Week 9

Sun. Nov. 07
Buccaneers at Falcons, 1:00 PM – Terry McAulay
Saints at Panthers, 1:00 PM – Ed Hochuli
Bears at Bills, 1:00 PM – Gene Steratore
Jets at Lions, 1:00 PM – Al Riveron
Dolphins at Ravens, 1:00 PM – John Parry
Patriots at Browns, 1:00 PM – Clete Blakeman
Chargers at Texans, 1:00 PM – Mike Carey
Cardinals at Vikings, 1:00 PM – Bill Leavy
Giants at Seahawks, 4:05 PM – Pete Morelli
Chiefs at Raiders, 4:15 PM – Jeff Triplette
Colts at Eagles, 4:15 PM – Carl Cheffers
Cowboys at Packers, 8:20 PM – Walt Coleman

Mon. Nov. 08
Steelers at Bengals, 8:30 PM – Ron Winter

Off: Jerome Boger, Walt Anderson


  1. I agree with you Dane. Green is probably off

  2. Dane, I believe Morelli is also eligible for the Dallas at Green Bay game. I hope it is Riveron because he has yet do work a game from Green Bay.
    I hope Triplett works Pittsburgh at Cincinnati because he has not worked in Cincinnati since 2003

  3. Sorry, Morelli of course worked last night’s Pittsburgh at New Orleans game

  4. Hochuli is in Carolina Sunday.

  5. Not necessarily true. Jerome Boger did Bucs/Pats in London last year and worked Seattle at Dallas the very next week.

  6. why do you ask Rich Kalahiki? I’m back in So. Dak. after having lived in Kansas and Ariz. I know Hochuli personally and also know the former BEST and Most TERRIFIC ref there was, Jerry Markbreit. Nita

  7. Jerome Boger’s crew is off this week. This is their second off week this year.

  8. Walt Coleman will be in Green Bay for Cowboys/Packers.

  9. Thanks Mark and Eric — Those are both posted now.


  11. Hi MIckey:
    Mike Carey’s crew in Houston this Sunday Nov. 7th. (Chargers @ Texans)

  12. Blakeman, Corrente, Steratore, Triplette are the only ones eligible for Bears/Bills in Toronto.

    • Green and Winter are also eligible.

      Leavy had a 2nd Tennessee game last week with his 1st one in Week #1. So, it’s Week 3 on where the ineligibles are figured out.

  13. Who’s eligible for Dolphins-Ravens?

  14. John2:
    Thanks for that list, but we’ve just heard the following, straight from the Ravens’ mouths:
    John Parry for MIA-BAL and a bonus ref for the upcoming Thursday night game, Ron Winter for BAL-ATL….

  15. McAulay crew has Bucs – Falcons game Sunday Nov 7

  16. Thanks John 2!

  17. Anderson crew is off this weekend.

  18. Bears vs Bills in Toronto is Gene Steratore.
    Patriots vs Browns is Clete Blakeman.

    These are confirmed from media notes from the Bills and Patriots.

  19. Al Riveron has Jets vs Lions confirmed by Lions PR Staff.

  20. Thanks for all of the updates. They’re in there now.

  21. JL if all those assumptions hold to form, then my predictions are
    Arizona at Minnesota Cheffers
    Indianapolis at Phil Morelli
    KC at Oakland Triplett
    New York G at Sea Leavy
    Pitts at Cinn Winter

  22. Gerry my are not assumptions mine are facts. All of my information is confirmed and reliable straight from the teams themselves. I also am a member of the media so I get this information on a regular basis.

  23. Good deal, Ryan Thanks

  24. Why is it Triplette
    almost every week the last ref found? almost every week you can’t find out till game time. so bizarre

  25. Monday Night Football is Ron Winter. Confirmed by the Bengals PR Staff.

  26. Mickey, I hope you know mine is a fact where Hochuli will be and not an assumption.

  27. Mine is real too for Jerome Boger because his HL lives on my street and he tells me where he is each week.

  28. Bill Leavy has Cardinals at Vikings. Confirmed by Cardinals PR Staff.

  29. Shane Spencer says

    The remaining refs for this week are:

    Carl Cheffers (he could be off)
    Tony Corrente (he could be off)
    Scott Green (he could do NYG @ SEA)
    Pete Morelli (he could do IND @ PHI)
    Jeff Triplette (he could do KC @ OAK)

  30. These are my predictions:

    Carl Cheffers- off
    Tony Corrente: NYG @ SEA or IND @ PHI
    Jeff Triplette: NYG @ SEA or IND @ PHI
    Pete Morelli: KC @ OAK
    Scott Green: NYG @ SEA or IND @ PHI

  31. Pete Morelli in Seattle.

  32. Jeff Triplette in Oakland

  33. Carl Cheffers in Philly.

  34. Cheffers has IND @ PHI

  35. They’re all updated now — thanks all!

  36. Terrible hit on Austin Collie, hope he’s okay.

  37. The call for Personal Foul on Kurt Coleman was questionable because it was helmet to helmet and Collie was defending himself. With that being said I think the NFL competition commitee has to look at allowing the referees to detrimine in borderline cases via replay whether or not it was a helmet to helmet hit and whether it detrimines ejection. Here is how I would have the rule
    1. The coaches will not be able to challenge these calls because the game happens so fast. Only the booth will be able to buzz down to the ref to call for a review
    2. The ref will go over to the replay monitor to look at the call to detrimine if there was evidence for helmet to helmet contact and if it was A to pick the flag up or B to eject a player if there is evidence to pick the flag up or not to eject the player then the call is overturned but if there is no evidence then the call stands
    3. This is in Borderline cases similar to todays hit on Collie and Jim Leonhards hit in Week 6 and The Dante Robinson hit as well along with the legal Harrison hit as well in week 6.

  38. Triplette’s first game in Oakland since 2001.
    Also, surprised Morelli is doing Giants at Seattle game because he worked the Seattle at St Louis game five weeks ago

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