Week 13

Thu. Dec. 02
Texans at Eagles, 8:20 PM – Walt Anderson

Sun. Dec. 05
Jaguars at Titans, 1:00 PM – Ron Winter
Broncos at Chiefs, 1:00 PM – Carl Cheffers
Redskins at Giants, 1:00 PM – Walt Coleman
Bears at Lions 1:00 PM – Ed Hochuli
Saints at Bengals, 1:00 PM – Jeff Triplette
Bills at Vikings, 1:00 PM – Jerome Boger
Browns at Dolphins, 1:00 PM – Al Riveron
49ers at Packers, 1:00 PM – Bill Leavy
Raiders at Chargers, 4:05 PM – John Parry
Falcons at Buccaneers, 4:15 PM – Tony Corrente
Rams at Cardinals, 4:15 PM – Clete Blakeman
Cowboys at Colts, 4:15 PM – Pete Morelli
Panthers at Seahawks, 4:15 PM – Gene Steratore
Steelers at Ravens, 8:20 PM – Terry McAulay

Mon. Dec. 06
Jets at Patriots, 8:30 PM – Scott Green


  1. Looking ahead to week 13 already lol, it looks as if Hochuli still will not be doing a primetime game. Sunday night’s game is Pittsburgh @ Baltimore and monday night’s game is Jets @ New England. Coincidentally, Hochuli worked the first meeting of each of those matchups. Hochuli can do thursday’s Houston @ Philadelphia matchup. It would be six weeks since he had worked the Phil @ Tenn game.

  2. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the ATL @ TB game are:

    Carl Cheffers
    Walt Coleman
    Tony Corrente
    Scott Green
    Ed Hochuli
    Alberto Riveron
    Gene Steratore

  3. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the DEN @ KC game are:

    Walt Anderson
    Carl Cheffers
    Ed Hochuli
    John Parry
    Gene Steratore
    Ron Winter

  4. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the CHI @ DET game are:

    Walt Anderson
    Mike Carey
    Ed Hochuli
    Terry McAulay (he previously officiated this matchup back in 2006 at Ford Field)
    Pete Morelli (he previously officiated this matchup two straight years in 2007 and 2008 at Soldier Field)
    John Parry
    Jeff Triplette

  5. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the STL @ AZ game are:

    Clete Blakeman
    Jerome Boger
    Terry McAulay
    Pete Morelli
    John Parry
    Jeff Triplette

  6. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the WSH @ NYG game are:

    Walt Anderson
    Walt Coleman
    Scott Green
    John Parry
    Alberto Riveron
    Gene Steratore

  7. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the JAX @ TEN game are:

    Walt Anderson
    Jerome Boger
    Carl Cheffers
    Tony Corrente
    Scott Green
    Alberto Riveron
    Ron Winter

  8. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the OAK @ SD game are:

    Jerome Boger
    Mike Carey
    Carl Cheffers
    Walt Coleman (he hasn’t officiated a Raiders game since the infamous “Tuck Rule Game”)
    Scott Green
    Pete Morelli
    John Parry
    Ron Winter

  9. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the NYJ @ NE game are:

    Walt Coleman
    Tony Corrente
    Scott Green
    Pete Morelli

  10. Shane Spencer says

    Eligible referees for the PIT @ BAL game are:

    Walt Anderson
    Clete Blakeman
    Mike Carey
    Walt Coleman
    Bill Leavy
    Terry McAulay
    Gene Steratore
    Jeff Triplette

    • please not jeff triplette! please!

    • If Coleman is refing this game, the Ravens should just forfeit. The way he single-handedly gave the Steelers the AFC-N title in 2008, and turned instant replay into a joke, still represents one of the worst officiating performances in the history of professional sports. Absolutely inexcusable; to this day, no one has ever produced a frame of video or a still photo that shows Holmes breaking the plane of the goal line on that catch. Yet Coleman overturned it, then displayed during the explanation that he didn’t even know the rule.

      The NFL should have fired him that day.

        • Um, that just reinforces my point: The league went to incredible lengths to avoid admitting this was a bad call, hiring a graphics firm to *generate* evidence that didn’t exist. And even if the CGI was correct (and there is no way to know), Coleman did not have access to it.

          IR is only supposed to overturn a call if there is “irrefutable evidence” that the field call was wrong. That means 50 people watch the replay, 50 people make the same call. Obviously this one didn’t fit either category.

          And as someone else pointed out, Coleman is also responsible for the infamous NE/OAK “tuck rule” game.

          • The league, historically, does not hesitate to admit when a call was bad. This includes Mike Pereira’s segments. Nor do they ever hire anyone to cover up the truth, or to generate fake video. That particular accusation is – no offense – garbage.

            As Mike Pereira made clear, that call could reasonably lead to an offseason discussion about what should be considered “irrefutable evidence”. However, here’s the problem: refereeing is incredibly opinionated. I don’t think there is a single controversial call in history that 50 out of 50 people would agree with. And thus your definition is incorrect.

            The only thing that matters is what the referee sees. If he sees any reason not to overturn the call, he shouldn’t overturn it. True, Coleman didn’t have access to any equipment to zoom in, nor did he have help of any “graphics firms”. But he still saw the same shots you see in that video, and he concluded – not necessarily incorrectly – that the ball had crossed the goal line.

            Clearly, you don’t think it crossed the line, and that’s perfectly fine. But even if it didn’t, had the league fired Coleman over something like this, that would have been an even worse decision.

  11. McAulay who has not done a game in KC since 2002 is also eligible because it would be exactly six weeks since he worked Oakland @ Denver

  12. Here are my predictions for week 13 as well as who I would like to see officiate based on longest time last visited an nfl city
    Houston at Phil- TRIPLETTE (1999 last visit)
    Carolina at Seattle – COLEMAN ( 2001 last visit)
    Pitts at Balt – CAREY ( 2006 last visit ) no snf yet
    Chicago at Detroit ANDERSON ( 2005 last visit)
    Cleveland at Miami – WINTER
    SF at GB – LEAVY ( 2006 last visit)
    Oak at SD – BOGER
    StL at Ariz – MORELLI
    Dallas at Indy – PARRY
    NYJ at NE – GREEN (no mnf yet)
    Wsh at NYG – STERATORE
    Jks at Tenn- RIVERON never worked at Tenn
    Buff at Minn – CHEFFERS never worked at Minn
    Atlanta at Tampa Bay – CORRENTE (2006 last visit)
    Denver at Kansas City – MCAULAY (2002 last visit0
    New Or at Cinn – BLAKEMAN
    HOCHULI week off

  13. Apparantly Shane didn’t get the memo about not posting predictions and 15 posts about who can work where because that clogs down the comments board.

  14. Seriously who cares whether or not people are posting guesses. REALLY have we become that petty Frank. Your getting stressed out and bent out of shape because people are guessing and making predictions. You act as if that is the gospel but it isn’t. It is fun to see how people think and there reasoning. ALSO, if Mickey didn’t like it he would have done something about it and told people to stop. All you do is create more animosity and have everybody hating you because you complain. Here’s an idea if you don’t like it then stop coming to the website. Because clearly you aren’t in the majority and nobody really cares what you think. Either accept it or don’t come back and quit being so LAME.

  15. Guy’s I can confirm that Scott Green has the MNF game Jets at Patriots. Through a media source.

  16. Since Anderson is Coordinator of Officials for the Big 12 – my predicition is that he will work the Thursday night game so he can be in Dallas for the Championship game on Saturday night. He has never had a game conflict in the season’s past.

    • If I remember correctly, Anderson does not do Texans games. He is from Sugarland, outside of Houston, and unofficially someone close to him once said he wont do Texans regular season games because of his close proximity to to Houston.

  17. Jerome Boger has the Minnesota Vikings game.

  18. Al Riveron in Miami for week 13

  19. Mark and Brad — Thanks, both are updated.

  20. Hochuli is in Detroit on Sunday.

    I’m sure that the official in that Ravens/Buccs game will be reprimanded bcause they don’t tolerate that from the officials.

  21. Boy you are right on the spot. Pretty fast!!!and efficient!

  22. chris laratta says

    what happend to field judge jimmy buchanan what referees and crews have done good this year what referees and crews have done bad

  23. Not doubting Nita, but I was just listening to the WSCR 670 AM The Score and their reporter announced Ed Hochuli for the Bears/Lions game.

  24. JJ Yes I see that Ed Hochuli is OFF on Week 14. I see it on Week 14 messages.

  25. i have read somewhere will work on the source but Careys Crew is the 1 off this week But i read so much I could be wrong 🙂

  26. Ron Winter For JAX-TEN


    First Game Here Since 2008

  27. I was shocked that Boris Cheeks was the official. Thats not like him. Either the officials were really pushed to the limit in that game or Boris is getting burned out like we do in any job!!!! Wonder what punishment he will get.

  28. Gerry

    Hochuli will work some prime time games at the end of the season (after week 14) this is confirmed by the BTFS crew.

  29. mr. bamboozaul says

    who will official the cowboys-colts game?

  30. Okay, everybody, hopes this gives you a jump on things:

    Straight from the Ravens’ staff: McAulay for PIT-BAL and Leavy for BAL-HOU the following Monday night…

  31. Hi Mickey:

    Confirmed – Gene Steratore is in Seattle.

  32. Also confirmed, via Cardinals Flipcard:

    Blakeman is in Arizona.

  33. How is it that we are a bit more than 24 hours away from the first game and we don’t know the officials for the Texans/Eagles game?

  34. Hoping it is Triplette since he has not done a game in Philly since 1999

  35. Falcons-Bucs is a 4:15 start

  36. Walt Coleman has Redskins at Giants. Confirmed by Redskins PR Staff. Flip Card will be published soon and I will post.

  37. I am suprised Steratore is getting a second west coast game in a row because of his duties as a college hoops ref.

  38. Ryan I figured there was no chance of Coleman doing Oakland @ San Diego lol

  39. I’ll most any crew except Coleman’s, Steratore’s, and Green’s. Wish Tony Corrente, Leavy and Carey would get assigned to more Charger’s games, only referees I really like.

  40. Seems like Riveron is always doing games in southeast.

  41. Only 2 refs Available for the bucs/falcons is Cheffers and Corrente all the others for the Eleigable list are assigned

  42. Did Todd Archer leave the Dallas Morning News? I dont see any columns from him latley and he usually always posted the referee assignments.

  43. are we gonna know who is doing tonites game befor it starts or not.

    • chances are that since it starts in 43m, it’ll be a game time sighting. the TNF games are usually hard to tell until the night of, unless one of the posters on this forum is friends with one of the crew (Nita is friends with someone on Hochuli’s crew i think, so she always informs us of his whereabouts.) =D

  44. oh ok got ya ……thanks

  45. James , Riveron worked a game in San Francisco and a game in Denver duriing the second and third week of the season

  46. I still think it is going to be Triplette for tonight’s game

  47. You would have to think either Triplette or Morelli gets this game; and for the purpose of a guess, I’ll take Triplette.

  48. Walt Anderson for Texans/Eagles.

  49. Shane Spencer says

    So it’s down to Carl Cheffers, Tony Corrente, Bill Leavy, Pete Morelli, John Parry and Jeff Triplette.

    DEN @ KC – Carl Cheffers
    NO @ CIN – Jeff Triplette
    SF @ GB – BIll Leavy
    OAK @ SD – John Parry
    ATL @ TB – Tony Corrente
    IND @ DAL – Pete Morelli

  50. Well one taboo of Anderson never working any Texans games is broken…

  51. It is Texans’ home games that we are alluding to.

  52. mickey, is there anyway you can delete all of these comments so that when sunday comes around, there arent in excess of 100 comments to go through, but just the ones pertaining for sunday’s assignments…?

    • I’m curious – why are the comments interesting, if the only thing you care about are the confirmed assignments? Just look at the game listings at the top for those… 🙂

      • oh, i find them interesting, and i usually will add my thoughts and guesses on occasion, but since the usual posters have already seen what is up here this week, why not get rid of the first 100+ comments to reduce the posts to scroll through

  53. I can confirm Jeff Triplette will be in Cincinnati this weekend.

  54. Make that…

    Then if that no more than one team’s home game by each crew is a true and accurate rule, that puts Leavy in Green Bay.

  55. In fact, BTFS has confirmed Leavy in Green Bay and Corrente in Tampa.

  56. Thanks Eric and John — those updates are there now.

  57. What disqualifies him from OAK@SD?

  58. We know that Mike Carey is off. That leaves Morelli and Parry, and it looks like both are eligible for both remaining games.

    • parry hasn’t had SD all season, and had Oak for an away game in week 2. He reffed @dallas in week 7. Morelli has been @oak (wk3) and not had dallas or indy all year, so i’m gonna go with

      Morelli – DAL @ IND
      Parry – OAK @ SD

      • Parry hasn’t had Oakland either. Corrente had Oakland AT HOME in Week 2.

        • I think Kenneth was talking about Preseason week 2, a game Parry officiated as Oakland visited Chicago.

          • On a side note, if there is a “referees can’t officate two home games for one team” rule, it doesn’t include the preseason. Morelli has officiated both a preseason game and a regular season game in Seattle.

          • yeah i read my chart wrong. i looked at preseason and wasnt paying attention to the fact that it was preseason, haha. the afc west played the nfc west this season, so i should’ve recognized. haha. ah well, i still think morelli will be in indy and parry in sd

  59. kenneth you are correct.

    BTFS does have Parry in SD and Morelli in IND.

  60. Triplette’s first game in Cincinnati since 2003

  61. Neither Boger nor Coleman has worked a game as far west as Kansas City this year.
    Again the only two sites that Boger has yet to officiate are Chicago and St Louis.
    Coleman has not worked in Oakland since 1998, Seattle since 2001,
    Denver since 2006, San Francisco since 2007 and San Diego since 2006. He worked in Arizona either last year or the year before.

  62. SportingBecky says

    Ed Hochuli Crew —-> Back Judge BJ-105 Dino Paganelli(From Gene Steratore’s Crew) is with Hochuli today…..

    I hope Back Judge Don Carey is OK…..

  63. Is Coleman who was the line judge in the Neb. Oklahoma game sat. nite related to Walt Coleman in the NFL????

  64. Thanks Becky. I guess he didn’t want to continue with the family dairy business in Arkansas that his dad and uncle were running.

  65. Carey had a personal matter to attend to.

  66. Shane Spencer says

    Mickey, you haven’t updated this page yet…John Parry was the ref in the OAK-SD game, and Pete Morelli was the ref in the DAL-IND game.

  67. OMFG did you see that hit on Heath Miller. Harrison gets f***ed over with flags and fines for his “supposed” illegal hits, and yet you get a textbook helmet to helmet, snapping Miller’s head back and no flag?!?!?! Does the NFL and Referees have a vendetta against the steelers, because it sure seems like it.

    • Not only was that another missed call with Heath Miller, what about the hit to Rothlisberger resulting in a broken nose? It is apparent to the fans that the Steelers have been targeted. Even the announcers agreed. What is going on here? It makes me sick when you can’t trust the refs and the League to do their job. Politics in football are ruining the sport. Doesn’t Goodell care about what the fans are saying? Without them there would be no football games.

  68. I’m sick of us not getting any personal foul calls. If that was Harrison he probably would have been tossed from the game. It’s obvious the NFL doesn’t like the Steelers criticizing the rules because they are making us suffer for it.

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