Week 5

Sun. Oct. 10
Buccaneers at Bengals, 1:00 PM – Scott Green
Falcons at Browns, 1:00 PM – John Parry
Giants at Texans, 1:00 PM – Walt Coleman
Chiefs at Colts, 1:00 PM – Terry McAulay
Packers at Redskins, 1:00 PM – Gene Steratore
Jaguars at Bills, 1:00 PM – Carl Cheffers
Broncos at Ravens, 1:00 PM – Jerome Boger
Bears at Panthers, 1:00 PM – Mike Carey
Rams at Lions, 1:00 PM – Bill Leavy
Saints at Cardinals, 4:05 PM – Tony Corrente
Chargers at Raiders, 4:15 PM – Clete Blakeman
Titans at Cowboys, 4:15 PM – Jeff Triplette
Eagles at 49ers, 8:20 PM – Walt Anderson

Mon. Oct. 11
Vikings at Jets, 8:30 PM – Pete Morelli



  1. Shane Spencer says

    The games this week that Ron Winter are eligible to officiate are as follows:

    TB @ CIN
    ATL @ CLE
    NYG @ HOU
    DEN @ BAL
    CHI @ CAR
    STL @ DET
    NO @ ARI
    TEN @ DAL
    PHI @ SF
    MIN @ NYJ

  2. Carl Cheffers 7 games he can do if he isn’t off

    1. Atlanta at Cleveland
    2 Green Bat at Washington
    3. Jacksonville at Buffalo
    4. Denver at Baltimore
    5. St. Louis at Detroit
    6. New Orleans at Arizona
    7. San Diego at Oakland (most likely)

    Carl could do Minni at Jets but I doubt he will do back to back games on national tv in the Meadowlands.

  3. Triplette in DAL per Titans press release…

  4. Who’s doing the Bucs-Bengals game??

  5. Here are the referees and an unoffical list of the sites where they have never done a game at. Of course some refs are fairly new compared to others.
    Anderson Houston
    Boger Chicago St Louis
    Cheffers Atlanta , Carolina , New Orleans, Minnesota, New Yo
    York Jets, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville.
    Corrente New York Jets
    Green Kansas City, San Francisco
    Parry Atlanta, Chicago , Green Bay , New England
    Riveron Green Bay New York Jets Buffalo Cleveland
    Indianapolis Tennessee San Diego
    Steratore Denver
    Triplette Houston

  6. Roy1 I thank you for being observant. Of course Parry did the Buffalo/New England game. I actually had New England crossed off my list. I did not mean to include New England on this list.
    Thanks again

  7. Anderson Houston- Well he did this year in preseason…

    • Anderson will never do a regular season game in Houston. He lives in Sugarland and has already stated in the past he wont do a Texans game outside of the preseason.

  8. That’s true jc, but I am only taking regular season games into consideration

  9. Boger is from ATL and has done ATL home games during reg season
    and Triplette did a Reg season game in CAR living in Charlotte…
    Just saying about Anderson…

  10. Walt Coleman will be in Houston for Texans/Giants.

  11. Carl Cheffers for Jaguars vs Bills confirmed via press release.

  12. Hi Mickey
    The Mike Carey’s Crew will be in Carolina this Sunday
    (Chicago @ Carolina, Oct. 1o).

  13. Jerome Boger will be the referee for the Broncos/Ravens game per flip card.

  14. I love the Ed Hochuli reference here…classic!

    What game is he doing this week? Anyone?

  15. Shane Spencer says

    I hope Ron Winter gets either PHI @ SF or MIN @ NYJ…

  16. Rams at Lions is Bill Leavy confirmed by Media Guide.

  17. WK #5 2010

    Ron Winter Crew is OFF!!!

  18. Ron Winter Crew 2010

    WK #6
    Chiefs VS Texans

    WK #7
    49ers VS Panthers

    WK #8
    Bucs VS Cardinals

  19. Go with becky above- she knows…

  20. Hey, gang!

    According to my information, Boger hasn’t been here in BAL for a regular-season game since ’07! He did two Ravens road games in ’08 and a road preseason game in ’09. Is it that unusual for someone to go so long between visits to cities? Just wondering, no big deal…

  21. Gene Steratore has Packers vs Redskins confirmed by Redskins Park and team meeting.

  22. Shane Spencer says

    Walt Anderson is eligible to officiate one of the following games:

    TB @ CIN
    KC @ IND
    SD @ OAK
    PHI @ SF
    MIN @ NYJ

    As for Terry McAulay:

    TB @ CIN
    ATL @ CLE
    KC @ IND
    NO @ ARI
    PHI @ SF

    • Shane Spencer says

      Correction for Terry McAulay:

      TB @ CIN
      ATL @ CLE
      KC @ IND
      PHI @ SF

      NO @ ARI will not be refereed by Walt Anderson or Terry McAulay.

      • Shane Spencer says

        Pete Morelli is eligible to officiate the following NFL games:

        ATL @ CLE
        NO @ ARI
        PHI @ SF
        MIN @ NYJ

        As for John Parry:

        TB @ CIN
        ATL @ CLE
        KC @ IND
        SD @ OAK
        MIN @ NYJ

        Correction: Walt Anderson will not officiate MIN @ NYJ

  23. Responding to Joe Platania
    There are 32 teams of course and you figure that each crew works 15 to 16 games a season, it would take a little more than two seasons for a crew to visit each statdium. In this instance, Boger is due to officiate a game in Baltimore.

  24. This will be Triplette’s first game in Dallas since 2001. And this will be Coleman’s first game in Houston since 2005. Of course I am only alluding to regular season games.

  25. Shane Spencer says

    Tony Corrente is eligible to officiate the following NFL games:

    TB @ CIN
    KC @ IND
    NO @ ARI
    MIN @ NYJ

    As for Clete Blakeman:

    TB @ CIN
    ATL @ CLE
    NO @ ARI
    SD @ OAK
    MIN @ NYJ

    As for Scott Green:

    TB @ CIN
    KC @ IND
    NO @ ARI
    PHI @ SF
    MIN @ NYJ

  26. Shane Spencer says

    Alberto Riveron is eligible to officiate the following NFL games:

    TB @ CIN
    ATL @ CLE
    SD @ OAK
    MIN @ NYJ

  27. Shane Spencer says

    So these are my predictions on who will officiate the following NFL games:

    TB @ CIN – Terry McAulay
    ATL @ CLE – John Parry
    KC @ IND – Tony Corrente
    NO @ ARI – Scott Green
    SD @ OAK – Alberto Riveron
    PHI @ SF – Walt Anderson
    MIN @ NYJ – Clete Blakeman

    • My guesses for the remainders are as follows…

      TB @ CIN – Terry McAulay
      ATL @ CLE – Alberto Riveron
      KC @ IND – Walt Anderson
      NO @ AZ – Tony Corrente
      SD @ OAK – John Parry
      PHI @ SF – Pete Morelli
      MIN @ NYJ – Scott Green

  28. Ed Hochuli has the weekend off

  29. I guess Winter will be off again and Hochuli for the first time? Is that common for them to have 2 weeks off relatively close to each other?

  30. Walt Anderson will work the Sunday Night game between the Eagles and 49ers.

  31. Rich Kalahiki says

    You guys should post your picks

  32. Andrew Leffler says

    John Parry in Cleveland…

  33. Terry McAulay is in Indianapolis

  34. Terry McAulay in Indy.

  35. Clete Blakeman in Cincy.

  36. Andrew Leffler says

    Scott Green in Cinci…

  37. Apoligize for the error.

  38. Shane Spencer says

    One of my predictions is right…John Parry, indeed, is officiating ATL @ CLE.

  39. Shane Spencer says

    So that leaves Tony Corrente, Alberto Riveron, Pete Morelli and Clete Blakeman.

  40. All updated to this point, thanks!

  41. And also dont forget winter because only three games left and three refs.

  42. Winter and Hochuli are Off so is one of the four above…

  43. Tony Corrente in Glendale.

  44. Clete Blakeman in Oakland

  45. Cool, they’re both on the list now, thanks!

  46. Shane Spencer says

    So that leaves Alberto Riveron and Pete Morelli for who will officiate MIN @ NYJ.

  47. And both have done MNF games this year.

  48. Remaining four referees, Hochuli did Minnesota and Jets, Morelli and Riveron did monday night games already. So that leaves Winter who has neither ref’d a Minnesota and or Jets game nor has he done a monday night game

  49. I guess the rule is off this year according to Becky she is reliable.

  50. I knew that I was just saying you are credible and not a liar.

  51. My guess is that Morelli will be officiating tomorrow.

  52. I was thinking that Pete Morelli was going to officiate tomorrow night. Aside from Ed Hochuli being off, I don’t believe he is eligiable to be at this game.Ed & his crew officiated at a recent Vikings game or am I mistaking?

  53. Morelli has the MNF game- confirmed on other board..

    Winter, Hochuli, and Riveron are OFF

  54. I agree he is awful. As a Pats fane I just hope he dosen’t do one of their games this year.

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