture in the passed when people know where they live. I’m with JJ know the addresses of several of them but would never tell. Not a good thing!!!

    • agreed! remember what happened with jim joyce’s family after he called the runner on 1st safe to end the perfect game for Armando Gallaraga. If the ref wants to release their info they can, but no one else should!

  28. This is odd, has anyone noticed that this will be Ron Winter’s fourth consecutive game in primetime?
    He did Monday, November 8th Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati, Thursday, November 11th Baltimore @ Atlanta, Sunday, November 21st Giant’s @ Philadelphia and tomorrow’s New England @ Detroit.
    I wonder if that is any kind of record for a ref

  29. I don’t want their address just where they are from. And no I’m not a stalker. Just curious so I can use the info for my football picks. (LoL)
    But no big deal I’m sure I can find it on my own with more research. Not everybody wants to do harm to people. (geeeeeZ) Sorry I asked.

  30. What is BTFS and could somebody post a link to where those assignments are? Just curious…


  31. Sorry about that David,
    I did see where you commented Ron Winter doing these primetime
    games. I have a feeling that Mike Carey is going to get the assignment for the Pittsburgh @ Baltimore game

  32. According to my records , Triplette has not worked a game in Philadelphia since 1999. I wonder what is up with that? Maybe he will do the Thursday Houston @ Philadelphia matchup. Also, speaking of Houson, Triplette has never done a game from there.
    The NFL needs to hire one of us from this board to schedule the refs. lol

  33. I don’t know why the NFL doesn’t push up the bye weeks by one week. In other words, I would have New Orleans, New York Jets , New England plus a fourth team off the week of the 21st.

    • Gerry, That makes too much sense !!! They gave the Ravens their bye week in week #8, Oct. 31st instead of week #9 before they had to go down and play IN Atlanta in week #10 on Thursday night on 3 days rest. On the back end they did have extra time off before week #11 at Carolina. Now in week #14 Houston plays on Thursday night and has that extra time off to prepare for their HOME game on Monday night against the Ravens. All three games the Ravens have had to travel.

  34. Correction, I meant Cincinnati should have been off last week not the Jets

  35. Yes Preth, Carey has not worked a Steelers home game since 2ooo
    I find that to be very strange

  36. Yea Rich I’m gonna do all i can to get the Vikes a win Sunday.

  37. Your going to have to do a whole lot Nita. Hail to the Redskins.

    • Rich Kalahiki says

      Hahaha the only guy i am worried about is FAVRE, this texting issue is causing issues with his wife. And she was a big supporter, now she don’t even attend his games.

  38. Leave it up to the Redskins to blow a game.

  39. Just watched the Eagles-Bears game. How the hell do those guys still have a job? Not to go on a rant but…

    Saw numerous late hits after the whistle missed by this crew. What happened was a chippy game that nearly saw several brawls.

    When a QB is called for in the grasp, as Vick was in the second quarter, you can’t hit him after the whistle. But that’s exactly what happened in front of Green.

    Finally, the officials missed a clear fumble by Johnny Knox on the onside kick late in the fourth. Officials ruled Knox gave himself up after catching a Philly onside kick. If that is the case,then Knox needs to stay on the ground, not jump up and down and put the ball on the ground without being touched by a member of the kicking game.

    Please do not allow this crew to officiate another important game this year. Send him to Detroit or Buffalo or Charlotte for the rest of the season.

  40. That pass interference that Carl Cheffers called against Tampa Bay that made the score 17-3 Baltimore, shouldn’t have been called. Another terrible call by Cheffers & his crew.

  41. Well Rich I did do alot of yelling and screaming watching the Vikings and Redskins. Maybe it helped. I thot Minn. played more like they were having fun and enjoying the game, not like the past weeks, where they were laughing and screwing around on the sidelines. Hopefully this will get them going now.

  42. Al Riveron, memory problems? Forgot what PASS INTERFERENCE is? Cheater.

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